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1 Gravity Review “Hair fall and its Treatment”

1 Gravity Review

1 Gravity Review, Hi! You’ve got such long and delightful hairs. It’s the compliment that every lady desires to listen to from others as they’re symbolised with beauty. In recent ancient days, long, bright and straight hair joined with femininity. Thus Queens and Princes want to look out for their hair by having feminine servants. They use natural oils and style their hair. Exceptional hair will increase the amount of confidence in ladies. Ladies use to pay a great deal of cash and time to make their hair more attractive.

Staff member of 1 Gravity Review said nowadays, women are very beauty conscious. They want to look more expressive and appealing, but with acne and dark spots on the face, women face another problem in their daily life called hair fall. Each strand of hair has a life period which is usually 2 to 5 years. Follicles of hair have a growth cycle that changes and take rest. Many factors in life influence this cycle to take rest at that time result in hair falls. This phenomenon is known as telogen effluvium. It is due to taking stress or symptoms of post-pregnancy. It also happened due to the side effects of any medicine. In women, hair fall is also a genetic issue, but sometimes there are other reasons such as thyroid, ageing, and hormonal miss balance, making hair weak, and they start falling. If a person faces a hair loss issue and it leads to bald spots and a bunch of hair fall out, then there is a need to consult with a physician for a proper checkup. If hair fall is due to lousy health, then many things reduce hair fall issue. Here are some tips which make hair look healthy.


Hair indeed has flexibility, but many researchers suggest that hair used to stretch before complete damage, so it is necessary to avoid such hairstyles, which creates stretching and hair used to pull away from the scalp, the bond between hair and scalp become lose with the time.


Heat is also an element that causes hair damage or hair fall. When a person uses heating tools to style hair, then it creates dehydration in the hair follicle.  As a result, hair fall gradually begins. If it needs to use heating tools such as a hair straightener and curling roller, apply heat protection serums of good quality before connecting with heat 1 Gravity Review staff added.


The dying and bleaching cause’s irreversible damage to the follicle of hair. All the chemical treatments of hair, such as rebounding, perming, dyes, highlights, etc., increase hair fall rate. Hair treatments have harsh chemicals which make the hair strands thin and dry.


We use shampoo to clean our hair and scalp from dust and oil, but many companies are making such shampoos having harsh ingredients, and only by one wash they remove all the natural oils needed to keep the hair hydrated firm.  Therefore it is necessary to read the shampoo label and buy shampoo having more natural ingredients in it. If you are continuously facing a hair fall issue, then try to switch up the hair products.


1 Gravity Review further added when the hair becomes tangled, then use to comb them with a soft brush having natural fibre as it leaves the natural and healthy oil on the scalp, which makes hair hydrated. Use to comb the hair daily to improve blood circulation in the scalp and reduce hair fall. Hair contains a protein structure called keratin, so that it is necessary to do soft bushing in the proper direction from top to ends as it will help cure split ends and make hair smooth.


Sometimes hair needs therapy to grow or stop hair from falling so that treatment having a low level of light is best as it increases the growth cells and repairs the damaged hair. It is also recommended for people suffering from alopecia. It is essential to use this therapy with the recommendation of a hair specialist.


If a person is experiencing a general hair fall, then there are many effective essential oils and home remedies that reduce the rate of hair fall. Essential hair oils are the extracts of many herbs which contain beneficial botanic to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall. Essential oils can also use by mixing with carrier oils such as almond oil and coconut oil. In-home remedies, egg masks are very effective for hair fall issues as the egg contains proteins that reform the keratin structure of hair and make them strong enough to stop hair falling. The root of licorices is an herb which also used to avoid hair fall. It hydrated the scalp and made it smooth so that it stops dandruff and make hair strong. The beetroot juice contains many essential vitamins and minerals along with potassium which is necessary for healthy hair. 1 Gravity Review member said that the mixture of yogurt and honey is very effective in hair fall as yogurt is rich in protein and honey, having minerals that make hair smooth and soft.

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