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What makes or breaks a look quicker than a killer pair of shoes? They’re the queen of accessories, the cherry on top of every outfit—and sometimes, they can be just as important as your outfit itself.

Shoes are the ultimate investment—if you do it right, you can wear them for years and years to come. You don’t need a million options; you really just need a few that you can wear with a wide variety of outfits. If you skip out on fast fashion and trendy pairs, you can instead choose timeless options that you know you’ll be just as excited to wear when you pull them out of storage next fall, too.

Build your ultimate shoe capsule wardrobe with these 10 shoes, and you’ll never feel like you need another pair.

Are you worried about what to wear to go with your stunning outfit that will astound everyone in the room?
So we are here to solve this puzzle and give you the best advice on how to become a showstopper in the evening or at any of your meetings.
Shoes will play an important role in your outfit. It’s like the cherry on top.
Scroll down to find 10 must-have shoes for women that go with any of your outfits and make your life easier.


1.  Black Casual Shoes For Women

In the past, wearing sneakers was associated with being casual and having a lazy day. And today, a straightforward pair of black casual shoes for women may seem fashionable no matter what you’re wearing! Combining more formal things, such as a suit, with more informal ones, such as a pair of black casual shoes for women, is one of the French fashion rules. It strikes the ideal balance to give your outfit a “chic-décontracté” appearance (smart-casual).

If you’re not sure which sneakers to pick, we advise going for simple, black casual shoes for women because they’ll make your feet look elegant, classy, and slender.

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Having a perfect LBB in your arsenal is as important as a good LBD. They can—quite literally—be paired with anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to a business-casual outfit for work. Opt for an ankle-high pair in the heel height you’re most comfortable in.


2. Brown Dress Shoes For Women

The classic brown dress shoe for women, which can be worn in all seasons and on all occasions, will help you move from work to dinner to the weekend with style. Every style, from traditional brown dress shoes for women to those with tassels or buckles, will give your shoe collection a touch of elegance.


3. Loafers

The loafer came onto the scene a few years ago and now has us wondering how we ever lived without them. They immediately make an outfit look more sophisticated and put-together, and since they’re completely flat, are a chicer alternative to a ballet flat. If you’re a loafer newbie, a classic black pair is your best bet; if your closet is already stocked with loafers, get a pair in a fun color or print to spice up your basics.

The loafer is a highly stylish flat shoe option for fall and spring that is feminine and slim-fitting. They are also among the possibilities for shoes that are the most comfortable to wear. Loafers never truly go out of style, which is something we adore about them. They give any dress a very sophisticated vibe.

Wide-leg dress pants go well with your favorite loafers, which are among the 10 must-have shoes for women for a casual-chic look. Choose lug-sole loafers for a somewhat more manly appearance. Every design will give your shoe wardrobe a dash of class.


4. Stilettos

A versatile investment is a pair of minimalist stilettos. These 90s-inspired heels go great with everything, including dresses and tailored clothing.

The most refined and stylish pair of stilettos you can own are these. There’s no denying the glitz these add to any outfit, even though walking in them is difficult. And after you’ve perfected your path, you won’t ever leave them. There are different types of heels women love to wear, as shown below:

●   Elegant Heels

With these elegant heels, let your feet speak for themselves. Whether they are made of gold, silver, or crystal, statement shoes are always a good choice. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; all you need to make a point is a simple design with artistic ornamentation. Get a designer shoe or anything with a detail wrapped around the bottom of the heel if you want to go all out.

There’s nothing worse than having an interview or wedding coming up and needing to run out the night before because you don’t have heels to pair with your outfit (just me?). Having a pair of heels (that you can walk in) in a neutral color that you can wear to any and all heel-worthy event is a rite of passage as a woman, and it’s better to get one pair you really love than a poor-quality pair you have to keep replacing (I speak from experience).


5. Block Heels

If comfort is more important to you than fashion, block heels are one of the 10 must-have shoes for women and one of the most comfortable shoe options you can walk for kilometers in. These are the perfect pair of walking shoes for adding height to your outfit. You should add these sandals to your wardrobe.

Even with a great pair of nude heels on your shoe rack, you’re likely to have events pop up here and there where you want a heel that gives you a little something extra—even if you aren’t a heel girl. For events where you’re wearing something neutral and don’t want to look like you’re heading for a meeting, a pair of statement heels is the solution.


6. Comfy Flat Shoes

When the weather turns warmer, you need a comfortable pair of flat sandals, whether you prefer T-bar sandals, flip-flops, or sliders. They are ideal to wear in the garden, at the beach, while traveling, or just about everywhere on a warm summer day or night.

Without a doubt, one of the best shoe designs for looking stylish while remaining comfortable Furthermore, they are so adaptable that they may go with any style. These flats fit well with anything, including cropped jeans, a summer dress, and pajamas.


7. Pumps Shoes

Pumps are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe since they are elegant, classic, and cozy. Choose a neutral color so you can wear them with a variety of outfits. To add interest, use metallic colors like gold and copper or animal pattern designs like leopard and snake finishes. Neutral doesn’t always mean black or white, but those are two common examples. Pumps may be worn with anything and look beautiful and comfortable while doing so.

These pumps are among the 10 must-have shoes for women and also the most demanding ones because you can be comfortable without worrying about your shoes coming off while you walk, thanks to the designs and textures that make your pumps eye-catching. As a simple alternative to your everyday shoes, you can combine them with a gorgeous summer dress or with a pair of jeans.

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8. Sandals with Ankle Strap

Slip on a pair of platform sandals to start feeling like summer. These shoes are 10 must-have shoes for women and are a terrific way to show off your curves while also keeping you cool and comfortable, whether the straps go all the way up your leg or stop at the ankle. Wear the shoes with a flowing dress to give the outfit a semi-formal vibe, or pair them with socks for a super-chill look.

There’s nothing better than having a chic slide sandal that you can slip on any time the weather’s warm without giving much thought to it. They’re the upgraded, adult version of your Old Navy flip-flops.

A good pair of strappy sandals is arguably the most versatile form of warm-weather footwear—you can wear them with anything from denim shorts and a T-shirt to a dress to a wedding. They’re wearable, versatile, and will add a little “oomph” whenever you need it.


 9. Ankle Boots

Choose one ankle-length pair, which is one of the 10 must-have shoes for women, and rock it with a dress, or wear a pair of ankle-length pants and flaunt your curves. These shoes are classic and look fantastic in any environment, so you may keep them longer!

Ankle boots are a must-have for the French fall and winter wardrobe!

However, there are many different types of ankle boots. French ladies prefer to wear velvet, black leather, and block heels throughout the winter. While black leather boots are the finest for rainy days in Paris, suede ankle boots are still fairly trendy in the fall.

Ankle boots are also quite versatile, which is one of their best qualities. Those trendy shoes go with many different looks and are simple to dress up or down.



10. Long Boots

Long boots are the answer if you want to look elegant right away. They are more style-flexible than you might imagine and excellent for keeping you warm during the colder seasons. Choose black for maximum adaptability or brown if you’ll be wearing them mostly casually. Wear them with your favorite skinny jeans or a skirt and tights. See more style suggestions for wearing long boots.

A pair of long boots is one of the 10 must-have shoes for women and belongs in any well-organized outfit. For real power dressing, invest in a pair of the season’s must-have leopard-print ones.

Over-the-knee boots go in and out of style as the seasons come and go, but a boot style that’s always a good choice? One that hits just beneath your knee. They can be paired with anything from your favorite Spanx leather leggings to a short skirt, and always add more to an outfit than any short boot could. Opting for a pair in either leather or suede will ensure that they’re timeless enough to be worn year in and year out.


There is (arguably) nothing more worthy of investing in than a new pair of shoes. Unlike your latest going-out top or dress-of-the-moment, your shoes tend to go the distance. Staying with you long after trends have come and gone.  And while we have a number of staple wardrobe pieces, there is something slightly different, more stress-inducing when shopping for shoes. Perhaps it’s because there is only so much you can know about a pair of shoes. Before you spend the day torturously breaking them in. And by the time you’ve realized that those painful new heels are too painful, you’ve already scuffed them up too much to return or resell.

And beyond comfort—which is the most important thing. Above all—the cyclical nature of the trend cycle hooks us in, making us covet styles. That the logical parts of our brain know will just end up at the back of our wardrobes in a month’s time. And most of the time, we end up caving in, and all this leaves us with is a growing pile of shoes that we don’t want or need.

The solution sounds too simple to be true, but hear us out. After endless endeavors and fleeting flings with of-the-moment shapes and designs, we’ve pinned down the core lineup of shoes that will remedy your outfit confusion for good—at least as far as footwear is concerned. Below, the Vogue team has rounded up the basic styles to work from, whether you want to put your own individual spin on them by opting for bold prints or fabrics, or you like to keep things scaled back and minimal, this is where to start.

Summing Up..

To sum up, here’s the complete guide in this blog on 10 must-have shoes for women which will guide you on which shoe or sandal goes perfectly with your outfit.

Think of these styles as the bread and butter of your wardrobe, meaning, it’s important to go for quality and what you can genuinely see yourself loving for the years to come. Below, our ultimate guide to the cardinal shoes every woman should own by the time they turn 30.

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