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10 Web Design Key Steps for Small Business Websites

Whether we talk about a well-known business or a small business, a strong online presence is of utmost need in today’s world. And the same can be made through a professional website. 

Yes, we are talking about a professional website -the core requirement of a business of any size or nature. And a legitimate website means a website that has a great web design or we can say a website that holds all the key requisites. If you are someone who is not an expert or have no clue about the basics of web designing you don’t need to get worried. There are plenty of experts or web design agencies or companies who can take charge of your website. 

A well-designed website leaves an impactful impression on your visitors and creates a strong online presence for your business. By focusing on your web designing through an expert web designing agency, you can earn more sales and make more money for your enterprise.

Undoubtedly, getting started with your website is petty challenging if you are new in the industry. But with the span of time whatever you have invested in your web designing will definitely bring fruitful results to your business. 

Get a full-fledged website by focusing on having a user-friendly website design, search engine optimization, and optimized page content, and so on. 

Let’s move ahead with the following tips that can help you improve your small business website and help you attain more success rate. 

Key Tips for Web designing

Decide Domain Name

Your domain name is the most essential feature of your website. It’s the URL you share with your visitors on social media platforms. That’s why it should be easy to remember and descriptive too. Make sure to keep it short, clear of acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers to avoid customer confusion.

 It is also important to decide on your top-level domain. This is the suffix that is placed at the end of the domain name such as .com, .net, .biz. .com. After the selection of your domain name, confirm its availability and purchase it through a domain registrar. Following are the well-known domain registrars:

  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace
  • Com
  • Wix

After getting your domain name check the copyright and know whether you are not infringing someone’s protected name.

Clutter-free Website 

It is of high importance that a small-scale business website should be very simple but on the other hand, appealing too. Keep your website away from all the unnecessary clutters and generate plenty of happy and satisfied customers by giving major attention to this. This is the core tip and should not be skipped. 

Mobile Friendly

As per Google’s recommendations, your website is of no use and value if it’s not responsive on mobile phones. It’s equivalent to slaughtering your business with a non-mobile-friendly website. It’s a matter of concern if your website is not responsive on all devices. Because in the end, it will leave an impact on your viewers when they get engaged in your website. 

Easy Visibility of the Website on Google 

Your ranking majorly depends on how well-arranged your website is. Your website should hold clear content, clear URLs, relevant keywords, and a sitemap. It will assist Google easily in keeping your website at its peak.

Most importantly, keeping in view of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics while making a website for a small business is extremely important.  For learning, you can seek assistance from many SEO platforms like website advisors and many more. 

Put Quality Content Often

If you want to rank at the top in search engine results, bring regular updates on your website with quality and fresh content. This is a key tip to rank high. Your content should consist of all the competent qualifications that are essential for your readers. The more productive your write-ups are the more you will experience an increase in customer engagement. The ultimate goal of your content should be to rank high via more satisfied customers. 

Put Contact Details in the Most Easily Visible Way 

The most obvious thing that should not be skipped because customers will surely look for your contact if they are interested in your business. So don’t forget to include your contact information like phone number, telephone number, email address, your company’s physical address, and a sitemap in a web design segment. Create a separate column on the top or end of the page so that customers can easily access your contact in case of any need.

Products and Services Should be Showcased Properly

Showcasing your products and services in an appropriate manner can get you more brownie points. A well-arranged professional showcasing your products and services can win your visitor’s attention. Remember you have to keep your page free from cluttered pictures, no matter what kind of online store you are running. You can’t compromise on your image quality at any cost. Because it’s the pictures only that build customer’s trust. 

A well-clicked capture drags customers to buy the products of their choice. You can stand apart from your competitors with a well-designed website coupled with proper showcasing of your products and services.

Proper Site Loading Time 

A proper site load time matters a lot for your small business website. The more it takes time to load your website the more there are chances of experiencing a bounce rate. Make sure your website is supported by the right server infrastructure and bandwidth. Don’t forget to pay attention to your website’s loading speed.   

Business Description

An aimless website leaves the visitors confused. In simple terms, your website should be clear and accurate regarding what you are and what you do. The description regarding your business should not confuse the customers. There should be an introductory descriptive column that should express what exactly you are. 

Additionally, ensure both, main and footer navigation hold “About Us” page links that are easily accessible. With easy accessibility, users can quickly know more about your business.   

Full Website Setup and Launch

Before making your website public, make sure every area of your website is working as intended. Before launching the web design in public you need to review it several times. Please do not just focus on the home or service page while ignoring the others. Review the whole website and make rectifications wherever you find errors. The final website should be free from all the errors. And after doing several testing and getting satisfied with the making of your website, you are good to go to public your website. 


After reading this article, you can get an idea of how you can groom your small business with the help of an excellent well web design site. But to get a sound website, you need to follow these key tips. It will definitely help you in attracting more visitors to your website. 

Search engines like google and others look for essential elements for ranking websites. Therefore, to rank at the peak, your website should include keywords, quality content, URLs, sitemaps, and few SEO features to grab the attention of search engines.

Do let us know via the comment section below how our write-up has proved to be effective to our readers.

Thank you!

About morrisedwards

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a web design and development company in Singapore which is dealing with digital marketing, SEO, mobile app development, logo designing, social media marketing and more.

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