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I, General descriptions

1. What is 1v1 lol?

1v1 lol is an aggressive online third-person shooter game, which is inspired by the Fortnite game but this game is not attempting to be the second  Fortnite. It allows you to tactically build your way around the map. You can construct platforms, ramps, and walls to aid your defenses and strike it rich. The main game mode is a 1v1 battle royale, where the winner is the last player to stand.

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It is developed by Lior Alterman, released in December 2019 and it is available on 3 platforms. They are Web browser, Android, and iOS.

2. How to play 1v1 lol?

It’s the game mode that decides the way you play. Generally, you will be playing battle royale, so your objectives defeat your opponents then you become the last survivor. You will own a selection of weapons, comprising an ax for tearing down the opponents’ walls. Attached with your amount of weapons, there are 4 buildings bound to your keys for quick access.

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The game is called a highly tactical and intensive shooter game. In this game, rapid and effective building is just as essential as having a sharp aim and flexible reactions. Fortunately, you can practice your building skills in nuid mode without facing gunfights.

In terms of controls while playing the game, these are some following basic instructions:
+ L.M.B to shoot or build
+ Z, X, C, V, Y to switch building platforms
+ F,1, 2 to switch weapons
+ R to rotate stairs or reload
+ G to make a door on platforms
+ E to open doors
+ W.A.S.D to move
+ Spacebar to jump
+ Shift to crouch

3. About game modes

There are 3 main game modes installed in the game. They are BR Duos (2v2 battle royale), 1v1, and Box 2v2. Along with those main modes, players can also play JustBuild, Aim Trainer, and Party. Particularly, JustBuild is for practicing and improving building; Aim Trainer is for practicing and improving aiming, Party is for joining a specific private game or creating a game for your friends.

4. Play 1v1 lol online

It’s easy to play 1v1 lol  with our friends. Just following these steps:

+ Open the game on the browser or mobile device and navigate to the “Practice” menu on the left side of the screen.
+ Choose the option “Party”
+ If you want to join a party, enter the code into the box labeled “Enter Party ID”
+ Make some descriptions of the room’s unique Party ID number
+ Share that Party ID with your pals
+ Choose “Ready” and have fun with the deathmatch.

II, Some introduction for beginners

In comparison with other popular tactical games, this one is quite new to players. This section is specially written for beginners, who have just started playing the game. You must have a lot of queries that need answering. Here, we provide you with some useful information to help you play much easier.

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1. The importance of Highground

Highground has always brought a strategic advantage. You gain lots of benefits when using high ground including a better angle on your opponent. However, this gives them a bigger chance of hitting your head.

1.1. Advantages when using Highground in 1v1 lol

Highground allows you a more convenient point on your opponent. Having it, you can fire on them at a better angle including over cover. Highground also makes it easier to observe your opponent’s movements.

1.2. Risks 

The opponent has a higher chance of attacking you depending on angle and distance. This doesn’t mean that the enemy will be mechanically capable of a headshot, only that he has the opportunity to do so. Higher ground provides you better cover which when used effectively mitigates much of the risk that is along with it. The enemy has no chance of hitting parts of you that you don’t expose.

1.3. Getting the High ground

Building a ramp is the quickest and most effective way to get high ground. Build a wall in front of a ramp that can serve as cover if a risk appears. If you are shot at from other angles, use walls to cover those. If you are not high enough, build yourself a tower but do not go more than three high. When going higher, advice for you is planning an escape route in case it gets shot down. ankara travesti

2. Build your game

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You are allowed to construct and alter your barriers. 1v1 lol has an uncanny resemblance to Fortnite but in a good way. It implies that any familiar player can crank out the 90s with ease. If you’re new to constructing, consider altering the controls to something more familiar. If you’re playing 1v1, it’s essential to use the mouse wheel rather than specific keys. LOL was unblocked. Building for mobile is far more difficult than building for the one that was unblocked. To be capable of constructing professionally, you will need a lot of practice and patience. If you don’t want to play 1v1, make sure cross-platform play is turned off. PC gamers who have been unblocked.

3. To be the winner in 1v1.LOL

Meticulous battles, training for skills to become skilled, that is the secret to winning in the game. There is no element of luck in this game, you must concentrate and be well-prepared before starting any round. Familiarizing yourself with a type of equipment, you need to be proficient to use and prevail over your opponent, elaborate planning will help you conquer a higher victory. It is not a big deal if you fail, you can do it again and win, do not be too discouraged. Everything takes time. The Task of the game is to bring joy and amusement. They are created to help you reduce stress after stressful times, not too eager and engrossed. ankara travestisi

III, Did you know these tips and tricks to master in 1v1 lol?

Tip 1:

It’s basically how to shoot without your crosshair aiming. All you have to do is just shoot near your opponent and your bullets will still hit them. It doesn’t even have to be on or your crosshair can be near them. You don’t need to aim at them and it will still hit precisely. This will be useful if you shock them once then take out your AR. Wider bullets spread so that you can be shooting even if you miss a little bit you still hit them and it’s kind of a powerful way to do this but take advantage of it.

Tip 2:

So basically, what you have to do for this one is to build a floor and spam jump if you are building up and your opponent places a ramp above you.

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Tip 3:

What you have to do is to make sure you have school reset on and then build a wall, go to the other side of the wall, and scroll. We’ll just scroll the wheel and you will walk right through the wall so as you’re walking into the wall just scroll the wheel up or down and you will walk right through it. This is overpowering like getting through walls if you’re in a comp game. ankara travestileri

Tip 4:

There are a bunch of ways that you can customize your name and this is pretty easy to do. Firstly, how to change the color of your name? You are going to type like this: “<color= + “name of color you want” + >” + “your name” (Example: <color=red> Pete). Secondly, changing size. Type like following: “<size= + “a number you want” + >” + your name” (Example: <size=15> Pete). The next thing you can do is to make bold with this form: “<b> + your name”. You can also make your name italicized and underlined: “<i> + your name” and “<u> + your name” respectively.

Tip 5:

To float in 1v1 lol, it’s quite easy but not everyone knows. All you have to do is spam G and left-click! Above is some information collected and synthesized to give you a common understanding of the game.

Hope you like the post and find it useful!

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