10 Types of Sit-Ups to Intensify Your Workout

There is no point running away from exercise at the time of training, strengthening the main core muscle will bring benefits such as greater stability in your other movements and support for your spine. That is why sit-ups are so popular in gyms. Here is a list of 10 types of sit-ups to intensify your workout that will streamline your sweat session.

Why do straight types of sit-ups?

“In addition to exercises to strengthen the core [the centre of gravity of the body] can be performed by all people without the need for equipment or large spaces, strengthening this musculature helps to support and protect the spine”, guarantees Antônio Krieger, a doctor spine specialist orthopaedist. This means less pain in that region both in the short and long term. However, new research, from the University of Waterloo, Canada, calls into question the effectiveness of always insisting on the same variation of abdominal exercise.

In the study, spine biomechanics professor Stuart McGill performed the same classic abdominal movement on pig cadavers (which have a human-like spine), flexing their spines repeatedly. At the end of the sessions, the scientist found that the vertebral discs were compressed. Transposing the activity to a human, this would put pressure on the nerves, causing back pain or even herniated discs. Try to take HGH Genotropin 12mg for better results.

Of course, a person would try to take breaks between one set and another (and not do dozens of situps continuously, as in Stuart’s experiment), but it is one more point in favour of diversifying their training. In addition, betting on different types of sit-ups causes different auxiliary muscles to be activated, contributing more effectively to the strengthening of the region.

Camila Belluomini, manager of the collective Smart Fit modalities, teaches below 10 abdominal variations for you to include in your training and enhance the results in that region.

10 types of sit-ups for your workout


Execution: choose 1 to 3 among the exercises below to include at the end of your usual training, twice a week. Do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of each movement. “It is nice for you to be diversifying among the options, but it is important to keep your choice for at least three workouts, for muscle adaptation”, teaches Camila.

1. Sprinter

For the first type of sit-up, lie with your back on the floor, legs straight and arms at your sides. Using the muscles in your abdomen, push to lift your torso while bending your left knee and right elbow, bringing you almost against each other, like the movement we do when we are running. Lie down again and repeat with the other side.

2. Roll Up

Start with your back lying on the floor, legs stretched out and arms stretched over your head. Activate your core muscles while lifting your torso and rotating your shoulders to bring your arms still stretched out in front of you, until they are parallel to your legs. Do the movement calmly, keeping your posture and your legs flat on the floor. Then, go back to the starting position.

3. Alternating infra

Lie with arms at your sides and legs straight and up, together. Slowly lower one leg, keeping the other raised. Then raise the leg while lowering the other and alternating.

4. High board with rotation

Start in a high plank position (palms flat on the floor and your body forming a straight line from head to toe). Take one hand off the ground and, keeping your arm straight, rotate your torso to raise it above your head. Do the reverse movement to return and repeat with the other hand, to the other side.

5. Spider man

Start in a high plank position (palms flat on the floor and your body forming a straight line from head to toe). Bend one of the legs so that it is elevated laterally to the body and bring the knee against the elbow on the same side. Repeat with the other leg.

6. Rower

For this abdominal variation, start with your back lying on the floor, legs stretched out and arms stretched over your head. Activate your core muscles while bending your knees and lifting your torso to embrace your knees with your arms.

7. Penknife

Lie down with legs stretched out and arms stretched above your head. Contract your abdomen muscles while raising your legs (still stretched) and bringing your arms (also stretched) forward, forming a V with your body.

8. Cross knife

Lie down with legs stretched out, one arm stretched over your head and the other at your side. Contract your abdomen muscles while lifting your straight left leg and bringing your right arm straight forward so that your right hand meets the opposite foot. Return and repeat with the other side.

9. Boxer

Lie with your legs bent (soles on the floor) and closed fists close to your chin, with elbows close to your body. Press the core to raise the torso while washing your right hand in a punch to the left, crossing the body. Go back to the starting position and do the same with the other side.

10. Bicycle

Lie down with your legs stretched out and your hands beside your head. Contract the abdomen to slightly raise the trunk while bending and raising the left knee. In this movement, the right elbow meets the left knee. Do the same with the other side.

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