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Water damager after flooding in house with furniture floating (3D Rendering)

12 Cult-Favorite Fort Myers Water Damage Products You Should Know About

The selection and proper use of supplies and equipment are essential when it comes to effective water damage cleaning. When flood water damages property, it’s a race against the clock to free the area of debris & contaminated water and restore its virtue. The below-stated cult-favorite products are able to make the job more manageable.

Whether the water damage is a few inches of water or the entire basement is soaked, water damage is not fun to deal with. The repercussions of water damage Fort Myers often directs to soaring cleanup, removal, and restoration fees. 

However, there are products that professionals use as soon as your property encounters an event of water damage. The products are here to help eliminate water, pull off the destroyed drywall and carpets, or document the damage to have evidence for the insurance company. 

Here we’ll be discussing cult-favorite products. Now, the question is, what’s that cult favorite. These are the products that didn’t receive a favorable initial release. However, the products managed to garner a devoted and loyal fan base over time. 

Keep reading to learn about the products that every homeowner should own to deal with water damage. You must have on hand the supplies and equipment if you wish to tackle the water damage independently.

Cult-Favorite Products That May Hold A Great Importance In Case Of Fort Myers Water Damage

  • Waterproof Boots

Before stepping inside a water-damaged area, one of the most noteworthy things to take into account is the potential risks. The risks may include chemical & biological contamination and even electricity flowing via the electrical panel. 

Call your electrician to shut down the power to the property right away. Also, grab a pair of insulated waterproof boots to make sure that you stay protected. Be mindful that a mask, hand gloves, and safety glasses again help you stay safe. 

Ensure that the water doesn’t spill over into your boots. If it does get in, pull them off. Furthermore, do your best to clean your legs and feet to remove chemical or biological contamination, if any.

  • Microfiber Cloths

These cloths are gentle enough to cleanse all surfaces without leaving scars or scratches, including stainless steel and glass. Keep some in your home, and toss them in the wash with your towels regularly to have them clean.

  • Pry Bar

Unfortunately, in the event of water damage in Cape Coral, there can be a lot of damage resulting in mold growth if the damaged materials aren’t removed. Utilize a pry bar to peel drywall from the walls and quickly pull out the carpet & hardwood from the floor. This easy-to-handle tool works adequately on standard building materials. 

Just be mindful that you must store the damaged materials somewhere secure in a shed or a garage outside till the insurance agent comes in. This is just in case they require a few concrete proofs apart from pictures regarding the scope of the damage.

  • Contractor Bags

Contractor bags are indispensable for cleaning up after a downpour, paired with a durable pry bar. Rugs, drywall, hardwood, insulation, soil, mud, and furniture & fittings are to be removed from the property. This is vital as the moisture can induce severe mold growth otherwise.

Further, the wet setting makes an ideal place for insects and some rodents to nest. Hence the sooner the waste is expelled, the more valuable it is for cleaning up and repair. Ensure to fund in dense, durable contractor bags that don’t pierce easily.

  • Shovel

Most property owners maintain a shovel for light gardening or snow & ice removal. Those shovels are handy equipment that helps move a substantial amount of a substance. For example, mud can come in through the sides and develop in the basement during Fort Myers water damage. Shovels can help get rid of mud readily. You may also use it to shovel water into a waterproof trash can for disposal.

  • Dehumidifier

After water removal, you will be required to use a dehumidifier to extract the water out of the air and rugs that manage to survive the damage. Dehumidifiers are generally light-duty. These devices reduce humidity in the home or office.  

To help deal with a downpour, you require a dehumidifier that you can connect to a hose and drain the water as it’s gathered. The dehumidifier usually needs to remain in the affected area for up to two weeks, resting on the water damage scope. 

  • Squeegee

Keep a squeegee, a tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade to cut down on scum, build up the tile. Squeegee saves you a lot of time later on. Many squeegees come with suction attachments, so you can cling them straight to the wall and make use of them as required.

  • Antibacterial Spray, Disinfectants, All-Purpose Cleaner

Antibacterial cleaning agents or disinfectants disinfect and sanitize to destroy germs, all while creating a clean ambiance around. It would be best to have surface disinfectants as well as odor removal sprays to eliminate unwanted guests and that musty odor. 

  • Mold Treatment After Water Damage In Fort Myers

Even if the property looks neat and dry, there can potentially be lingering problems underneath carpets, behind walls, and in insulation, leading to mold and mildew growth. Mold treatment helps ensure that the water damage area won’t become infested with mold, mildew, and other biological hazards. After washing, apply a mold-inhibiting treatment to mitigate the risk of mold growth further.

  • Camera

Never depend on your observation when it comes to water damage. Your initial guise can change over the totality of the experience. You can skip and forget things, those of which are human mistakes that are able to lead to complications with the insurance company. 

Your smartphones can also get damaged and might not furnish you with reliable photos. Therefore, invest in a camera that you can install to record everything.

  • Wet/ Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Without any doubt, a dry/ wet vacuum cleaner is a definite must-have. Its importance doesn’t change even if you don’t have carpeted floors. Don’t have the budget for a good option? Get yourself a basic vacuum cleaner that can quickly suction the water off the floor and into an enclosed pool chamber for disposal.

Use the wet/ dry shop vac to drag surplus water out of the floor or different materials before placing them aside or hanging them up to dry.

  • Rubber Gloves

As mentioned above, a good pair of thick rubber gloves are cheap yet necessary to protect your hands from chemicals and whatever dirt you come up against. As a reward, they last a bit longer (and supply much protection) than latex or nitrile pairs of gloves. 

The Bottom Line!

When your property suffers water damage, you must be blank. And that’s fine. Of course, it’s your property, and you’ll be upset if something happens to it. However, to tackle such situations, especially those where you find that professionals aren’t required, you must own a few products to manage the situation. 

The list of items above must be your must-have to deal with water damage in Fort Myers. If you do not have these products, call a professional water damage restoration company right away. Moreover, you may do your research to find more such products. 

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