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10 Logo Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

Logo Design Statistics

What came into your mind when you heard the word “logo”? Most probably colors, fonts, typography, and graphical representation of any brand.

On the other hand, logo designing is much more than this. Many strategies are included to see the positive changes and make a distinct presence of a particular brand. Also, it is important to study the logo design statistics to figure out the right branding methods. 

This will make it easier to practically implement only those techniques that produce some kind of results. From brand social media to website, everything you came across is the result of detailed researches and market surveys. 

Therefore, always look one step ahead to create a significant brand identity as the logo is crucial for determining the business’s credibility. 

Twelve Amazing Logo Design Statics:


Are you planning to start your business? A great decision.


Before jumping into the new world, check the criteria and statics to have a clear idea about the past successful business and vice versa.


More than a million agencies try to give the best logo design services and satisfy their clients worldwide. Still, there are some methods that are directly impacting the value of the business.


Here we have gathered different results from various resources to increase the knowledge and help the entrepreneurs. Have a look: 

1- Logo Colours Statistics:


Colors are responsible for gaining attention—the same thing with the business. Different colors tell different things about a company. Many new business owners are interested in learning the logo design statistics to bring the best outcomes. 


Understanding detail will always guide you on what is suitable for your brand.

  • A lot of big names used red colors in their logos. Like coca-cola logo reparent happiness and increase appetite. Youtube uses red to have the audience’s attention. Red sometimes creates excitement, joy and is suitable for branding. (Oberlo, 2019).


  • Compared to black and white, colorful advertising is always successful in having more customers. It is because of the powerful human psychology. (Ragan, 2015)

2- Cost of Logo Design Statistics:


Visual content is only possible with the help of a nice representable logo. In addition, companies have to prepare a budget for making a new logo or improving the old one.


  • Giant social media platform Twitter’s old logo cost only $15 for designing it. (Busines Insider, 2013).

  • In 1998, Google didn’t spend much amount on creating a logo. Moreover., Sergey Brin just took help from the free graphics app Gimp for that purpose. (Fast Company, 2012)

3- Logo Design and Marketing Statistics:

Designing, marketing, and advertising go side by side. To include more details on this, researchers complied different things to identify the correct logo design statistics and marketing statistics that are showing results. 


  • 45-50% of customers are likely to develop a close connection with those brands to who they identify through logos. 

  • Also, 50-60% of users avoid old, unappealing logos even if the brand is good.

4- Content and Logo Statistics:

Logo designs and content are important in generating a reputation for a brand. Like many brands, don’t pay attention to this sector. On the other hand, content designing plays a huge role in bringing back life to the business.


  • 60% of marketers think that online content increases brand identity.

  • 80-90% audience says that the authenticity of the content maximizes brand awareness.

5- Logo Design and Social Media Statistics


No matter how much you are investing in the business logo design. If you are not concentrating on creating a social media existence, you are missing out on many things. 


  • 90-95% of people want to purchase from those active brands on social media platforms.

  • 45-50% of customers unfollow brands that fail to fulfill the design and customer services. 


Therefore, being clear about logo design statistics helps the business owner to develop their identity within less time. All because of having the proper knowledge of the past successful brands.


6- Logo Branding Statistics:

No one can neglect this factor. It is necessary to promote the new or existing brand. For making the existence of a brand stronger, it is significant to check the latest stats graphs and make changes.


  • Approximately 90-95% of top-notch brands use two colors in a brand logo.

  • More than 60% of businesses are ready to pay $500 for improving their logo.

  • 35-40% are interested in using blue in their brand logo.

  • 30% of big companies use red in their logo designs.

  • 20-25% of brands use a yellow color to represent their brand.

7- Famous Logo Design Statistics:

It is important to have information about popular brands for building and creating a new logo. Thus, the knowledge about logo design statistics brings a huge difference in the entire branding and marketing system through innovative logo designs. 


  • Samsung, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are the most impressive and reputable logo designs. (Brand Finance, 2021).

  • Mercedes-Benz got 1658 votes and is designed. Adidas got a 1507 vote. Also, considered to be the best logo (Ranker).

  • More than 90% of the population knows the iconic Coca-Cola logo design because of its unique and different style. (Creative Bloq, 2017).

8- Logo Features Statistics:

If we talk about enhancing a brand image, designers and marketers must decide according to modern requirements. To conclude this, it is important to study the statistics of already existing brands thoroughly.


  • More than 60% of globally recognized 500 companies use a logo design that features a combination of different types. (Website Planet, 2021).

  • Generally, the human brain can remember images 60,000X faster than words. So, this is why most businesses are selecting visual branded logos (Nuanced Media, 2014).

  • In total, seven types of logo designs are available. It includes combination marks, a letter mark, abstracts, emblems, pictorial marks, mascots, and wordmark logo designs (99designs, 2019).

9- Reliable Logo Design Statistics:

Before jumping onto the improving methods, try to find out the what are the effective strategies showing results. Therefore, logo design statistics are mandatory to identify reliable old designs. 


  • Famous beer brand Bass Ale’s logo created its logo in 1876. Still, the design is still in use today (Logoworks, 2013).

  • In 1869, Heinz used its logo first (Heinz, nd).

  • Levi Strauss & Co.’s logo was made in 1886 (Levi Strauss & Co, 2019).

10- Secret Logo Techniques and its Tactics:

Business owners need to learn the secret of the old brands. This will surely help in generating more leads and improving sales. Also, you can do these types of tactics in your brand as well. 


  • FedEx’s logo has letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ hidden in the logo. It represents the precision, acceleration, and forward direction (CNBC, 2015).

  • Amazon’s logo has a yellow arrow. It is not just a smile. However, this indicates that Amazon just sells everything, from A to Z (Logomyway, 2017).

  • Cisco Systems’ logo contains the electromagnetic waves on top. These waves show the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge, the birthplace (Cisco, 2018)

  • The “casa” in PICASA means home in Spanish (Inkbot Design, 2020)

  • The Toblerone logo has a white bear in the middle. It connects with the Berns, which is the City of Bears (99designs, 2020).

  • Baskin-Robbins has a hidden number i-e “31. It directs towards its flavors (Baskin Robbins, nd).

Over to You:

Sometimes, companies’ biggest mistakes are that they forget to check the updates and stats. All the statistics mentioned above will help clear all kinds of doubts. Undoubtedly, the actual colors of a logo lie in the services or products of a company. But remember, the brand logo represents the identity more than anything. 


Apart from statistics, prior planning of each step is an excellent deal. Also, If you initially invested in the right designers, you will be enjoying it in the future. So, try to go through the hidden techniques before updating or creating a logo for your business. Think and act wisely.

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