2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of new cars and second-hand cars?

second-hand car

<<Advantages of second-hand cars>>

II used car

Why do they choose second-hand cars? I think most people who buy second-hand cars are for this reason: cheap. This is also one of the biggest advantages of second-hand cars. For half of the money, you can buy classic models with very good configuration that year. This temptation is also great. Of course, in addition to cost-effectiveness, second-hand cars have some advantages.

1 Select wide

Compared with new cars, in the same price or even lower price range, second-hand cars have a wider range of options. Even in the price range of 30,000 to 50,000, some joint venture cars with good cost performance can still be found, but if you want to buy a new joint venture car in this price range, the options are very limited.

2 hedge higher rates

This value retention rate is relative. Many used cars are more than three years old, and the depreciation rate of new cars in the first three years is quite high. So when you buy a used car, the car is basically all It’s almost degraded, even if you drive for a few years and then shoot again, you won’t lose a lot.

3 more suitable for practice

I believe that many people still remember the “meat pain” after the first car scratch after buying a new car. Indeed, for novices, scratching is inevitable. And if after buying a second-hand car, many people’s mentality is no longer the kind of careful care, and occasional scratching is not a problem. A second-hand car is more suitable for novices to practice. Check car like vw polo sedan

4 Play car of choice

People who play with cars have a more mature understanding of vehicles and consumption concepts, so second-hand cars have always been the first choice for people who play with cars. For example, you can find some classics of German, American and French in the second-hand car market. Toss and toss about the model, but if you want to buy a classic new car for 100,00RM, I am afraid it will be a bit difficult. Check second hand car like HONDA CIVIC

Disadvantages of used cars >>

1 car condition car condition car condition

Many people have trouble with second-hand cars. In fact, they still have no sense of the condition of second-hand cars. For example, they have encountered an accident car, and there have been more and more submerged cars in recent floods. Once they buy this kind of bad car Even if you spend less money to buy it, the subsequent maintenance and repair prices will not be less spent. In addition, it is important to encounter this kind of car with two words: trouble!

2 no warranty or limited warranty


Many people are assured of new cars. In addition to the good condition of the vehicle itself, another reason is that the warranty period of the new car is long. During this period, there is no need to worry about the maintenance costs caused by the problem, but the second-hand car is different. At present, most of them The second-hand car has already exceeded the warranty period when it is sold. At present, the warranty period provided by many second-hand car markets is basically a few thousand kilometers or a few months. Of course, some platforms provide a one-year long warranty period. To a certain extent, consumers’ worries about the warranty period of second-hand cars have been alleviated.

The 3- year limit is longer, and the big insurance is also a cost

Many people do a small maintenance after buying a second-hand car. It does not cost hundreds of RM. The picture is a peace of mind. However, for some older second-hand cars, if the owner does not do routine maintenance (basically, No one will spend a lot of money on the maintenance of the car that is about to be sold), if the tires, batteries, belts, brake pads and other items need to be replaced, the cost is also a lot.

ⅠI New car

<<New car advantages>>

1. The new car price is fixed

Although the price of a new car is relatively high, it is also fixed, and the price of the new car will not vary too much across the country. Therefore, even if it’s the first time buying a car,a new person, who doesn’t understand the market, doesn’t have to worry about losing money.

2. Less hidden dangers


In the process of a new car from production-transportation-to point-pick up, the probability of failure is low and there are fewer hidden dangers.

3. Perfect after-sales service

Perfect after-sales service is also one of the main reasons why many people choose to buy a new car. They would rather spend more money, just want to enjoy good after-sales service after buying a car.

<<Disadvantages of new car >>

1 The price of bare cars is low, and the price of landing is not low


Although many vehicles have a low price tag, few people buy a beggar version of the vehicle. With the purchase tax, listing, equipment and insurance, the price of a new car must be increased by about 10,00 RM, so the price of a car with a price of 50,00 or 60,00, Actually, I got seventy to eighty thousand.

2 hedge ratio is flawed


The saying “20% off on new cars” is actually true. If you want to be a long-term family vehicle, it doesn’t matter, but some people want to buy a car to practice their hands. The economic conditions will improve in a few years. If the driving skills are mature and then switch to another car, then the meaning of buying a new car will not be great.


3 new two-year spending generally larger front

Although they are all self-purchased cars, it is undeniable that many people spend more in the first two years after buying a new car than a used car. After buying a new car, they will carefully dress up, add some decorations or change the wheel. , To do beauty maintenance every three to five, in short, is quite attentive to the car, and the accompanying costs will also rise.

3. How to choose?

For those who want to buy a car for transportation or practice hands, how should they choose?

1 Those who do not understand cars, have sufficient funds, and want to worry about it are recommended to buy a new car

For those who have sufficient funds and ample budget, but for those who are unfamiliar with vehicle knowledge or who don’t have a cold on the vehicle, it is recommended that a friend who understands the car help them choose a suitable new car. The manufacturer will deal with it after sale.

2 hand tight, practiced hand for a car choose a used car

For those who are short on hand and want to buy a car to practice their hands, and wait for the subsequent economic conditions to get better, choosing a second-hand car is a good choice. The money saved can be used in other places without worrying about the vehicle. When you want to change to a new car, you won’t lose much if you take out the used car.

3 understand the car, suitable for mature concept of consumption choose a used car

As the second-hand car market becomes more and more popular, many consumers’ consumption concepts have begun to mature, and the acceptance of second-hand cars is getting higher and higher. In addition, some people are more familiar with vehicles, and those who spend the same money or even lower It should be a good choice to buy some classic second-hand cars with high retention rate and good car conditions. You can experience higher-level vehicles at a lower price. After all, cars of different levels are not in many aspects such as workmanship, performance, and driving sense. It’s a little bit worse.

4. How to buy a used car?

Buying a second-hand car is actually buying a car, so the channel of purchase is very important. Here is an inventory of the current channels for buying a second-hand car.

1 purchase acquaintance of a friend

It’s a good choice to buy a second-hand car from a friend who knows the basics of the car. The other party can explain the details of the car clearly, so that you can feel more at ease after you buy it. But here is also to remind everyone that although they are friends and acquaintances, there are some procedures that should be there. It is also essential, such as a car purchase contract, go to a 4S shop or auto repair shop to check the vehicle. In short, it is best to clarify what should be clarified before the transaction. After the province buys it, it is found that the vehicle is defective but it is not good for face. I’m sorry to say that it’s me who eats coptis in this way!

2 to find a friend to help understand the car

If you have a car repairer or car master around you, it is good to choose some second-hand cars through them, but you have to do some homework yourself. Whether it is buying a private car or going to the second-hand car market, take a look and ask more. Ask.

3 used car platform

There are many second-hand car platforms. Compared with the traditional second-hand car market, these second-hand car platforms have made great progress in user experience, such as vehicle evaluation, vehicle information display, and vehicle purchase on behalf of others. A certain guarantee, but at present, the quality of such platforms is also uneven, so through comparison, it is more important to choose a reliable platform. I recommended platform

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