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Digital Transformation Trends

10 Top Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Digital transformation continues to be a hot topic as more companies look to leverage the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies to stay competitive in the marketplace. 

While some trends may be familiar, like IoT and AI, some new ones could change your business in ways you’ve never imagined — especially when it comes to some of the harder-to-predict areas like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). 

To learn more about the top digital transformation trends you should watch out for in 2022 and beyond, read on below!

10 Top Digital Transformation Trends to Look Out For in 2022

1) Connected Cars Will be as Popular as Phones

Today, over 2 billion people own a mobile phone. Within five years, that number will grow to as many as 10 billion—thanks to connected cars. Connected cars will change everything about driving and owning a car; from how you purchase a vehicle, how you use it, and where you’ll drive it.

Because of these changes, we expect almost 100% of vehicles on road to be internet-enabled by 2022. That means there will be more than two digital devices per person globally. This makes connected cars one of our top digital transformation trends for 2022.

2) There Will be Multiple Smart Wearables

Apple has its Apple Watch, Samsung has its Gear and Fit devices, etc. In all likelihood, as these tech giants compete against each other, we’ll see an explosion of smart wearable devices that are affordable but with a wide range of features and functions. 

So how will organizations react? For many, it will mean hiring digital transformation agencies to integrate these devices into their operations. 

3) New Business Models Will Change the Job Market

With increasing competition and countless companies willing to pay less than living wages, most people on Earth will be freelancers by 2022.

Furthermore, new digital transformation services such as AI and automation will create even more jobs that didn’t exist before. 

For example, one company may provide human resources support while another specializes in SEO or software development.

As a result of collaboration among many different service providers, clients can expect highly specialized digital transformation support customized to their unique needs.

4) Fewer Physical Devices, More Virtual Experiences

As consumers demand more digital products and services, companies will look to DevOps services companies in India that can help them make it happen. 

While physical products (i.e., those you hold) are essential, virtual experiences are becoming equally—if not more—important because of how they’re intertwined with our lives and what they provide us.

For example, a smart home hub like Amazon Echo can allow us to control many aspects of our daily lives without ever having to touch a physical device.

And as technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, we should expect even more ways for technology to enhance our virtual experiences.

5) Augmented Reality Will Get Real

Augmented reality (AR) will become even more pervasive and ingrained into our daily lives. The technology is still primarily used for entertainment purposes today, but it’s a good bet that AR will play a role in educating students in classrooms around the world within a decade or so. 

Developers worldwide are working on blending virtual and augmented realities by using headsets as part of employee training programs.

For example, employees can wear VR headsets during their morning coffee break to practice new skills like customer service before stepping onto an actual sales floor.

This type of immersive learning experience should improve customer satisfaction rates because employees can be trained faster than ever before.

6) The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Grow Bigger

Devices connected to IoT networks have increased exponentially over the past few years, and there’s no reason that trend will slow down any time soon. In fact, it’s expected that IoT devices will grow 10x from 6 billion in 2017 to 50 billion by 2021. 

If you want your business on board with digital transformation trends, get ready for an increase in connected devices. These small, smart gadgets are giving way to a whole new world of opportunities—both now and well into 2022. 

7) Blockchain Technology Will Change Our Lives Forever

While most businesses will be at least somewhat familiar with blockchain technology, only a few have explored how they might leverage it. 

While other companies scramble to keep up with trends and adopt them as quickly as possible, Axonista knows what’s coming. For example, we know that blockchain technology is going to change our lives forever—and we are already preparing for that day. 

We believe that it will become essential to almost every industry by 2022. That’s why we have been investing heavily in research and development so that we can bring our clients innovative solutions now—before anyone else even realizes there’s a problem worth solving.

8) Mobility Becomes Virtualization and Virtualization Becomes Freedom

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are going to transform how we live and work. It’s a pretty safe bet that these devices will be at our side wherever we go—and they’ll always have access to global networks. With that said, there are few limitations on mobility today. 

If you want to take your digital life with you, you can do so with relative ease. That being said, as more and more data is stored in cloud-based environments, the virtualization of information is becoming easier than ever before. 

As such, expect an increasing amount of information to become virtualized over time—as well as an increase in personal freedom thanks to increased accessibility of information from any location or device.

9) New Tech Changes How We Manage Our Data and Identities

Today, we live in a world of abundant choices and excessive information. Thanks to technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to exercise our identities, but that also means we have more decisions that could jeopardize our privacy and security. 

As technology becomes even more advanced, it will become increasingly important for businesses and governments alike to develop strategies that protect people’s privacy while allowing them maximum freedom of choice. 

They’ll need to adopt new technologies like blockchain—the digital ledger that stores all transactions securely on a decentralized network—and biometrics—like facial recognition or fingerprinting—that can verify identities without revealing personal data.

While some experts predict that technology will soon make traditional forms of identification obsolete, others are skeptical about whether these new methods are truly safe enough for use by governments or businesses.

10) Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

Today, artificial intelligence is helping people with a range of decisions, from picking stocks and choosing new music to cooking dinner.

To stay on top of digital transformation trends in AI, keep an eye on breakthroughs coming out of established companies like Google and smaller startups like Maluuba. 

Whatever you do, don’t confuse AI with automation. Automation uses AI techniques to streamline existing processes, while full-blown artificial intelligence can make decisions autonomously. In other words, we’re far from seeing C3PO walking around offices or schools.

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In 2022, organizations will leverage data and analytics to grow their businesses and more deeply understand consumers. Data privacy laws will evolve as citizens demand more control over their information.

Tech companies will increasingly partner with healthcare organizations to bring new ways of monitoring patient health.

While these are some of our predictions, there’s no way we can be completely sure of what lies ahead until we get there. The key is to adapt continuously—that’s where digital transformation comes into play.

As technology continues to evolve, so must your business. By staying on top of trends, you’ll have a leg up on your competition and be able to anticipate changes that could impact your business.

And don’t forget: There’s always something new around the corner!

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