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10 Priceless Pieces Of Advice To Young Ladies.

In my years of experience writing for counsellorshive, I have had the opportunity of writing long articles and also giving pieces of advice to young ladies especially those in their 20s.

I have always believed this period in their lives is when the most important activities take place such as choosing a career, dating the right person, peer pressure e.t.c.

A piece of good advice To Young Ladies in this stage will go a long way to helping them do the right thing that will obviously shape their life going forward.

In this post, therefore, I will share 10 priceless Pieces of Advice to young ladies.

Let’s dive right into this.

1. Casual Sex/Casual Intimacy Leads To Pain.

Yea, I bet you have never been given this Advice To Young Ladies, or probably you have simply chosen to be defiant to it. Casual sex, casual romance, casual intimacy often leads to pains.

Maybe you are getting your inspiration to go into casual sex or casual intimacy from images, online videos, mainstream media. What they will never show to you is the aftermath of these casual relationships.

Usually, in these kinds of intimacy, the girl will always want more and that is gonna lead you nowhere. So often, you are more likely to come out with heartbreak.

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2. A Lot Of Feminine Products Are Toxic.

Hey, no one will tell you this, instead, they will make you want to believe these feminine products are good and healthy. From your pads for the monthly periods to the makeups, every feminine product is toxic. You should start making research on organic alternatives to some of these toxic products for women.

3. Birth Control Medications Does Have Side Effects.

Never fall for those commercials that are geared towards promoting birth control pills, they do have serious negative effects. Some other times, it may be your gynecologist who is preaching birth control to you, never fall for it. You should rather make your findings as to whether or not to go the way of birth control.

When it comes to family planning, there are tons of ways by which things can be done, and not necessarily by taking birth control medications.

4. You Reach Peak Fertility Around Your Late 20.

Oh no!. While this might sound disturbing, it is obviously the truth. But I am not saying you may never be able to conceive in your 30s or in your 40s.

It is very deceptive when you see these celebrities who have babies in their  40s, and then you are like: Oh! I am gonna wait until I am 40 before I finally have a baby…… That is pretty on the deceptive side.

The Advice To Young Ladies here is; there are periods in our lives that we are the most fertile and able to give birth to healthy babies.

5. Asking Honesty-Related Questions Does Not Make You Stupid.

No one will tell you this, but I will. By asking honesty-related questions from your partner, you are not stupid, you are have only proven to be a communicative adult… Period!

Most Guys will want to think you are stalking them when you ask them questions like: Where are you, where is this relationship headed. When you get negative answers to these questions, that is a serious indication you are into the wrong guy….. Run!


6. It Is Difficult To Make Real Friends As A Young Lady.

Don’t fall for those TV shows where you are made to believe making lots of “real” friends as a young lady is super easy. Making real friends is not as easy as it is portrayed.

Young ladies are usually on the move with their parents. Hardly will you see a young girl whose parents have settled finally in a place. Most parents will have to travel every time with their families in search of jobs, and for comfort. This is why it is usually difficult for young ladies to make real friends because they keep seeing different people in all the places where they travel to with their parents.


7. Peer Pressure  Will Continue For  A Long Time.

I always love to bring in this Advice To Young Ladies whenever I have the chance to counsel them. Peer pressure will continue long after you leave high school, and it will come in different ways.

Peer pressure can take the form of Pressuring you to date someone, go with your friends to an event, take alcohol or cigarette, and so on. In all, you have got to learn to say No, and really mean it.

You cannot go through life being afraid to say no to things or people who present things you are not cool with to you. You can not go through life being afraid to offend people.


8. Credit Is Never Your Money.

This is another piece of advice to young ladies that I always give at the slightest opportunity. They try to make credit look like your money when in the real sense of it, it is not.

Credit is someone else’s money. Although there are instances when credit is good, you have got to note that you will always pay them back. So, you have to be careful with credit.


9. Not Making a Decision Is A Decision.

How does this piece of advice sound? Well, when you are faced with a tough situation or you find yourself at a crossroads, not making a solid decision is a  decision on its own.

When you are presented with numerous options and you fail to choose something, that is a decision on its own.


10. Aborting A Baby Comes With A Price.

Let’s say you took your romantic relationship to another level with a guy, and you became pregnant for him, my advice would have been to keep the baby as aborting it has a long-term consequence.

There are usually complications that accompany aborting a baby, and some of them include Destruction of the womb or cervix, Infections, loss of blood, damage to the bowel, Scarring of the inside of the uterus, Sepsis or Septic shock, Uterine perforation, and even in the worst case, death might occur.


It might interest you to know that some of the pieces of advice listed above happened to real people in my life. So you have got to take them seriously.



While it sometimes feels so difficult to advise younger ladies simply because of the very strong peer pressure they are subjected to, I have never stopped trying to get to them just as I am doing here in this post.

As a counsellor, I have always known that a singular mistake any young lady makes today, has untold consequences on her for a long time.


So far,

I have tried to outline 10 priceless pieces of advice to young ladies. Which of the above are you a culprit of or which of them have you fallen victim to? Which of them do you think you can avoid effortlessly?

Is it Casual sex and intimacy?, Ignorance about the toxicity of female products? feeling bad simply for asking honesty-related questions or even having to abort a baby for a guy?

Whichever it is, you have got to move on with your life and become more careful about how you handle things.

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