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11 SEO Hacks to Attract Customers to Your Online Store in 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite the buzzword as the business shits from bricks and mortar era to eCommerce. Of course, if your ecommerce store is ranking on the search engine’s result page the probability of customers landing in your store gets high. But what if potential visitors experience that your customers find your website complex and hard to navigate. For instance, they find it tough to find the shopping cart, or you store website load up with not adequate speed. Furthermore, the desired products that a visitor is looking for are hidden somewhere deep down the store’s categories. These factors and more like these factors increase the bounce rate of your eCommerce store.

Once the bounce rate is high the search engine’s algorithms throw back the store from the top position to the depths of the search results.  Whether you manage your store SEO task with the help of in-house SEOs team or outsource it, make sure all the factors are duly taken care off. With think local, go global notion, it is imperative that you go with a local SEO firm. For instance if your store is located in Dubai, it is important to opt for a SEO Company in Dubai. Simply put, these local firms are well aware of the local market dynamics and thus, can craft a well-thought-out Return on Investment (ROI) strategy.

Contents Mapping

  1. On-Page SEO Optimization
  2. Focus on URL Depths
  3. Shopping Carts
  4. Avoid Complex Checkouts
  5. Avoid Sign Up Difficulty
  6. No Display For The Total Costs
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Targeting The Low Hanging Fruits
  9. Link Building And Social Media Marketing For eCommerce
  10. Paid Social Media Campaigns
  11. Reviews And Communities
  12. Wrapping Up

While focusing on SEO for driving in more web traffic, it important that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals consider the following proven tactics.

1. On-Page SEO

Making a customer have a good experience after landing on your ecommerce store should be the first priority for the SEO agency. Mostly, there are dedicated project managers who get these things planned. While planning one should always think from the customer’s perspective.

It’s observed that after an SEO company is hired by the store owners their prior focus is on rankings. On the contrary to the clients, the prior focus is a good return on investment. Even if they succeed in ranking the store they are not going to end up with a streamed customer engagement.

Because they never thought about the customers in the first place. All they care about is basic On-Page SEO fundamentals.

  • Meta Tags Optimizations
  • Alt Tags Optimization
  • Keyword Densities
  • Images Optimization
  • Responsiveness and optimization for smart gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and iPads.
  • Website loading speed optimization
  • Content optimization

Well, here’s what above mentioned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies have been doing that ended up as a success factor for them.

2.  Focus on URL Depths for effective SEO

URL structures are one of the most important factors for both the search engines and the users. If a specific product or in trend product is buried deep in the website’s structure it’s not going to help the customers.

3.  Shopping Carts

As of latest stats, shopping cart abandonment rates are almost up to 75% nowadays. This is due to many factors and most of them are due to the negligence of SEO experts. Usually, these SEO agencies have lack of experience in eCommerce stores marketing. They only focus on ranking the store and neglect the fact that after ranking there won’t be any conversions happening due to bad user experience.

eCommerce web development

4.  Avoid Complex Checkouts to Improve SEO

Sometimes the checkouts and shopping cart abandonment rates are increased because the checkout procedures are so complicated and elongated that the customers feel forced to abandon the eCommerce webstore.

5.  Avoid Sign Up Difficulty

Sign-ups are necessary but most of the users avoid using the eCommerce site that has a hefty sign-up procedure. To solve this problem most stores use a simple “sign-in with Google” button. Sometimes they integrate the users’ stores with users’ social accounts. This again is a brilliant strategy to increase the effortless marketing opportunities and ease for the users to shop.

6.  No Display For The Total Costs

This is the worst kind of blunder that an eCommerce store can have. You must give the total cost of the products in the cart including taxes and value-added services cost. Most of the users never come back to the store where they shopped one thing and were priced for several. These hidden costs are a huge off for customers.

7.  Keyword Research 

Keywords research is something that most of the SEO Agencies in Dubai are very good at. They analyze the customer’s mindsets and make personas and then they do the keywords research. This is one of the core reasons why these big names of SEO agencies in Dubai are still on top of the most. Here are a few things that they do to get the most out of little effort:

8.  Targeting The Low Hanging Fruits

Usually, all the SEO experts go for high-volume keywords. Most of the time there are a lot of people trying to rank for those keywords making it a highly competitive query. The chances of a new ecommerce store to rank for the same keyword are very low and the process will be difficult. To tackle this problem some good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing agencies work smartly rather than struggling hard.

They find those broad term keywords that are not being searched by most but still have a handsome volume. These keywords are very less competitive as compared to the ones with the high volume. When they rank on these queries and start generating the traffic and ROI starts to roll. The search engines mostly make them appear for high-volume keywords automatically due to their relevance. Now, all they would have to do is to rank for the competitive terms and this time it won’t be as tough to dominate the search engine results.

9.  Link Building And Social Media Marketing For eCommerce

Link building gets tricky when it comes to the eCommerce niche. They prefer outreaching to different websites for the guest posts and it is an effective way to spread the word. But it is slow and not as effective as reaching out to the customers directly through social media.

10.  Paid Social Media Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns are usually helpful and give the most effective results. Since most of the users are on mobile and the use of desktops is becoming less popular nowadays. It gives the most effective ROI using the social media paid campaigns.

11.  Reviews And Communities

Reviews and forums with the communities that have audiences who might be your potential customers are the gold mines. Just ask for the reviews of your products or maybe ask for the shopping experience in your store. This is the most effective way to get honest opinions and to improve overall.

 Wrapping Up

Proper SEO strategy implementation enables online business and store to drive in more traffic and increase the customer’s base. It all begins with giving a user-friendly experience. User experience which is an important aspect from the web designing perspective also have significant role the search engine optimization perspective. At FME Extensions, a leading Web Development Dubai based company, we heavily emphasis on following latest web designing and marketing trends.

Search Engine craves SEO friendly websites, and thus ranks them up on the top pages of the search engine result page (SERPs).  Further, you store website loading speed is another essential factor that yield in more web traffic, increased session times, and reducing the bounce rate.

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Muhammad Irshad is Digital Marketing Professional with specific interest in Search Engine Optimization. He is with FME Extension| a leading IT conglomerate, Internet Marketing Firm and Web Development Company in Dubai. Mr. Irshad enjoys reading and writing blogs about guest posts about contemporary and emerging trends in the eCommerce, Web Development Branding, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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