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16 Details You Need To Know About NBA 2K23

16 Details You Need To Know About NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 will be officially released soon and by now we should already know some details about the game. There are a lot of changes in NBA 2K23, with many new features and improvements to keep an eye on. Here we will give you a detailed overview of 16 details in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 covers athletes

This year’s iteration features four cover athletes:

  • Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan is the cover athlete for both the Michael Jordan and Championship editions.
  • The Standard and Digital Deluxe editions boast three-time NBA All-Star Devin Booker.
  • Finally, there’s a WNBA edition with Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, although it’s only exclusive to GameStop in the U.S. and Canada.

Jordan Challenge Returns

Not only does 2K23 feature Michael Jordan as the cover athlete, but it also includes the Jordan Challenge from NBA 2K11. The Jordan Challenge features 15 unique scenarios from the legendary Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame career. These 15 challenges include 10 original challenges and 5 new challenges.

More details are yet to be announced. Various teammates and opponents will also provide commentary and appear in special vignettes to reflect Jordan’s career.

Details of the Championship and Michael Jordan editions

Of course, for all the gameplay improvements, it’s all about MyTeam points, virtual currency, and everything you own. The Michael Jordan Edition is priced at $99.99. If you pre-order the game you will get the following bonuses:

  • 100,000 virtual currency
  • 10,000 MyTeam Points
  • 10 MyTeam tokens
  • MyTeam cards for Sapphire Devin Booker and Ruby Michael Jordan
  • 23 MyTeam Promo Packs, 10 of which are available at launch along with Amethyst packs and two weekly releases for six weeks
  • One free agent option MyTeam combo pack
  • One Ruby Coach Card MyTeam Combo Pack
  • One Diamond Jordans MyTeam Card
  • A stack of MyPlayer cosmetics
  • 10 boosts of each skill boost type in MyCareer
  • Two hours of double XP coins

The Digital Champions Edition retails for a whopping $149.99 and includes many of the same benefits as the Michael Jordan Edition. It also includes a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription, a Michael Jordan-themed go-kart, and more. If you’re ready to get into this game, then you have the option to pre-order it. This will allow you to use these NBA 2K23 MT rewards to purchase more items at the start of the game.

MyCareer – The City and Cruise return

Another mode that requires more detailed information is MyCareer. The City returns, offering a brand new city to explore through new arenas and courts. You can also choose a crew and compete against MyPlayers for supremacy. The previous generation version will once again feature The Cruise, competing and earning rewards on the cruise ship’s pitch, as well as embarking on shore excursions. It’s described as a “bullying basketball tour” that hints at pirates, but it’s best to wait for more information before getting your hopes up.

New Pro Bat Combo

While the NBA 2K series has been controversial for its microtransactions, the gameplay is usually pretty solid. Starting with the new Pro Stick combo, it looks like major improvements will be made this year. The flick stick allows for double throws and turns as well as new commands for metered skill dunks. Current generation players also benefit from physics-based basket draping, allowing you to control how long and for how long a player drapes the basket after a dunk.

Adrenaline Boost

Another new feature is Adrenaline Boost, which shows up as three bars under the player’s stamina meter. When performing an explosive dash, it depletes acceleration and when used in full, the player’s speed and acceleration drop. Each player can only use three boosts per possession, so it is important to know the correct time to use them.

Details of Adrenaline Boost

The stamina bar is now more easily depleted, which will give you a general idea of what it’s like. The second change is the adrenaline boost.

The main purpose of this adrenaline boost is to prevent players from over-dribbling the ball. There are three small bars below the stamina meter, and these boosts will be depleted when you perform a hard sprint or explosive dash.

Once these three bars disappear, the player’s movement speed will be reduced for the remainder of the possession period. The main stamina bar applies to everything from no-ball to sports, just like the old stamina bar.

The change here is that only those explosive sprint launches can consume the three minor stamina bars, and once they are all depleted, your overall movement speed will suffer.

Shooting Attributes

In addition to doubling the number of shooting animations from the previous game, NBA 2K23 adds new shooting attributes.

New shooting attributes:

  • Shooting Speed: The speed at which the shot reaches the shooting point.
  • Release Height: The height of the shot when shooting.
  • Defensive Immunity: How well the shot performs against the defender.
  • Timing Impact: The shot window is adjusted to provide a greater penalty for poorly timed shots, but a greater bonus for well-timed shots.

Each signature jump has unique shot statistics, adding more strategy to shot situations.

New shot meter

Last year’s revamped shot meter received some mixed reactions from fans. As a result, NBA 2K23 offers five shot meters and 15 new unlockable meters for the coming post-release season. visual Concepts notes that “every meter fills to the end, which is your ideal release point, and then empties later in 2K17 – 2K20. ” The shot arc is also used to indicate when a player is too early, too late, or timed correctly.

NBA 2K23 also adds shot feedback. When enabled, it delays “timing/coverage overlay and green release animations from coming up until the ball hits the basket,” according to the developers. This new feature is designed to encourage play through ball control.

AI Improvements

AI has also been improved this year, from a better understanding of defender position to hybrid drive attempts. There is also a new signature AI attack system, with each star having a package containing four signature attack combinations. Every single combination can contain up to four single move sets or two combination move sets.

AI players have gotten smarter, too. The AI players can now track efficiency by many metrics, perform pre-game game evaluations, and more. AI ball handlers can better analyze scenarios and select the most effective moves from their options. They may even eliminate a top scorer who is underperforming and rotates other options.

Improved Team Takeover

The team takeover has been overhauled and now acts as a cooperative effort between all team members. As each player performs well, they contribute to the Team Takeover meter, which is automatically activated for each individual when filled. Primary and secondary takeovers remain the same, but team takeovers now feel more like a team effort rather than an arbitrary filling of each takeover meter.

Offensive and Defensive Improvements

There are many new options in the NBA 2K23 offense and defense.

Overall, there are many new options for both offense and defense, whether it’s the new quick shovel layups and contact layups or the new defensive shading mechanic that provides metrics for the defense. Accurately predicting the area the ball handler is attacking can now cut them off or cause turnovers.

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My Team

A staple of many past games, MyTeam returns in NBA 2K23 with a larger set of customization tools to create an ideal team. This time, players from any era can be recruited, adding some legendary players to the roster.

Player Builder improvements

This year’s Player Builder is touted as offering “complete control” over the creation of any type of player and ensuring that every player is “fun and balanced” (the current generation of players is no longer limited to the pie chart system). In addition to the 5v5 environment used for test builds, you can now use the 3v3 environment. A welcome change is that purchased animations now apply to your entire account, rather than to save files. So if the build meets the requirements, then they can be equipped with that animation without any problems.

New Badge System

Current generation players also have access to an overhauled badge system. There are now 16 badges per attribute class, 8 for Tier 1 and 4 each for Tier 2 and Tier 3. Higher tier badges cost more badge points but have a greater impact. Conversely, Tier 1 badges are the least powerful, but also very cheap. Each attribute category also earns a core badge that does not count toward the badge point total. You will need to meet the challenge requirements for each badge, but if successful, it can be used in the core badge slot. Badges also see some changes compared to Slithery, and it is now easier to avoid collisions and gather traffic to remove things like infinite spotting, hook specialists, etc.

4K/60 FPS and HDR on Current-Gen

According to its official Xbox page, NBA 2K23 supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and 60 frames per second as well as HDR on Xbox Series X. You can also expect these same settings on PS5. The resolution and frame rate for the Xbox One and PS4 versions are unknown, but they shouldn’t be too different from last year’s version.

PC Requirements

Steam has announced the system requirements for the PC version of NBA 2K23, the same as the previous version:


System Requirements Minimum


System RequirementsRecommended

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