10 Unique Mountain In The World


Mountain climbing is one of the risky yet adventure sport. Those who want to live their every breath with bravery and in the lap of the highest peak must choose this sport. This marks their liveliness and vigor. So, if you too love mountains, a risk-taker, and want to listen to heartbeat clearly, they should be wondering for the top 10 unique mountain list, to climb upon. This blog is purely designed for the thrillers and the adventurous, while you can also use the Online Flight Booking procedure to confirm your e-tickets to explore the top 10 mountains of the world. Here is the list below!

  1. Matterhorn, The Swiss Alp:

Ever wondered, from where mountain climbing started? The answer is at Matterhorn of Swiss valleys. Indeed, entire Switzerland is the country renowned for its mountains. Its Swiss Alps keep its viewers petrified for hours. One of the biggest mountains of Switzerland is the Matterhorn, according to people, it is a snowy pyramid. So, it gives an entirely different experience of mountain climbing with exciting activities.

  1. The great Karakoram:

This great lump of soil and snow lies in Pakistan. The Great Karakoram marks the silk route between China and Pakistan. Being K2, the second-highest summit, ever-present in the planet, it becomes the best climbing choice for everyone. Also, it represents the sensuous culture of China and Pakistan. If you are a foreigner and want to enter into Pakistan to reach the world stunning mountain, then the best option is Qatar Airways Flights Booking. Yes, it gives the services from around the globe, while it picks you from any destination and will drop you at the pointed destination that makes you able for Karakoram mountain hiking.

  1. Kilimanjaro – the flat summit:

At the border of Kenya, Stands the flat-nosed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is well referred, as it has the largest flat-surfaced in. Also, its journey towards it ascends is highly tiring. However, once you reach Stella’s point, you can be hope full to see ‘Kibo’ the highest peak of Kilimanjaro. Moreover, you would see a variety of animals and birds. So, you have to keep your camera ready all the time. Climbing Kilimanjaro can be your biggest fantasy, as it has three volcanoes erupted peaks, which you can succumb under your feet.

  1. Mount Annapurna:

One of the famous names of mountain trekking is Mount Annapurna. It is located in the corner of Nepal. Finely popular for its steep summits, it is attempted for most number of times. Likewise, it is base camp trekking is very popular among adventure travelers. However, this mount has the highest fatality rate too. Till last year, it was 32%. However, still, it is one of the first choices of courageous risk-takers in the world.

  1. Mount Denali:

It is the biggest Northern American Mountain. This Alaskan giant invites trekkers all over the globe during May and June for an attempt. However, even the proficient finds it tough to get over it. The reason is its steepness. Denali is said to be the ‘steepest of all’. Moreover, it is open for sudden avalanches and glacier slipping. One has to think many times to choose it for mountaineering.

  1. The intellectual Manasalu:

It is one of the steepest summits of the world. Mansalu of Nepal is said to be the intellectual soul of Nepal. The reason is the myths associated with it. The natives say that it does not allow everyone to climb over it. Only a few lucky ones get the chance. In 1956, a Japanese team tried to reach it ascends. However, the valley faced drastic penalties for this. More to it, an avalanche killed 18 people. Since then, nobody has tried to step on this mount till 1970. Mansalu is still a chest of mysteries for the mountain adventurers and now more secure and protective shelter.

  1. Nanga Parbat:

If we talk about the unique mountains, then the Nanga Parbat of Pakistan strikes our mind in many times. It is famous for two reasons; firstly it is often full-covered with snow. It looks bare from the distant view. For this reason, it is known as naked mountain. Secondly, it has the biggest mountain face in the world. It is actually the 9th highest mountain top of the world. That is why, Climbing its summit, is the dream of every adventurer.

  1. Mongolian Khutein:

Trekking to Khutein is one the versatile sport all over the board. It fulfills all the fantasies of a mountaineer. The first perk of trekking Khutein is its long route. You cross the world’ ancient remote area. Secondly, you would enjoy the peak corners of Russia, Mongolia and China. Generally, Mountain climbing gives you a desolate and risky experience. However, here, once, you start your way in Altai, you would be a guest of Kazakhs. They are the local nomads who welcome every outsider will open hearts. As a result, you will get all kinds of aid, you require.

  1. Elburz Mountains:

Against the Caspian Sea, stands the great Elburz Mounts. They come in the territory of Iran. They are the oldest volcano erupted sites. You can still see the points of hot vents. Its highest peak is Damavand. Once it looked like a fire- erupting giant, but now it stands still. So, if you are tired of Snowcapped Mountains, the Iranian Elburz Mountains would be your next destination.

  1. Mount Everest:

The Nepalian Mount Everest enjoys the title of the ‘biggest mountain’. Its height is worth mentioning 29, 0533 ft. As a result, every mountaineer considers it, as his duty to climb it at least for once. After Sir Hillary, 321 brave people dared to reach its top through the China Southern Airlines. Would you be the next one?

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