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10 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter in Dubai

Car Ready for Winter – Winter could destroy the vehicles. The drop in temperature could cause wear and tear on the car as well as damage the exterior of the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to winterise your car. Preparing your drive for winter ensures safety. After winterising the vehicle, you could improve visibility, stopping power as well as stability.

Tips to Make Your Drive Ready for Winter

Following winter prep steps could help you improve the comfort as well as performance through winter’s cold days. Doing so could help prevent the accident or a breakdown and save money on gas and car repairs Dubai. Here are helpful that you could follow to winterise your drive

Check the Tire Tread

Worn tires are of the key reasons for winter car crashes. Old as well as worn-down tires reduce stability and increase the stopping time. Therefore, it is advised to begin with the examination of tread depth. You could do this with the help of a penny. Place the penny into the tread.

In case the tire is unable to cover 1/3 of the penny, it is time to replace the tires. Along with tread, ensure you pay attention to tire pressure. For this keep the pressure gauge handy in the car. As the weather gets cold, the tire pressure drops, and underinflated tires wear quickly.

Service the Battery

Winter weather is the worst enemy of the car battery. In winter, the colder air could reduce the ability of the battery to generate power drastically. This is why difficult starts are quite common in winter. When the temperature drops, the energy in the fully charged battery of the car drops nearly by half.

Similarly, running the heater for longer could put more strain on the battery. In case the power of your car’s battery is reduced, you could run into problems. In certain cases, the car might not even start. Here are the winter tips that could help

  • Check Power- The battery load test would display available internal resistance, conductance, and voltage. A quick test could provide an idea of the overall condition of the battery.
  • Replace If Needed- In case the battery is old, it might be time for a replacement. If you notice dim lights or electrical issues or lack of start-up power, it is advised to get the jeep repairs Dubai.

Prep the Paint

It is worth noting that cold weather dulls the shine of the paint. Road salt worsens the issue, leaving the exterior of the car susceptible to oxidation as well as rust. Waxing prior to winter would add the protection layer. Along with waxing the paint, it is advised to clean the wheels regularly for removing the road salt that could corrode exposed metals quickly. And weekly washes in winter would remove several rust-causing contaminants.

 Lubricate the Exterior Components

In cold weather, the chilled water of rain could seep into window tracks, door jambs, and locks, creating annoyances such as slow-moving windows. Over time, such problems could stress locks, weather stripping, and window regulator cables leading to costly car repairs. Before winter, consider lubricating and protecting these components with the help of silicone spray or dry lube. Components that need to be winterised include window tracks, hinges, door jambs, latches, locks, etc.

Check the Headlamps & Taillights

In freezing rain, the visibility gets diminished. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all the lights are clean as well as work properly. To ensure that lights work correctly, you could begin by checking the front as well as rear lights of your car. Same way check for the fogginess.

Buffing the headlights could remove the tough stains as well as improve the visibility. Moreover, repairing the cracked housings would prevent rainwater from oozing into the electrical components.

Winterise the Fluids of Your Cars

From motor oil to wiper fluid, the cold weather influences all fluids of the car. The winter car tune-up needs to include

  • Brake Fluid- Check the levels of brake fluid and top off in case required.
  • Oil Change- In cold weather, the motor oil thickens that could cause numerous wear and tear as well as performance problems. Adding the winter-blend oil would ensure the right viscosity for cold weather.
  • Replacement of Wiper Fluid- It is advised to replace the wiper fluid with a blend that includes anti-freeze. You could opt for the 20-degree wiper fluid or consult a technician providing jeep repairs in Dubai.

Clean Battery Terminals

Corrosion on battery terminals could cause numerous problems in winter. For instance, the starting problems are common issues. Moreover, corrosion could hamper the ability of the charging system for recharging the battery. By disconnecting the battery, you could clean the terminals using a wire brush and get rid of corrosion. Along with corrosion, you would also wish to remove the grease and acid from the casing of the battery.

For protecting the terminals, you could use the terminal protectant spray. This would help in reducing the risk of corrosion. Before you disconnect the battery ensure you have the memory saver plugged in the DLC of the vehicle. Doing so would verify that module setting are safe. In case the memory saver is not plugged in, it could impact gas mileage data, sensor calibration data, and automatic up/down features of the window.

Check the Brakes Properly

In fog, you rely on the brakes to stop. Therefore, it is a crucial winterising step. It is advised to inspect the car’s brake pads as well as rotors and they need to be changed in case you notice wear. Brake noise is another significant sign of worn-down brakes. In case you notice chirping, grinding sounds, or wheezing, it is good to have the brakes checked and get the jeep repair Dubai.

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Pay Attention to Interiors

It is important to understand that car maintenance would be incomplete without a thorough inspection of the interiors. From the dashboard of the car to the seats, everything needs to be spotless. Especially in case, you intend to sell the car at a later date. All the dashboard buttons need to be operational. For ensuring the proper functioning of the air conditioning system, it needs to be checked regularly.

Apart from these, do not forget to check the sparks plugs. The spark plug is responsible for igniting the compressed fuels as well as creating combustion of car. It is worth noting that every car has a different number of plugs and each spark plug has a different lifespan. The spark plugs of good quality tend to last longer distances up to 35,000 km. Whereas the ones of poor-quality lasts only up to 18000 km.

Apart from these, another tip is to replace the wiper blades. Examine the blades for wear and tear. In case the blades leave streaks in rain or you see cracking, it is time for replacing them. It is important to note that the wiper blades need to be replaced at least once a year. In case you park the car outside overnight, consider getting the car repair and winter-ready blades.

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