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10 Black hat SEO techniques to avoid in 2021 to achieve good results

Ranking of your website on search engine matter a lot. Every website struggles to meet the guideline of the search engine to get a higher ranking in the search results. But not everyone follows the right method and works legally. Those websites who use illegal practices that are against the guideline of the search engine is called black hat SEO. This is basically the wrong way of earning a good ranking. Black hat SEO is an illegal and unethical method and technique that may result in a penalty from the search engine. Using black hat SEO may damage your reputation on the search engine.

Black hat SEO techniques to avoid:

There are two types of hats, white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Both of them are opposite to each other. But there is a way in between them that is “grey hat SEO.” It is a combination of both black hat and white hat SEO. Still, you have to be very alert and careful and should keep an eagle eye on everything. Here are some black hat SEO techniques that may cause difficulty and trouble for you. So it would be best if you avoided them to keep your website safe.

1# Keyword stuffing:

Repeating your keywords again and again in your content for getting a higher rank on a search engine is called keyword stuffing. But unfortunately, it would not work out in getting your desired results. Knowing the right keyword for your webpage is the most crucial thing but using them in the right way is a bit more critical. However, if you use any of the words or phrases unnecessarily and adding words that are entirely out of context or irrelevant is part of keyword stuffing. Whenever any web page does so, the user and the reader get confused, which becomes unpleasant and terrible for them.

2# Duplicate content:

Duplicating content from other sites is considered the worst black hat SEO technique. In the most straightforward words, duplicate content could be defined as the content or paragraph you copy from any other website and then paste it on yours. But the search engine Google is smart enough to recognize which content is original and genuine and copied. And those websites that use these tactics their all the efforts wasted. So instead of doing copy-paste for better SEO, use those efforts to create your unique content.

3# Hidden text:

As its name shows, hidden text is the text that is not visible to the naked human eye. You or I cannot identify and recognize it. How has this hidden text black hat done? The sites for better ranking type the keyword with the white paper of the screen with the same color. Although it sounds more manageable and accessible, it is not that much easy. Even if we say it is impossible, it would not be wrong because the bots automated in google can quickly rectify it. These bots go deeply through your source code and point out all the errors, including hidden text.  

4# Meta tags:

Meta tags or Meta description is a helpful technique to get a higher ranking in SEO, but only when used correctly. Because now Google updated its algorithms, and those websites that use the black hat of filling Meta tags with keywords in order to gain the ranking are easily spotted.

5# Cloaking:

Cloaking is another most used black hat SEO technique in which the search engine crawlers and users see different things. For instance, the content provided to the search engine crawler that is bots or spiders is distinct to the content demonstrated and introduced to the viewer. All this is done for a better ranking on SEO. But sadly, the solid and complex algorithms of google will detect this black hat practice.

6# Article spinning:

Article spinning is rewriting and rephrasing the content of the other sites and using in numerous different writing and publishing all duplicates. But the search engine is well aware of this black hat. Even search engine has designed its Google’s Penguin and Panda to punish those that practice this black hat.

7# Doorway pages:

Doorway pages are writing inadequately and improperly pages or pages that have a minimal, insufficient and short content. But in doorway pages, they use a proper specific keyword for the ranking. An example of doorway pages is you got an email or a notification of any breaking news, but when you click that link, you find only teaser pictures here. This is one of the black hats that the website uses to increase its traffic.

8# link farming:

When any website or page uses unnatural links or links from the link farm, that black hat technique is known as link farming or unnatural links. These websites did not use organic links. Adding organic links on your page is suitable for your ranking, but it did not work out when you buy it from any third party or farm. Even the irrelevant link may damage your SEO.

9# Comment spamming:

Comment spamming is posting an irrelevant comment with the link of the website of a spammer. Comment spamming is usually done by replying to the comment and then dropping the link that is entirely irrelevant for that page. All this comment spamming black hat is used to increase the traffic and popularity of the association. This comment spamming may result in losing the faith of the user on your website. What if your user clicks on that link and reaches a website they do not want to?

10# Google bombing:

Another black hat SEO is google bombing. In this black hat, you did not do anything or use any technique on your website. Google bombing is playing with your competitors. You use tactics and strategies to affect the ranking of your competitor badly. In this black hat, you either manipulate the search results of your competitor or create harmful pages about your competitors. But this technique also did not last for a longer time.

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Michael William is an internet marketing strategist offering her freelancing services to different dissertation writing service UK. She is a skillful researcher and has an interest in new technologies and IT. She is working as a professional writer for eight years.

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