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10 Suits Colors Every Man Should Have In Their Closet

Are you obsessed with a variety of suits? No doubt, suits are a common obsession for all men. It not only gives you an incredible look but also provides comfort.

You will find different colours and cloth types for suits. Furthermore, when you opt for a suit tailor, it becomes easy to choose the right kind of color as per your personality and complexion. But how to choose the best one? Well, don’t worry, we have got your back.

We have mentioned the top ten suit colours that men should try for an occasion for your ease. Here, you will understand every color and its role in an event. Let’s take a dive in!

10 Suits Colors To Keep In Your Closet

Now, check out the top 10 appealing colors of men’s suits.

1. Black Suit

A general rule for suits is that bold and bright colors look less formal. However, different shades of black are seen as a formal color.
Black is an evergreen color in the fashion world for men as well as women. Whether it’s your marriage or attending any ceremonies, black goes well on every occasion.

You can choose bespoke tailoring for designing a comfortable yet elegant black suit. No doubt it’s a very popular choice among men of every age group and suits every complexion and personality.

Choose a light color shirt (pink, white, off-white, etc.), brown shoes, and a tie (maroon or red) for a perfect look.

2. Dark Brown

The Brown suit is considered formal yet not as simple as a black color suit. Brown merges with numerous varieties of personal style accents. You can see different tones of brown color when finding a suit fabric.

Now coming to the complexions factor. Usually, brown color suits people with tan skin, olive shade, or dark complexion of the skin.

Ask your suit tailor to add a vest, jacket, and pants. For an enhanced look, drape a silk tie for your collection, and it will give you a complete outfit to wear.

3. Medium Gray

You might have heard that medium Gray is not a likable color to wear among men. And most people say that this is a suitable color for old age people; however, it’s not true. Also, Gray is considered an intermediate shade that has a professorial effect.

Well, you can use medium Gray to create a different look. You have to add accessories and select the perfect color for innerwear. For example, select a black color shirt or high neck to pair up with medium Gray. Moreover, it is a color which you can wear every season.

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4. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is one of the versatile suits colors for every profession or occasion. You can wear it at wedding ceremonies, office meetings, and even at funerals too.

Try a monochromatic look if you are wearing this color at your wedding. Pair your suit with a white shirt, necktie of charcoal gray color (knit or solid cotton), and wear solid color leather shoes. For a more graceful look, you can choose to wear a three-piece suit.

The best part about Charcoal Gray color is that it goes well on every occasion. This color is a versatile choice for men.

5. Navy Blue

Mark a navy blue suit as a wardrobe staple that a gentleman should own. You can consider navy blue as an alternative to black color that suits well for every complexion.

It provides a formal and graceful appearance to men. Whether you are wearing it in the office, wedding, or in a meeting, it would go well on any occasion. Also, for a change, you can try a navy blue color and add it to your closet.

Ask your suit tailor to make a three-piece suit with a cream, off-white, or any light shade shirt. Furthermore, add accessories to your suit as per the occasion.

6. Tan

Tan color is a perfect addition to the collection of your suit. Moreover, a khaki or tan suit is one of the greatest choices in summers.

In general, the tan suit is the most casual way of wearing a suit. If you opt for a light shade like beige, it will look casual and breezy. However, choosing a dark shade like khaki will look professional.

You will see people wearing tan suits in most of the business meetings. Most importantly, tan is best known for social or seasonal wear.

7. Bright Blue

The bright blue color is the most famous suit fabric for some good reason. Well, as per traditions, bright blue denotes dependability, loyalty, and authority. So, making it your style statement in suits would be right.

This color is classic for weddings, business meetings, public events, and even interviews. You can customize a suit by opting for bespoke tailoring and wearing them comfortably. Additionally, try a red pocket square or a purple tie for a more stylish look. The bright blue suit is a versatile color that goes well with dark and light shade shirts.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a three-piece suit and look bold yet professional. Remember, choose a perennial and high-quality tweed wool design for an elegant look.

8. Maroon

A Maroon suit will not go well in an office, but it looks great on occasion. Further, Maroon is considered the topmost color for any red carpet event or even your wedding occasion.

But remember bespoke tailoring for getting a perfectly fitted suit for special events. It will give a bold look to your personality.

9. Burgundy

Burgundy is an elegant shade with a dark and rich look. Further, the dark nature of the burgundy color makes it look formal. Well, as per rule, the darker shade means a formal look.

Moreover, you can drape a burgundy suit with a black tie in any event. Further, a burgundy suit looks sleek and makes you stand out from the crowd if you wear a black waistcoat. So, without even trying, a burgundy suit will give you a perfect look. It is the best suits colors for evening wear too.

10. White

White is an acceptable color for every occasion or any event. This color suit is best for spring and warm summer days.

You might think that all white color suits are of the same color, but it’s not true. They may seem the same but appear different as per the fabric.

Moreover, we suggest you wear a breathable, cotton, and lightweight fabric. You can choose any of these fabrics for a perfectly white suit. On the other side, if you opt for heavy cloth-like corduroy, then it will make you uncomfortable.

Remember, never pair your white suit with a white shirt; instead, you can go for a maroon or gray shirt.


In conclusion, you can choose any suits colors listed above as per your preference and personality. Finding a suit always seems challenging, but our guide will help you out. But make sure you select the right suit fabric for more comfort and a better look.

Furthermore, we hope you will add the correct type of suit and color to your wardrobe collection. Do you like our guide for choosing the best suit color? Please tell us which suit color you liked the most out of the top ten.

Thank you for reading!

About J. H. Cutler

J. H. Cutler, one of Australia's and the world's great suit tailor, has provided bespoke tailoring and shirt-making services to discerning gentlemen throughout Australia, and across the world.

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