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16 Proven Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast 

16 Proven Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

Growing on YouTube isn’t as easy as just a few years ago. It is now a matter of balancing the YouTube algorithm is constantly changing and has seen numerous versions. Therefore there are some crucial metrics you must be focusing on to improve your YouTube channel by 2023.

This is why, to assist you We’ve put together 17 proven methods along with examples of channels that have been successful to guide you on your way. In addition to these strategies. 

One thing you must not overlook is the production of quality video. They must be professionally written, recorded and edited. With InVideo’s YouTube video editor can assist you to edit your videos and editing entertaining YouTube videos in a short time and with ease.

Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast:

1. Optimize your YouTube channel profile.

A captivating profile is a fantastic method to advertise the value of your YouTube channel, improve SEO, and provide new users with a sense of what to expect when they join your channel.

Let’s take Nick’s YouTube channel as an instance and look at it in detail to understand the reason it is effective!

Your description of your profile should instantly inform the viewer of the value you are offering them. It is also important to establish a social reputation, so make sure that you provide your viewers with reasons to join your channel rather than the various options to choose from. 

In addition, you need to inform your followers when they will receive updates from you, or in Nick’s case – whenever his channel launches his channel. It is essential to make use of hashtags in the description of your profile however, hashtags for Youtube shorts strongly caution against doing too much.

2. Begin with a keyword study.

Keywords can help you improve titles, descriptions and descriptions to ensure that your videos appear on YouTube as well as Google search results. With the amount of content that is being produced on YouTube, the ability to rank on search is the highest goal if you want the videos you upload to YouTube seen by viewers.

To conduct your keyword research first, you can start by using a YouTube search. Enter the subject you’d like to make a video about and YouTube will show you the top search terms related to the topic. These are all words that could be possible topics. They tell you about the most searched-for terms so you can modify your content to suit them.

3. Find Similar content on YouTube.

This is basically an automatic segue into conducting keyword research. When you search for the keywords you are looking for on YouTube and Google it is essential to take the time to watch. 

The content that is currently ranking for the keyword you are looking to research. Why is this? Because it will not only provide you with an idea of what’s being viewed by the public but also assist you in identifying areas of content that are lacking and improving the quality.

It is important to critically analyze the videos and note down your ideas to improve them. Go to the next level and go through the comments to find out what the viewers were saying. There is a wealth of comments here on what people were expecting, and also what they enjoyed and disliked.

4. Create videos designed to increase retention.

Retention is among the three primary metrics the YouTube algorithm evaluates to decide whether or not to promote your video to a wider audience. There are a variety of aspects that impact retention everything from the content of your video, to the manner in which it is presented.

For a quick overview Here are the key elements you must pay attention to in order to make sure the videos you upload are optimised for retention:

1. Pre-production

Before you start recording it is important to make sure that your concept and content are both solid. One way you can make sure that is to write scripts for your videos. Scripting is a way to ensure that you cut out the fluff and unnecessary information and keep the bits that the audience will find valuable/entertaining.

 2. Production

Once your screenplay and script are completed, you can start making your video and creating your content. Although you don’t have to purchase film-quality production equipment, you must ensure that the device you’re using has the capacity to record video of high quality and audio that is noise-free.

3. Post-production

When you’re finished filming you’ll want to take your footage to an editor. Edit your video to improve clarity as well as retention and engagement. This includes cutting out repeated footage and including B-roll, music and text, breaking slides, and other elements that can enhance the appearance as well as feel.

You can accomplish all of this and much more using The InVideo YouTube video editor, which provides you with an extensive timeline with multiple layers including stock assets and an array of editing tools that can simplify your life.

5. Create thumbnails with clickable images.

Your thumbnail is the very first impression someone gets before they click your video to watch it. This is the reason it’s the primary factor that determines the rate at which people click through your video.

6. Keep your titles brief and catchy.

In addition to your thumbnail, Your title is the second-most important element which determines your CTR. In other words, If someone doesn’t find your title appealing enough, they will not go to your site.

The ideal scenario, your title is the very first element you think about after conducting your keyword research, since this is the basis for the content in your video. 

The title you choose should at least contain the keywords you’re hoping to be ranked for. However, more important is that the title create an emotional connection that viewers can identify with their frustration in the industry.

7. Optimise your video description for SEO.

If you’ve ever dabbled in SEO you’re aware that having a greater number of keywords can make you more effective better in searches. But you’re not getting enough space in your title to ensure that you’re getting the maximum number of keywords. This is where the video descriptions are in.

To improve your description to be SEO-friendly Use this word count to your advantage. It is possible to describe what happens in the video and have an opportunity to incorporate keywords. Be careful not to over-use keywords it’s not allowed here also.

Along with the description of your video and including keywords, it is important to include a call to action and include hyperlinks to your other social media accounts as well as your website, any other videos you would like them to see, and the other questions that are frequently requested.

8. Use video chapters.

YouTube video chapters let you segment your video into chapters or sections. They are displayed within the player. It also allows users to navigate longer videos by permitting them to jump over, skip or share specific sections.

Video chapters are an excellent way to boost the retention of audience members. Your audience may go back to important sections or skip to sections that are interesting instead of fading out, consequently affecting the retention of your audience.

The video chapters will aid in ranking on the search engines. What you have to do is the moment you attach chapter titles to your timestamps, make sure that they contain the appropriate keywords that match the search intent of the user as in the case below. 

You’ll see that the author is using keywords like “how to record your screen instructional videos’, or “how to switch between showing your face or your computer screen’.

If someone searches for this term and your video could be recommended to them if the section is well-known and has a high percentage of audience retention.

9. Respect YouTube’s guidelines for community members.

YouTube tags for views have been very strict about its guidelines for communities and have been highlighting channels and removing videos that aren’t in line with the guidelines. 

This is due to the growing number of minor users and advertisers who aren’t keen on having their ads displayed alongside offensive content.

A recent study conducted by Statista has confirmed that in the year 2021 alone, YouTube was able to remove thousands of millions of YouTube videos due to the fact that they did not adhere to the guidelines of the community.

It is important to be aware of YouTube’s guidelines for community members and adhere to them. Otherwise, your videos could be flagged and removed from YouTube’s recommendation feature. Multiple reports could result in your channel being shut down.

10. Create a video series.

One of the greatest issues that video creators have to overcome is keeping their viewer retention at an all-time high for longer-running videos. This is because, in addition to the fact that attention spans are short many viewers are watching for a reason and after they’ve gotten their facts, they’re most likely to drop off.

So, instead of making one long video that lists all the details break your content up into several short videos that can easily transition from one to the next. 

This will not only increase the number of viewers you reach but also if your viewers continue to view the content via YouTube via video content, it will also increase the credibility of your viewers.

11. Include videos in a playlist.

Playlists are among the best tricks to increase the amount of time you watch. They let you link two or more similar videos and place them in the form of a playlist. 

If someone begins to watch an item from your list, the video will play the next video within the list, which keeps viewers on the platform while affecting your viewing time.

If a user is looking for ‘New video ideas’ or ‘Ads Guide The playlist will provide them with a carefully curated selection of videos that complement each other, making sure they are watching YouTube.

12. Use YouTube Premiere.

YouTube Premiere lets you plan your next video in advance so that your viewers can view this video in the beginning alongside you. This not only lets your viewers know when the next video you upload is due to air, but it also allows you to engage viewers as they view the video at first, by providing comments in your live chat.

Be sure to plan your YouTube Premiere to the time and date that your audience is the most active (you can see the information in your Analytics). You’ll get tons of information on the way your viewers interact during the first interaction. 

And furthermore, if you’ve got an excellent engagement this will send an indication to YouTube to recommend this video to more people and increase your chance for a greater click-through.

13. Make use of end screens to ensure your audience is watching.

YouTube offers a variety of tools to assist you in increasing the amount of time people watch your videos One such tool is the end screen. End screens help to keep your viewers watching your videos. 

The end screen gives you an opportunity to direct viewers towards the video they need to see or an entire playlist they can browse. In addition, you can also include an option to subscribe that users can click directly in order to view additional content from you.

14. Look into your analytics.

The most important thing to remember for success on YouTube is to focus on the things that are working and modify what’s not working. YouTube has a wealth of information and analytics that it can offer to your viewers that will aid in shaping your content to meet the viewer’s expectations. 

You can find everything from demographics that can help you determine the typical age of your audience to more in-depth data such as retention. This reveals the portions of the video viewers were most interested in and what they were bored with, which leads to drop-offs.

You can find all of these statistics within YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio. Check out this video from YouTube Creators, which demonstrates the various metrics you can use and the places you can locate these metrics.

15. Connect with your followers in the comments section.

It’s only half accomplished after you’ve posted your video on YouTube. It is vital to spend time responding to comments, answering questions and engaging with your viewers.

An excellent way to begin a conversation is by pinning a message that includes an inquiry. It is also a fantastic method to boost community engagement and lets YouTube know that the audience is engaged with your content and increasing retention.

16. Promote your channel cross-promotionally.

It is common to see YouTube creators appearing in videos from other channels to be in line with their content. This is an excellent method to promote your channel crosswise and connect with a larger number of users attracted to your particular niche.

Find creators that share your interests or are a good complement to them. For instance, if you’re creating videos about ‘How do I increase the reach of my YouTube channel quickly? 

You could work with other creators who have the same expertise or locate someone who actually grew their YouTube channel within just a few months regardless of their subject.

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