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Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Tips to build an effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is all about fetching customers through digital platforms like social media, e-mail, blogs, etc. Nowadays the scope of digital marketing has increased because of the covid pandemic. Also, people nowadays are more inclined towards online shopping through digital platforms. Gone was the day when we used to travel miles to purchase goods, Now you are just some clicks away from shopping. You can purchase anything from anywhere, all you need is a data internet pack. Many new entrepreneurs are rising to start their own business in this field and they try a lot of new strategies to enhance their customer base and add value to the customer. You can hire digital marketing experts in Dubai to take advice on your business strategy.  In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies which can help you to increase your digital marketing scale and that can add more customer base to your business. So here are some of the tips-: 

  1. Specify measurable business goals and boost up your website traffic to get better leads: 

The foremost step is to specify your goals. The typical goals can be related to

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Make more sales
  • Get more Instagram followers
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Make more sales

If you are not able to generate any leads then getting traffic to your website is all you need to boost up. It will assist your business to get better leads. There are various other methods to increase your website traffic along with converting leads.

  1. Identify your target audience:

This step is to identify your audience to whom you want to target with your campaign. Identifying the audience means specifying the details that are interested in your offerings. The details of your audience may include:

  • The areas or countries your potential customers live in
  • Educational background
  • Family status
  • Their age group
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  1. User experience is everything:

The first strategy of your business should always be to enhance the user experience. Either it is your website, shopping experience, service, etc. the user must always be happy and satisfied. Otherwise, you can lose your customer, and losing a customer is like losing a network. In today’s marketing world, the customer experience is the topmost priority of an organization. Gone were the days when a company’s CEO or CMO used to be the top in the organization’s hierarchy. Now the customer is at the top of the hierarchy. Always take the feedback from your customer and strategize according to those feedbacks until or unless your end customer gets satisfied.

Tips for choosing the right SEO Company in India

  1. Create a content marketing library or Insta worthy account:

This step includes creating a library of content assets. Also, Instagram nowadays is considered the top marketing tool for businesses. But you are required to focus on making an account that turns out to be worthy if you want some good results. A Digital Marketing expert in Jaipur can suggest various ways to create a content marketing library. If you know your target audience and their needs, create a good and worthy Instagram profile that would be checked by the viewers such as blog post, image, podcast, infographic, video, logo, cover image etc which you can publish on your social networks or websites.

  1. Begin with SEO as soon as possible:

A strategic decision that can impact your digital marketing efforts positively is to commence with SEO as soon as possible. SEO is considered the most effective digital marketing strategy but it is a bit cautious. It takes time to work. When you begin with an SEO campaign, it takes 4 to 6 months to generate leads. So that is why it is essential to start with SEO as early as possible. There are various professional SEO services in Jaipur which can assist you to begin with SEO.

Need to take your site to the highest point of Google’s positioning? Searching for more traffic to your site in the correct manner? Or on the other hand, Want to pulverize your rival through a web crawler? Then, at that point, you would require an exceptional website improvement system to best the entirety of your business destinations. Time4Servers is a main SEO Company in Dubai. Increment Leads and Sales with our Proven Methodology SEO Services in Dubai, UAE.

You may have heard the way that Google is UAE’s top internet searcher with 97%+ use and coming years suppositions are seen on the splendid side. The brands who think for website streamlining likely will acquire huge development among the ventures who over denied SEO as a prepared showcasing procedure.


  1. Focus on ads and paid advertising channels:

The biggest strategy for a digital marketing organization is that it should focus on the ads. Ads are not done for short term purposes, they are for long term sales and marketing. It has been observed that many firms focus on the ads for some time and become impatient which leads to the failure of their business, so you should be patient while posting ads. Social media is very powerful. We have seen many firms like chipotle, meesho, Olx, etc emerge as big firms by following this strategy. This is called earned media in which we post ads on social media. Social media has the power to attract a lot of traffic to your business. You should not ignore that. You can hire some PR, Video editors, social media influencers, etc to follow this strategy. This will lead to a lot of traffic to your firm.  Also, you can consult some digital marketing experts in Jaipur. They are very famous and can help you with strategies related to ads.

  1. Use email marketing automation and segmentation:

The end objective of a digital marketing campaign is to create more revenue for our business. But to achieve our goal, we are required to consider some micro-conversions. Also, micro-conversions refers to the actions which are taken by the users who are part of the funnel that leads to sales. With email segmentation, you classify your list of people who share the same interests and also send them the customized content.

  1. Takes advantage of new traffic sources:

A completed digital marketing strategy should not only include traditional online marketing channels but should take into account new digital marketing strategies that rise to the surface. There are various professional SEO services in Jaipur which helps you to provide various new traffic sources. There are several new traffic sources such as:

  • Google discover ads
  • Shopping Ads of Google
  • Google Keen
  • Best Google shopping search
  • Optimizing the content for voice search
  1. Use retargeting and personalization:

The above-mentioned strategies are linked to reaching more users but it is equally essential to follow up with those users that already know your brand. This is known as remarketing or retargeting.

  1. Work on conversion optimization:

This is the process that follows to optimize your website so that it leads to acquiring desired results by the visitors of the website. This starts with landing page optimization, website design, email sign up forms, content,  shopping cart and check out process.

So these are some of the effective digital marketing strategies which you can follow to increase your customer base and it will help you to increase the traffic as well as revenue to your firm.


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