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Some of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods will have an amazing sky view

2022 Best Philadelphia neighborhoods for apartment renters

Philadelphia is among the most sought-after cities on the East Coast to settle in. Whether you’re relocating there or staying for a while. This is a multicultural city. With a variety of areas suitable for families, working professionals, and creative types. You will find real gems among the best Philadelphia neighborhoods. Unlike so many in America. Family-friendly, working-class, and high-rise living are all found in Philadelphia’s greatest neighborhoods. Some are thriving skyscraper areas. While others are large suburbs. It spans all over Philadelphia. Both the population and the way of life are different. There is a Philadelphia neighborhood to suit your preferences and financial situation. Some are located around stadiums for sports and concerts. Others have warm homes. And almost all are created by a beautiful park and river that you can enjoy. You will lead a happy life when you find the best neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Best Philadelphia neighborhoods for you

When you want to move to Philadelphia. Then you can choose some of these neighborhoods. They are some of the best in Philadelphia. Especially if you want to rent an apartment first. You will see the following:

  • Rittenhouse Square
  • University City
  • Fishtown
  • Old City
  • Chestnut Hill
  • Roxborough

There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from in Philadelphia. You only need to know the specific items. That you will need from your future apartment. Visit professionals at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia when you find the perfect place for you. They will help you out in every step of the move. With years of experience, your belongings will be more than safe. Not to mention, they will come to you without any damage. Before you make the decision be sure that you write down all the pros and cons about it. This will help you decide on what area is the best for you.

A sign saying LOVE
When looking for an apartment in Philadelphia make sure that you will have everything you need.

Rittenhouse Square is very popular

Visualize the vibrant core of the magnificent Center City lifestyle. Rittenhouse Square is typically what comes to mind. One of Philadelphia’s oldest neighborhoods is this one. But it’s also energetic, lively, and bursting with cutting-edge eating and shopping options. This area has a lovely mix of both green parks and high buildings. The city is one of the five original town squares. Is a popular gathering spot. It serves as a gathering place for dog walkers, creative types, couples having lunch after working, and people-watching. Around the area are some of Philadelphia’s best traditional and modern stores, cafes, and restaurants. Towering over the park are posh apartments and stylish flats. Those are among the most sought-after properties in the city. You can find the perfect place with the right real estate agent’s help. They will know what you need and find it for you. Faster than you can imagen.

You will find a great apartment in University City

Philadelphia’s second downtown stands over the west of the Schuylkill River. Large universities and beautiful buildings are in University City. Young adults and fresh graduates are drawn to the combination of corporate headquarters and higher education. More people are moving to this area of Philadelphia. As a result of new developments like this. There are more and more people that move here. University City is one of Philadelphia’s top areas for dining and nightlife because it serves as a magnet for young professionals and the younger generation.

Cheap food for college students coexists with expensive restaurants. The vibrant environment is further enhanced by a variety of stores, theaters, flea markets, and university museums. You will see that specialists are the best assistance when moving. The professionals will make the whole process easier for you. Therefore, take as much stress from you as possible.

Student going to class at a university
While this area is popular among students. There are many other locals that love living here.

Find some of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia Fishtown

Fishtown is among the best areas to settle in. It is currently one of Philadelphia’s finest neighborhoods. The colorful neighborhood is a center for art, culture, gourmet cuisine, and pleasure. Millennials, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people from all backgrounds will come to this North Philadelphia district. Previous factories and old buildings in the area. Nowadays is home to unique places and creative apartments. You will have a coworking space, pubs, and art galleries everywhere you look. Many of the most well-liked music venues in the city are here. Additionally, gamblers can try their luck at the best Casino in the area. One of Philadelphia’s top areas for eating and drinking is Fishtown. Don’t forget that you can always improve your home with some great ideas. You will make your home even more comfortable for yourself.

Old City is great for historical lovers

While incorporating a modern lifestyle. Old City still has a lot of its historic appeal. People of this place are bound by history. This region is home to Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell, among many more. For lovers of the Revolutionary War. Or history in general then Old City is indeed the city for you. Nonetheless, locals enjoy this area. And they have a great reason to. From great food to the best attractions you can have are here. There are also many places for fun and recreation. Some of these are Cherry Street and Race Street Piers. Founding Fathers including George Washington and Ben Franklin previously walked these streets. Before moving you can sell an apartment by yourself. Therefore, the process will be easier. And you will not have to pay for two apartments.

Old city with rich history
The Old City is rich in history. So, if you are a fan then you know where to settle in.

Chestnut Hill is a great area for you

Chestnut Hill, was originally a rural area. Served as a summer getaway for wealthy residents 200 years ago. The neighborhood’s rural charm is now well known in the area. This area was remodeled. So, people can enjoy it more. You will find upscale restaurants and bars. The main street frequently has music playing. And people talk outside of its loved bakeries, pubs, restaurants, and charming businesses. Chestnut Hill is a green getaway as well. The 2,000-acre Park is right next door. Approximately 50 miles of walking and bike paths are available throughout the park. Historical mansions and Victorian homes can be seen on the streets alongside apartment complexes. Traveling is still simple despite being 12 miles from Center City. You can get to the business district within 45 minutes by car or train. Or sometimes less when there is no traffic. Either way, you will be close to your job.

Roxborough is one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods

Another great suburban neighborhood is the Roxborough. This city keeps its distinctive style despite being a neighbor with famous sites. There are numerous bike trails and parks in the area. The main street of Ridge Avenue is full of great restaurants, independent shops, cafes, and breweries. Traditionally, the factory and the people who worked in them. We’re living in the neighborhood. But soon after people made this area a retreat. These beautiful 200-year-old homes and the amazing green spaces are still there for you to enjoy. When you look at other neighborhoods that are around. Roxborough is a lot bigger. City Center is one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods close to you. You can easily get to it by train or bike.

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