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10 Parts That Can Help You Sell Your Home

If you are going to sell your home, be prepared. Now is the time to make it shine brighter and look better than the other one upfront. Fix the defects it has. Enhance the look with a fresh coat of paint or tend your yard with care. The goal is to remove items that could spoil a sale, such as a leaky ceiling or stained, smelly carpets.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), approximately 5.6 million existing homes will be sold in 2020, an increase of about 5% over last year. There is an increase in the average price of a home of 3.6%. In December 2019, the median sale price was $ 274,500, 7.8% more than in 2018, according to the NAR.

“But buyers see all the problems, and they may even overreact, thinking, ‘If the door is sticky or the paint is bad, what else could be wrong with the house that I can’t see?’ If those looking to sell their home have any hope of attracting these buyers, they need to see their home objectively, through the eyes of a buyer. ”

Looking to downsize your home as retirement approaches? Are you looking for a new house or condos for sale in Abbotsford BC just a few steps from the beach or close to your grandchildren? Well, there are a few repairs to consider if you want to increase your chances of a quick sale at an attractive price. Renovations and fixes fall into three categories: increasing curb appeal; Eliminate things that could spoil a sale, like a nightmare home inspections, and upgrade old kitchens and bathrooms at an affordable price.

1. Give a new life to gardens

The Flaw: Non-green grass, dead or overgrown shrubs, lack of mulch, and a front yard with more weeds than flowers.

The Solution: Hire a landscaper to fix your yard. Check, as a minimum, that your property is well cared for, the grass is cut, the bushes are trimmed and the garden has fresh mulch. “If the property looks attractive on the outside, it will make the buyer think, ‘I want to see it, I bet it’s really nice on the inside.’ It will help you sell your home fast.

The Cost: The cost for full-service gardening is just $ 145, according to a report by Zillow and Thumbtack.

2. Add a stone cladding to the exterior

The Flaw: The front exterior lacks a visually striking focal point, which hurts its curb appeal.

The Solution: Lay in a manufactured stone cladding to give your homes in Abbotsford BC an attractive, updated design.

The Cost: Adding this exterior design detail costs an average of $ 9,357, based on the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine.

3. Apply a new coat of paint (but choose the correct color!)

The Flaw: Bubbling or peeling exterior paint, damp spots or fading, or an unattractive color that the buyer displeases.

The Solution: Pay a professional painter to give your house a new coat of paint. “But think about the colors you’ll wear,” advises Amada Pendleton, Zillow’s lifestyle expert. The reason is that some colors will give you more for your money. Simply painting your front door in black or charcoal gray increased the median sales price of a home by more than $ 6,000, based on data from Zillow’s 2018 paint color analysis. But the yellow-painted homes sold for about $ 3,400 less, on average, Zillow concluded.

The Cost: Painting the exterior of your home costs $ 2,600, on average, according to data from Zillow and Thumbtack.

4. Replace old windows that are not airtight.

The Flaw: Old, air-entraining windows that are difficult to operate mechanically and look poor

The Solution: Replace them with new energy-efficient wood or vinyl windows. “This tells the buyer that the home is well cared for and that their heating bills will not be as high,” says Pendleton of Zillow.

The Cost: A renovation to replace them with vinyl windows costs $ 17,641, on average, and you’ll recoup 72.3% of your costs, says Remodeling magazine. Replacing them with wooden windows costs $ 21,945 and you will recoup around 69% of your investment.

5. Install a new garage door

The Flaw: An old-fashioned garage door with blemishes, such as dents and hockey puck marks

The Solution: Turn your garage into a beautiful front door to your home if you want to sell your home fast. To do this, install a new door that adds curb appeal, such as an old garage door or a custom cedar-style door. “Anything that improves curb appeal needs to be fixed and is generally worth it,” says Dutton of

The Cost: Installing a new garage door costs $ 3,695, on average, and sellers will get 94.5% of their money back at the time of sale, data from Remodeling magazine shows.

6. Replace a leaky roof

The Defect: A roof that is near the end of its useful life, or one that does not protect from rain, causing water damage inside the home

The Solution: Hire roofers to install an asphalt or metal roof that complements the exterior of your home. You don’t want a major component of the home to dissuade buyers from bidding. “Fix it ahead of time and you won’t have a leaky roof during the buyer’s inspection”.

The Cost: An asphalt roof costs $ 24,700, on average, and a metal roof will generally cost you $ 40,318, data from Remodeling magazine shows.

7. Invest in a new exterior finish

The Flaw: A cracked exterior finish or vinyl slats that have melted from weekend barbecues or discolored from decades of exposure to the weather give your home a run-down feel.

The Solution: Give your home a facelift with a new exterior finish in a color that makes it stand out when shoppers see it online or in person. “If your property photos don’t look good on the phone [when buyers search online], you won’t get many clicks or requests to view it”.

The Cost: Replacing your home’s vinyl exterior finish will cost you $ 14,359, while the average cost of a renovation with a fiber cement finish is $ 17,008, according to Remodeling.

8. Remodel that dated kitchen

The Flaw: The grout between tiles is dirty, the countertops look unsightly, the fixtures are from the ’80s, the tiles look worn and dated.

The Solution: Be careful here. Don’t go overboard with an over-the-top makeover that suits your tastes but might put off some buyers. “A minor kitchen remodel is better, since you can’t anticipate buyers’ taste. A “major” kitchen remodel, which costs an average of $ 135,547, is near last when it comes to recouping your investment, as sellers will only get 53.9% of what they pay, on average, data shows. by Remodeling. It’s best to make the kitchen look presentable and clean with small arrangements and let the buyers put their own stamp on it. It will help you sell your home fast.

The Cost: A “minor” kitchen remodel costs $ 23,452, on average, according to Remodeling. But even this investment is risky if you ask a high price for your house relative to the neighborhood.

9. Beautify and renew the bathroom

The Flaw: A terribly old-fashioned bathroom could be a deal-breaker for buyers used to the modern finishes shown in HGTV renovations.

The Fix: An intermediate-level bathroom remodel is worth investing in, as sellers will recoup $ 1.71 for every dollar spent, Zillow data shows. “We’re talking about adding nice new accessories, a dresser, new lights and mirrors, and fresh paint,” says Pendleton of Zillow. “We are not talking about renovating the bathroom completely.”

The Cost: According to Zillow, a budget of $ 3,000 should be enough to spruce up the bathroom and make it shine again.

10. Solve small maintenance projects

The Flaw: Anything that puts buyers off or makes them think your home has not been properly maintained. The list includes leaking faucets, minor plumbing problems, driveways, and entrances that could all benefit from a pressure wash, clogged gutters, and faulty electrical outlets that do not code compliant.

The Solution: Hire someone to do maintenance work to assess your home and identify what needs to be fixed. “If a buyer sees a home that has been well maintained, it gives them peace of mind,” says Pineda of eXp Realty. It will help you sell your home fast.

The Cost: According to HomeAdvisor, you can hire someone for maintenance work for $ 60 to $ 65 an hour.


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