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Are you about to open or renovate your restaurant but you are low on budget for your restaurant interior design in UAE? There is a myth that says, it is a must to spend a lot of money to have the best interior design for your restaurant. We will not say that it is a lie but it is not an entire truth either. So don’t get demotivated because you can actually spend less and still have one of the best interiors for your restaurant.

Low budget, but smart ideas to make it happen can provide amazing results. Ultimately, it is all about keeping your audience happy and smiling. The most satisfactory part for any restaurant owner is when customers leave with a smile on their face. This is the moment they know that they are serving people the best. If you want to be one, but have some budget constraints, you can still implement a few amazing ideas. So, you don’t have to have a huge amount of money when you have simple and easy ideas for it.

Here, we will suggest you 12 ways to get more with a restaurant interior while spending less.

Plants and flowers make everything better and they will add up to your restaurant’s ambiance and make it peaceful and calm. Plants will also function as decoration while being less expensive as compared to any décor pieces. Add a lot of pot plants when doing your restaurant interior design in UAE. Soft and gentle smell flowers are more preferable for restaurants because they will make your customer’s visit more pleasurable. Besides, it adds up to the natural look of the restaurant. Nowadays, it is touch to maintain some natural outdoor without being at the risk for your health. So, one can always make sure it through the restaurant dining experience. 

Focus on the lighting plan of your restaurant because it can easily make or break the restaurant’s looks. Take the advantage of natural light as it is the best source of light and will effortlessly help you cut down your electricity bill. Glass walls will let the sunlight enter and brighten up your restaurant. Make sure the sunlight doesn’t bother any of your customers.

In the daytime, natural light will save your electricity but what about evening and night? You can use LED lights as an alternative to your high-voltage bulbs and lights. In this case, you have to spend upfront but it will save your money tomorrow.

Art is the first thing to easily catch customer’s attention. Promote local artists instead of famous ones because famous artists as people maybe already familiar with their art. However, the local artists can grab some attention from the customers and show off their art pieces. Also, you may play an important part in boosting someone’s confidence in their artwork. On the other hand, local art is inexpensive and will undoubtedly save you money. Dedicate a wall of your restaurant for art display and hang several paintings and portraits from different local artists on the wall.

A chalkboard menu is the most affordable menu whereas digital, smart, and other menus are very much costly and not-so-pocket friendly. Unless other types of menus, you can easily change the menu on the chalkboard whenever you want. Invest in a quality chalkboard because this investment will work ages for your restaurant. 

There is one idea that can be the game changer in your restaurant interior design in UAE, and it is “The GAMES”. Yes, you read it right, games can be the game-changer for your restaurant. You just have to spend some money on this idea and in return, you will get more business. People love to have fun and if there is something to remember for a long time, they are going to visit you back too. Provide your customers a range of board and card games to play while they are waiting for their food to prepare. This fantastic idea will attract more customers to your restaurant.

Don’t overdo the tables with tablecloths, a variety of cutlery, and other decorations. Rather than investing in expensive silk and linen table cloths, spend on soft linen napkins for the ease of your customers. Place a small pot plant in the center of the table as a décor and supply necessary forks, spoons & knives to your customers.

Make a statement decorative wall in your restaurant to attract customer’s attention. The decoration can be of any type such as, make a mirror wall by adding plenty of mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Or paint a textured wall with different colors, designs, and patterns. Show your creativity to decorate the wall and make it one of its kind.

Furniture eats the most of the budget of a restaurant owner. Choose the furniture for your restaurant wisely and spend your money on the best option. Select simple yet trendy and quality furniture for the restaurant. Simple furniture is always in fashion whereas heavy and fancy furniture looks bulky and is also outdated now. 

You’ve got a new menu, and you’ve got a new menu. A menu redesign is a simple, elegant way to freshen up the look of your restaurant, and it can also serve as inspiration for larger interior design elements. A chalkboard menu in retro typography, for example, helps diners grasp the idea while also acting as an elegant wall decoration for an old-fashioned supper club-style restaurant. Nothing beats slaying two birds with one stone.

Your small wares provide yet another opportunity to improve your restaurant’s concept. Here, bold colors and unconventional materials will make a big statement. Restaurants have used unusual items such as slate tiles as cheese boards and metal scoops instead of traditional dinnerware. Every meal is made extra special with these slightly off-kilter plates and bowls.

Instead of making full-fledged booths, simply add a selection of grey, velvet-upholstered bed headboards on the walls behind the wooden booths. This provides them with a more relaxed and luxurious feel for a fraction of the cost.

Cut lengths of PVC pipe the right diameter and length to fit a wine bottle inside to make a visually interesting wine rack to store wine in front of diners. Stack the pipes in a pyramid shape to create a useful, practical, and long-lasting wine rack.


We are pretty sure that these ways will never go wrong for your restaurant’s interior design. You have to be a little creative than to keep worrying yourself about the investment problems. So, instead of burying yourself into the money issues, you can just implement some of the ways from the above article and rock the world. Implement these above-given ideas for your Interior design Dubai Companies to attract more business while spending the least of your money. Attract your customers in new possible ways.

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