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10 Must-Ask Questions Before Getting Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not something that you decide to get one day suddenly and just move on with it. There is a lot to consider when getting them. For example, the main thing is deciding on a reliable clinic for plastic surgery Dubai. However, even before doing that, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

We have listed the 10 must-ask questions that you should be able to answer:

  1. Does Your Health Allow You To Get Plastic Surgery?

It is important to note that certain health issues prevent you from getting any plastic surgery. Therefore, we recommend that you consider your health before even thinking about plastic surgery. The majority of people are great candidates for plastic surgery health-wise. Still, you must bring your plastic surgeon up to date with your complete medical history. Failure to do would not assist the plastic surgeon’s incorrect assessment. Lying or hiding things from him could excuse them from complications if any. 

  • What Do You Expect To Gain From Your Surgery?

You should have realistic expectations for getting plastic surgery. Of course, you would expect to see improvement in a certain body part where you are getting the procedure done. This shall also help in gaining self-esteem. However, if you are expecting more than that, you should be aware of your procedure’s limitations.

Remember that the surgery is for you. Not for a job promotion, better social status, or an improved relationship. Also, if your plastic surgeon has recommended a better option if you are stressing about a longer recovery period or longer scars, be ready to accept lesser results

In case you are not careful in terms of after-care, it can lead to poor results and even worsen the results.

  • Have You Researched Properly About The Procedure And What Does It Involve?

You should know both about the name of the procedure and all that it entails. Sure, you can ask questions from your surgeon. However, you must have some knowledge of the procedure and know if is it suitable for your need or enhancement of whatever body part you wish to improve.

  • Do You Know The Risks Linked With The Procedure?

With time, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become incredibly safe. Normally, everything goes smoothly with plastic surgeries. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the possible complications that come along with the procedure you want to have.

There are chances of one major complication only. And that is infection. Along with that, plastic surgery has scars as well. And sometimes, they might not always result in a fine line. In some cases, they end up raised and widened. You must discuss the limitation of the procedure with the surgeon or you might not be happy with the final result.

  • Can You Afford The Cost of The Procedure?

Although a lot more affordable than before, plastic surgery is not something you would call cheap. Regardless you are paying upfront or financing your surgery in some other way, you should be sure if you can afford plastic surgery. Ask yourself would paying for the surgery impact some other areas of your life? As said above, plastic surgery is not cheap. So, if you have been saving to buy a home, and you use a chunk of your savings for a cosmetic procedure, it is going to hit your finances.

And if the results are not what you expected, then this may lead to some complications.

  • Are You Available With Other Alternatives To Surgery?

This is important because like with any surgery, plastic surgery comes with some risks.  Can you improve your diet? What if you moved your body a bit more and adopted a more active lifestyle? If you have already tried the other options and did not get results, opting for plastic surgery may be good for you.

  • Would You Be Comfortable In Going Through More Than One Procedure?

Sometimes, the results are not what you were expecting. This calls for revision surgery. When it comes to plastic surgery, revision surgery is not uncommon. This means that you would have to get under the knife again. It could either be a small procedure that only needs administering local anesthesia or it could be a bigger procedure that has an additional cost.

  • Have You Considered The Recovery Period?

You need to be patient with recovery. You cannot expect immediate or overnight results. The body needs some time for the bruising and swelling to go away. Sometimes, it can take months or weeks for the skin to get fully adjusted to the new shape. Also, the recovery time depends on the procedure that you are getting done. It might need days or even weeks to fully recover.

If you work, you would need to make accommodations for time away from work. Can you do that? Do you have a backup? Also, if necessary, you should take a break from home and family responsibilities. You need time to recover for the initial aches, bruising, and pain to go away, but what comes later. Even after these fade away, you will be required to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. You must discuss your post-procedure expectations with your surgeon.

  • Would You Be Able To Hide The Scars?

Yes, scars are something that comes with plastic surgery. You should know where the scars will be placed. This is essential because if you wear low-cut shirts or pants, swimwear, or if you are an actor or dancer that requires you to show skin. There is no such thing as scarless surgery. Do not pay attention to such rumors. Plastic surgeons know where to hide or camouflage the surgery scars.

  • Are You Comfortable?

After meeting with the plastic surgeon, did you feel comfortable? You should know that cosmetic surgery is an art rather than a science. The patient and surgeon should have a comfort level so they can work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Final Words

With age, our bodies are constantly changing as well. So, it is rational to think that you would want additional procedures some 5 to 10 years later. One thing to bear in mind while getting fillers or liposuction Dubai, is that do not get caught up in the superficial norms of trying to look perfect. No none can be. Getting excessive surgeries to take away the natural beauty and give off a fake, plastic, and unnatural appearance.

Moreover, you should treat your body carefully. If you want to get cosmetic surgery, it is something that you do for yourself. If you feel good, everything is okay. It should not be done to get any promotions or in an attempt to better your relationships with your partner. You should feel good about yourself in your skin. There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. However, do not do it excessively as it may lead to negative consequences in the long run. Any good surgeon will tell you that.

There, we have covered everything above. Be careful and do a thorough background check when you finalize your plastic surgeon. Check their website, and go through their reviews. Also, get referrals and recommendations. This would help you in making an informed decision. Furthermore, visit their clinic in person. If they work in a hospital, make sure to visit that as well. Good luck…!

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