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10 ways to prevent bladder infections

One of the commonest infections in women is that of the urinary bladder. Due to the shorter urethra in women, they are anatomically more predisposed to developing bacterial infestation and end up visiting experts like urologists in Islamabad more often. There are many causes of urinary tract infections. Although the urethra performs the function of preventing such infections by preventing bacteria from entering the body. This sometimes does not work.

This results in bacteria entering the body through the urethra making the body vulnerable to urinary bladder infections. However, these bladder infections are preventable with the right measures. Fortunately, there are certain ways in which you can prevent and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. So keep reading to know more about the ways in which you can steer clear of bladder infections:

1. Drink plenty of fluids: 

Drinking fluids rids the body of toxins and bacterial load. The human body is made of 70% water and therefore it needs to stay hydrated to perform its functions in a normal and adequate manner. It is ideal to drink eight to ten glasses of water while decreasing the intake of caffeine—both tea and coffee. Alternatively, herbal tea, milk, smoothie, and fresh fruits are helpful; but at least half the intake should be water.

Drinking less water concentrates the urine, which is both irritating and painful for the bladder.  Drinking water is also necessary to keep harmful bacteria at bay. When you drink a glass of water, it performs the function of purifying the body by disposing of bacteria through urine. Therefore it is essential to have a healthy fluid intake to prevent bladder infections.

If you feel that you are urinating far too often, keeping a bladder diary is helpful. Keep a record of how often you visit the restroom and how much water you drink throughout the day. Share this record with your healthcare provider to help identify the problematic factors. The healthcare professional, typically a urologist who specializes in treating urinary bladder infections will review your case and perform a series of tests to diagnose the severity of your condition.

He will then advise you on the best treatment for your urinary bladder infection. It is recommended to visit the urologist in a timely manner and waste no time in waiting for the condition to remedy itself as delaying your visit can make your urinary bladder infection worse.

2. Urinate before and after sex: 

 Sexual activity predisposes the patient to bladder infections, particularly in women. “Honeymoon cystitis” is the term used for bladder infections secondary to sexual activity. To avoid this infection, urination before and after sex is helpful. This helps to avoid the influx of bacteria in the urethra, which causes ascending infection. Washing the external genitalia before sex keeps the area clean and bacteria-free, while urination afterward flushes the bacteria that has landed in the urethra. Urinating after sexual intercourse and drinking water helps flush harmful bacteria out of the body.

3. Avoid the use of scented products:

The vagina is normally colonized by lactobacilli. These bacteria help to keep the vagina healthy, the pH normal, and prevent infestation by parasitic bacteria. The use of scented products in the genital region disrupts this balance and allows the overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria and fungi. Consequently, the odds of bacterial vaginosis, vaginal candidiasis, UTIs, and bladder infections increase.

It is, therefore, recommended for women to avoid the use of scented feminine hygiene products like scented tampons, scented pads, bath oils, bubble baths, scented soaps, douches, deodorant sprays, and scented powders. Scented products will do more harm than good and hence their usage is not advisable.

4. Take probiotics:

the natural microbiota of the gut also stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the urinary tract. As mentioned before, the commensal bacteria of the genitalia prevent the growth of parasitic bacteria, protect against UTIs. Intake of probiotics through fermented foods like yogurt, tempeh, and kefir or probiotic supplements and even suppositories boost the health of the urinary tract. On the other hand, indiscriminate use of antibiotics, both topical and systemic, disrupt the balance of this microbiota and predispose to UTIs.

10 ways to prevent bladder infections
10 ways to prevent bladder infections
5. Avoid holding of urine:

You should urinate as soon as you feel the urge to do so. Holding in urine and stagnation of fluid in the bladder encourages the growth of bacteria. The idea of drinking more water is to flush out the bacteria from the bladder, thereby preventing bacterial infestation and resulting bladder infections. For someone frequently getting bladder infections, it is important to avoid holding in urine, drinking more water, and completely emptying the bladder each time when voiding.

This is particularly true for pregnant women, who are naturally predisposed to developing bladder infections. As a pregnant woman it is of utmost importance that you urinate on time, don’t hold urine, and fully empty the bladder to stay safe from bladder infections and other harmful diseases of the urinary tract.

6. Use the right birth control options:

Certain birth-control options like diaphragms, spermicidal creams, non-lubricated condoms, spermicidal condoms enhance bacterial growth and increase the chances of bladder infections and UTIs, through the growth of opportunistic bacteria. For someone frequently getting infections, switching to water-based lubricants. Alternate methods for birth control after discussion with the healthcare provider may prove helpful.  You should only use those birth control options that are suitable for your health by taking expert advice from a top doctor.

7. Avoid tight clothing:

Tight clothing is not recommended as it offers a moist. Warm environment for thriving opportunistic bacteria that ultimately infest the urinary tract and ascend to cause bladder infections. Dressing in loose-fitted, breathable fabric like cotton promotes air circulation and reduces the chances of infections.  Therefore you should wear loose clothing to prevent urinary bladder infections and keep harmful bacteria away.

8. Use cranberry juice:

Cranberry juice and tablets help to prevent bladder and urinary tract infections. Exactly how cranberry extract works is not yet understood, however, research data shows that it is a promising remedy for people who get frequent UTIs and bladder infections. So there is really no harm in drinking cranberry juice for your infections. It may help protect you against urinary bladder infections.

9. Kegel exercises:

Kegel exercises help to improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles. This, in turn, prevents the leakage of urine and feces when the abdominal pressure suddenly increases such as in sneezing, laughing, and coughing.

10. Quit smoking:

cigarette smoke is detrimental to bladder health. The chemicals in the smoke when cleared from the body through kidneys and urinary bladder irritate the lining of the latter and can even cause bladder cancer.

For anyone frequently getting bladder and urinary tract infections. Getting a thorough examination from an expert like the Best urologist in Lahore is helpful. Urologists have expertise in conditions like urinary tract infections. They can recommend the best solution based on your health condition.

Urinary bladder infections can be painful and unpleasant, however. if you take the necessary precautions like staying hydrated. Urinating on time, taking probiotics. Using the right birth control options. And get rid of habits that promote the growth of harmful bacteria in your body. you can prevent them easily and stay safe and healthy.

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