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Web Development Frameworks

10 Most Popular Web Development Frameworks for 2022

With technology advancing fast, it can be hard to keep up with all the new developments and trends, especially in the web development industry. 

New frameworks, tools, and libraries are always popping up to solve the problems developers face. Keeping track of everything can be difficult! 

To help out new developers interested in web app development, here are 10 popular web frameworks that are most likely to be in use in 2022, as predicted by experts in the field. 

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks To Keep an Eye on in 2022

1) Angular

The most popular Framework among beginners and professionals alike, Angular’s easy-to-use interface and its wide array of features will have you developing apps like a pro—even if you’re new to coding. 

It also boasts Google’s backing, so your work is just that much safer.  So what’s not to love? Angular has been criticized as being difficult to use by those without previous experience, but we wouldn’t let that stop you from giving it a shot. 

It has many high-quality templates available for free on its website; if you find one or two projects similar to what you want to be done, check them out and see how they were built.

2) Vue.js

Vue.JS Framework is lightweight, data-oriented, component-based, and has excellent tooling support. If you are looking to develop a Single Page Application (SPA), Vue is certainly one of your best options. 

The Framework’s core library is about the view layer only and does not depend on any other libraries. This allows developers to choose their preferred solution for routing, state management, and other features that their application might require. The Framework also provides two official ways of extending it: Components and Directives.

3) React.js

One of today’s most popular frameworks, it powers Facebook, Instagram, and thousands of other apps. React is lightweight and ideal for building UI components and applications. 

Though it’s one of today’s most popular web frameworks, there are a few reasons why React won’t last long. The main reason is that many developers find learning React difficult because of its steep learning curve. 

Another reason developers don’t like using React is that they have to learn too much before developing their apps.

4) Meteor

Meteor is a full-stack open-source framework for building web and mobile apps with JavaScript. Two software engineers created it from Walmart Labs after becoming frustrated with how much time it took to build online apps using other technologies. 

Meteor makes it easy to build a prototype of your app quickly and then gradually refine and optimize it until you have something market-ready.

It’s beneficial if you’re just getting started or lack development expertise. Because Meteor runs on Node.js, an asynchronous event-driven server-side JavaScript engine, it can handle more traffic than many other frameworks built on traditional servers. 

This means that even small businesses can take advantage of its features without worrying about scaling issues as their app grows in popularity.

5) Aurelia

A lightweight JavaScript framework, Aurelia is built with web standards and can be used to create desktop applications using Electron. Built on TypeScript, it comes with a robust dependency injection container that supports both prototypal inheritance and ES2015+ classes. 

The current version is 1.0.3; its most recent update came out in February 2017, but there are plans for another release soon, including new features such as support for custom elements and shadow DOM v1/v2, along with other bugs fixes and performance improvements.

6) Polymer

Polymer 1.0 has been released, making it possible to use Polymer within a modern web app framework. A large portion of Polymer is a collection of custom HTML elements, so if you’re looking to build a web app using an MVC-style framework like Angular or Ember, Polymer’s components can be very useful. 

There are two things to consider when evaluating Polymer as a framework: its ongoing development and support. For example, Google recently announced that it would begin supporting Polymer on an as-needed basis—that is, Google will only continue developing and maintaining Polymer where there is demand from users. 

If you want to use Polymer but don’t want to rely on Google for future development and support, another option might better suit your needs.

7) ASP

In twenty-twenty, we can expect to see a lot of .NET and ASP development from India. This Framework has been around since 2002 and is still very popular as one of the first frameworks that developers pick up when they start learning to code. 

It’s not as complex as some other languages, meaning it’s easy to learn if you have little to no coding experience. Its popularity will continue well into 2022 because it’s a great starting point for developers who want to get their feet wet with web development. 

The best part? You can hire dedicated asp.net developers in India at an affordable price.

8) Ember.js

Ember.js is a client-side JavaScript framework that helps build ambitious web applications that feel natural and work consistently across devices. 

As a highly opinionated framework, Ember helps you do what you do best—build applications—while taking care of boilerplate code and giving guidance on how to structure your application and how it should behave.

This helps developers who don’t have experience working with web apps get up to speed quickly and focus on building better web apps.

9) Backbone.js

Sometimes, it’s better to have a little JavaScript framework with you than not have one. Backbone.js is one of those little tools: Small enough to fit on your keychain but powerful enough to build complex web applications. 

This lightweight JavaScript Framework has seen plenty of development since its initial release in 2010. Still, it hasn’t changed so much that it’s completely unrecognizable from its origins as a side project of jQuery creator John Resig. 

Instead, it has an incredibly flexible library that you can use to add structure and organization to any website or application. As a result, developers flock to Backbone.js for everything from single-page websites like Pinterest and Instagram to enterprise applications like LinkedIn and Netflix.

10) Knockout.js

Knockout is a JavaScript library that simplifies binding HTML data to JavaScrip objects. It features a clean, logical API and doesn’t come with any extraneous dependencies or vendor-specific syntax. 

Both experienced and inexperienced JavaScript developers will find Knockout easy to learn, whether they are new to client-side development. 

In addition to its simplicity, Knockout also supports advanced scenarios such as one-way bindings, computed observables, and observable arrays. It has been used successfully on many large projects by teams of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—and has been battle-tested under demanding performance requirements.

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Technology changes quickly, but it’s important to know what’s popular now and what will be popular in the future.

If you’re hiring a new team or building your team, check out these ten web frameworks to find developers capable of creating web apps today and tomorrow.

The above list is not exhaustive; if other languages interest you, look up their popularity in Google Trends over time!

If you ask us what’s the best among the above-listed web frameworks. We’d go for ASP.NET. It’s less complex than some other frameworks and easy to learn.

To learn more about this Framework, you can get in touch with the top asp.net web development company in India. They’ll be happy to help you out.

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