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12 Interesting Applications Made With Python Development

Python does well to establish itself as a popular programming language. It has capabilities for a variety of application and web application development projects. But, as someone considering Python development services, you must have questions about what exactly this technology can accomplish.

Python development can be applied in many ways, each one based on what your exact requirements are. Sometimes you may not know the full capacity of a programming language and hence, getting help from a Python development company is a great option.

Real-World Python Applications

Since the launching of Python, technological needs have advanced quite a bit. This means that Python has had to advance with the times, leading to it being used in the development of an assortment of applications. Let’s take a look at what you can accomplish by choosing Python development.

Python Web Development

Python web development has been an option for many years and will continue to be so forever. A huge factor contributing to Python’s success as a web development technology is the fact that it supports cross-platform development. This means a Python application is universally accepted on all major operating systems. Less money is required when you have to develop just one application instead of three!

Choosing Python software development comes with many extra tools. At your disposal, you will have frameworks (Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle) and even content management systems like Django CMS and Plone. So what’s the point of having these?

Frameworks and CMS’s comes with libraries and modules that facilitate data management, database interactions, and interfacing with internet protocols like HTTP, SMTP, POP, JSON, XML, FTP, and IMAP.

Scientific Applications

Python’s enormous library base finds a unique spot in the scientific and numeric world. Python is useful in creating applications for scientific and computation services.

Python tools for creating scientific and computation:

  • SciPy
  • IPython
  • Pandas
  • Numeric Python

Python is making headway and major advancements in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) related processes. In this, a computer application is used to develop 2D representation models and it is an important tool for architects, contractors, and engineers.

Enterprise Level Applications

For large enterprise-level businesses that employ hundreds of people and contain bounds of data, any regular application will not do.

Scalability, flexibility, reliability, and high performance are a few qualities that enterprise applications require. Python bears the ability to offer your application all of these properties and more!

Python comes equipped with the following toolset for enterprise application development:

  1. Odoo is described as an all-in-one Python development tool for enterprise applications. Most of the tasks get accomplished as there are about 14,000 third-party plugins in Python’s Odoo.
  2. Tryton, the general-purpose development platform finds use in almost every department in an enterprise business:
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • Project management
  • Resource planning

Desktop GUI

Apart from security, and performance, the desktop graphical user interface (GUI) is a founding feature of an application. When a user accesses your application, the first thing they see and interact with is your GUI. Since first impressions are the most important, you really need to pay attention to this part of your application!

Python framework makes sure that your application’s GUI is well developed, whether it is simple or very complicated! Parts of your GUI include buttons, text, input forms, icons, and checkboxes are all created as part of the graphical user interface.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Two areas that are seeing a high amount of investment are Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. These technologies are globally impactful together.

When seeking out the ideal technology for developing your ML/AI application, Python comes off as a formidable contender. Python language is reliable, resourceful, secure, and scalable, making it a good choice for handling any innovative application development in Ml and AI.

Python comes with various frameworks to assist in application development:

  • Pandas allow general-purpose data analysis
  • Data visualization with Seaborn
  • Scientific and technical computing with SciPy.
  • TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-Learn are renowned for Machine Learning application development
  • NumPy handles advanced mathematical operations

Embedded Systems

In times when technology is advancing rapidly and smaller devices are coming into use, the need for embedding solutions is higher than ever. Python software development is best for the job since it is based on the C programming language.

Web Scraping Applications

Web scraping is the process of collecting and processing data from all areas of the seemingly endless internet. Ever copy and paste information from the internet? This is exactly what web scraping applications do, except on a large scale, thereby eliminating the boring and time-consuming task of collecting data.

Examples of Python scraping tools are:

  • BeautifulSoup
  • MechanicalSoup
  • Scrapy
  • Python requests

Scraping applications are very important tools if your business requires large amounts of data for its day-to-day operating.

Operating Systems

Python in combination with the C language can develop an impressive operating system. Linux-based operating systems are the most popular. Ubuntu’s Ubiquity installer, Red Hat Enterprises Anaconda Installer, and Fedora are all written using Python.

Game Application Development

Want to create interactive games? You can use Python for game development. PySoy and PyGame are two Python libraries that have gaming applications. PySoy is a 3D gaming engine compatible with Python 3 and PyGame is a more than adequate gaming library.

Programming Language Development

Python has been inspirational for many programming languages. Python is definitely a pioneering language and acts as the foundation roots of several other programming languages.

Some new programming languages have similarities with Python as they are based around the object model, have similar syntax and indentation. Examples of Python-based programming languages are Swift, Boo, Cobra, CoffeeScript.

Data Science and Visualization Applications

Having bounds of data is valuable, but unless you can convert this data to a readable form, it cannot help you and it certainly cannot help your business! This is where Python can help you! Using Python, you can develop applications that can help with data representation.

A Python library like Pandas and Nympy can be used to extract relevant information. This is helpful in making calculated and informed business decisions.

But, that’s not all that Python can do. What if you want your information in a visible form? Data libraries Seaborn and Matplotlib are important for visually representing data in the form of graphs and charts.

Python Software Development

Many developers prefer Python as a supporting language during the development process. Applications of Python and its assets include building control, testing, and management. This makes it an ideal partner to use alongside another programming language.

SCons is solely responsible for build control. Buildbot and Apache Gump exclusively deal with continuous compiling and testing. Roundup and Trac deal with bugs and managing the overall project.


Python is a mature programming technology and it definitely has many versatile use cases, from web applications to modern machine learning applications, this technology gets it all done! Furthermore, the large community makes it simple to hire Python developers to share their knowledge in the form of a functional application.

Thus, if you are an investor with unique ideas and hunting for suitable technology, Python development is the way to go! It will not only help you accomplish your goals, but it will also enhance your applications. There is a treasure trove of tools and an active community that supports your agenda of making the most of Python development.



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