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11 Tips To Clean and De-Clutter Your House Like A Pro


House cleaned by professionals can create a significant difference. Though, professional house cleaning
experts can be highly expensive, especially if you are living in a big-sized house. You can invest in good
cleaning devices such as a backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner. Want to clean your house like a pro
without going bankrupt? If yes, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips & tricks. Here, you will get
to know how to clean your house like a pro:

1. Declutter Your House

If you want to have a more efficient job, then you should set declutter your house first. The decluttering
task will ensure that you will achieve your objectives. Start from picking up items that are lying on the
floor, then place them in their designated area. You should keep soiled clothes in the laundry room,
kitchen items to your kitchen drawer, etc. This way you will make your cleaning task simpler and efficient
as well.

2. Use optimum Cleaning Tools

Before starting the home cleaning process, you should collect all important cleaning tools so that every
time you do not have to run to the storeroom. You should get a mop, cleaning duster, vacuum cleaner,
cleaning solutions, wood cleaner, ladder to clean high placed items, etc. If you are living in an old house,
then there is a probability that your house is painted with a lead-based solution. In this case, you should
clean your house with a backpack HEPA vacuum for lead paint. If you want to clean your house like a
pro, then it is very important to use optimum cleaning tools and equipment.

3. Invest In Multi-use Solution

You should invest in multi-use products to have a shiny clean house. Rather than continually switching
from glass cleaner to wood cleaner, you should get one multi-use cleaning solution. There are various
cleaning products available in the market that can be used for almost everything.

4. Keep All Cleaning Supplies Together

You should keep every cleaning supply together! This is an important factor to consider if you want to
have a clean house like a pro. All expert cleaning professionals keep their cleaning supplies together in a
bucket or shower caddy so that they can easily move everything from one room to another. This trick is
very beneficial if you have less time.

5. Clean Windows With Newspaper

The newspaper is a perfect window cleaner, therefore, you should use them in place of cloth. You should
first spray the window cleaning solution on the window, then take a newspaper, crumple it and scrub
clean your windows. The newspaper will help in removing the watermarks and let your window shine.

6. Vacuum Clean Everything

When you want to deep clean your house, then vacuum cleaning is very important. The Atrix HEPA
backpack vacuum also works well on tile or wood flooring. Before you wipe clean your floor with a wet
mop, you should vacuum clean your house to remove dirt and dust accumulated over different surfaces.
In addition to this, you should vacuum clean your bedding couch, upholstery furniture, rugs, and carpets.

7. Dusting

There are various places where the vacuum cleaner will not work, then you can do dusting with a
microfiber cloth. For example, if you want to get rid of dust accumulated over antique delicate items, the
dusting is a good solution. You should first dust clean the delicate item, then spray the cleaning solution
and again wipe it with a dry and clean cloth.

8. Deep Clean Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink cleaning needs more effort and some special tricks as well. First of all, you should
remove everything out from the sink, then you should spray a special stainless steel cleaner. Scrub your
sink and rinse it with clean water! You can also use baking soda or vinegar for efficient cleaning.

9. Disinfect Your Dishwasher

Mostly, we forget to clean and disinfect our dishwasher. As we regularly wash our dirty dishes and
utensils in the dishwasher, therefore, there is a high probability of food buildup. If you want to disinfect
your dishwasher, then you should pour vinegar. The vinegar act as a disinfectant. Pour vinegar and run a
wash cycle of your dishwasher at hit temperature settings, This will help you to get rid of harmful bacteria
and food build up inside the dishwasher.

10. Clean Shower Liner

The clean shower line can bring a huge difference in your bathroom. It is not necessary to buy a new
shower liner every time when it gets messy. You should remove the liner from the shower rod to wash it
in your washing machine. When you take it out from the washing machine, then you will observe that the
liner is looking like a new one.

11. Make Your Bed Regularly

This may sound really silly, but regularly making your bed will create a big difference in your bedroom. If
you want to deep clean your bedroom, then you should focus more on the bed. You should clean it with
a cordless HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner. You should pick the bedding and throw it in your washing
machine. Do this at least once a week to keep your bed free from dust and dust mites.

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