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beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair
Beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair

16 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

The enthusiasm and the desire to look amazing on your big day are understandable. Sporting the perfect long hair style is just as important as wearing the best bridal gown. Moreover, these two need to complement each other along with the theme of your wedding.

You have unique preferences, hair texture, and length as a bride. Fortunately, many beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides find a style that enhances their beauty. From traditional and elegant, chic and glamorous, and chic and romantic, there are a ton of themes that you can bring to life with, and style your long hair accordingly.

Below are 16 beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair. Look at these gorgeous styles to find the perfect one for your big day because choosing and sporting the perfect hairstyle is just as important as your bridal gown!

  1. Sleek and Voluminous Chignon  

Sleek doesn’t always mean simple and minimal, and this hairstyle proves that.

This sleek and voluminous chignon is a timeless hairstyle for brides with medium-length and long hair. They can use straight hair extensions to achieve the look of medium-length hair. The straight texture will help achieve a sleek look, while the long extensions will help achieve a volume-packed chignon.

Accessorize this bridal hairstyle by adding a minimalistic hairpin or two and a pair of earrings to bring your wedding look together.

  1. Twisted Updo For A Polished Look

Brides often think about bringing the focus to their faces, but this gorgeous twisted updo emphasizes the hair. Twist from the neck and work your way upwards with multi-strand twists.

Add a sparkly accessory to your hair to enhance your long twisted updo hairstyle without taking away the attention from the hair.

This polished updo looks extravagant and complex but is easily achievable with your natural tresses. It has the ideal combination of simplicity and style. Go the extra mile, add a birdcage veil towards the front or side, and make everyone fawn all over you!

  1. Gorgeous Updo With Braids And Tendrils 

As mentioned initially, your bridal hairstyle is equally important as everything else during the wedding, and this gorgeous updo with braids and tendrils is one to die for!

The halo braids and loosely twisted sections are all tied together into a voluminous updo with defined tendrils falling effortlessly around the face. Use a one-piece hair accessory to make this hairstyle stand out during the ceremony.

  1. Old Hollywood Waves 

The old Hollywood waves hairstyle is gorgeous and glamorous for brides with long hair. Run all out on your big day when it comes to hair and gets this hairstyle. Book a hairstylist, achieve the most envious wavy hairstyle, and soak up your attention on your big day!

However, you can recreate these old Hollywood waves yourself! Take a one and half-inch curler, create the curls in sections of your hair, secure them with pins, and release the curls after about 10 minutes. Use a wide-tooth comb, gently loosen the curls, and then use a lightweight styling spray to set the look.

  1. A Stunning Fishtail Updo

Try this romantic and bohemian look with this stunning fishtail updo for your wedding. This is an elegant hairstyle that looks breathtaking with a backless wedding gown. Elevate your hairstyle game by getting warm-colored balayage highlights for the occasion.

Add a white hairpiece with flowers, preferably an heirloom, just above the fishtail braids. You won’t regret wearing this stunning traditional hairstyle for one of the biggest days of your life!

  1. Pinned Back Bangs 

If you currently have bangs or shorter layers at the front, this pinned-back bangs hairstyle is an excellent choice for your wedding day.

Pin the bangs back and tuck them under the longer layers behind your ears. This is an easy and chic hairstyle that will stay put during the wedding ceremony and reception if you choose not to change your hairstyle for the reception.

Add length and volume with straight hair extensions and create subtle waves to achieve movement under the beautiful long white veil.

  1. Crown French Braid 

Crown French braid hairstyle is majestic, elegant, and timeless. Look stunning with a beautiful French braid that ends in a perfectly tucked updo beneath a flowing veil.

  1. Side-Parted Body Waves 

This side-parted wavy hairstyle has body waves starting mid-shaft and running until the end. It is a great hairstyle option for brides doing a mixed traditional and modern-themed wedding. The side part is neat and brings attention to the face, while a long wavy hair style brings the hair and glam together.

Accessorize the waves with a bejeweled barrette-this will instantly elevate your look and offer a sophisticated appearance.

Pair this gorgeous hairstyle with a strapless sweetheart-styled wedding gown with sheer lace towards the bottom and a long veil or a train.

  1. Glamorous Cascading Long Curls 

Show off your long hair with glamorous cascading curls falling over your shoulders on your big day. Choose a side-part for this glamorous hairstyle and showcase your best side.

This is a great bridal hairstyle, especially if you are doing a destination wedding or tying the knot at a luxurious beachside hotel/ resort.

Switch up your hairstyle for the reception by simply tying your hair into a low half-up, half-down style and celebrating the big day with your partner, friend, and family.

  1. Wrapped Up Top Knot 

If you want a braided hairstyle for your long braided hair, then this beautiful wrapped-up top knot is the perfect option for you. Take a modern spin on the conventional formal updo.

The braided patterns look exquisite and offer a ton of texture to your hair. The topknot placement will elongate your neck and make you appear taller.

  1. Effortless Half-Up, Half-Down Style 

The Dutch side braid and the loose wavy hair in a half-up, half-down hairstyle is an excellent option for a fun and relaxed wedding day. Everything about this hairstyle radiates joy and offers a slightly chill boho vibe.

  1. Relaxed Updo 

No rule states your hair needs to have every single strand flawlessly in place for your wedding, it is your day, and you can go for an unfussy, relaxed updo for your long natural hair.

Frame your face with a few strands and finish the look with a beautiful flower crown.

  1. Polished Braided Low Ponytail 

Marry the love of your life with this beautifully polished braided ponytail hairstyle. The clean middle part and low polished braided ponytail go well together and offer a chic look.

Pair this chic hairstyle with pair of floral earrings because this hairstyle looks great with fewer accessories.

  1. Long Box Braids In A bun 

Add height to your bridal look with this gorgeous long box braids in a bun hairstyle. The lustrous shiny box braids help enhance your facial features and make you look stunning in an off-shoulder wedding gown. Top this look with a white headpiece for a glamorous look.

  1. Soft Pinned Updo

This soft pinned updo hairstyle has layers of hair pinned here and there, which offers an elegant look. You can achieve this hairstyle on your blown-out natural mane for a voluminous look and with a few bobby pins.

  1. Natural Free Flowing Curly Hair 

Allow your curls to run free! Working with natural texture is a beautiful technique for any wedding style, but it’s beautiful for beach weddings. The beauty of textured tresses fluttering in the sea breeze is undeniable.

As stated in the beginning, the desire to look amazing on your big day is understandable, and sporting the perfect hairstyle is as important as wearing the best gown.

Try any 16 wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair mentioned above and look breathtakingly beautiful on your big day. There are a variety of braided hairstyles, updos, and long flowy hairstyles in the 16 hairstyles, so find a hairstyle that works for your hair and start your married life in style!

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