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25 Interesting Facts About Tech That You Are Still Unaware Of!!

The tech solutions in particular and the domain, in general, have got us all hooked! We all stand impressed and awe-inspired with the offerings that are emerging and existing technologies have given us.

With a lot of excitement surrounding different apps, technologies, gadgets, solutions, etc. we end up missing some stupendous and interesting facts!
Not that we intend to do that, but the scientific world proffers so much that we sometimes get confused about what to choose or consume and what not!

I feel more than the trending science-inspired solutions and developments, what goes in the background is equally crucial and spell-binding to say the least.
Therefore, while I was going through the notes I collected over several years, a thought popped up!

What will I do with this interesting trivia? You can’t keep sharing them with friends or peers over a coffee discussion – they must be shared better! 

So, I decided to hand-pick the best and most interesting factoids that most of us do not know about! 

Are you intrigued already?!

Do you wish to know about them? Then, let us start with the fun and facts-filled ride, now!

Interesting notes that strike the right cords, the RIGHT WAY!

Without any further delay, let us start the enlightenment session right away. Let us get to know what we should have already!

  • An Asian country hosted the launch of the FIRST mobile cellular network!

    In the year 1979, NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) in JAPAN launched the first cellular network in the world.
    In 1983, the first handheld mobile phone was made commercially available – DynaTAC 8000x by Motorola!
  • The Simon Personal Communicator was the FIRST EVER smartphone in the world!

    IBM came up with the world’s first smartphone, not recently but back in 1992! Though it wasn’t sleek or light as present-day devices, it paved the way for smartphones to follow.

    The phone had a touch screen and could send-receive emails and faxes! It had a calendar, a scheduler, an address book, along with standard and predictive stylus input keyboards!
  • Phishing has a lesser-known and more deadly close relative – PHUBBING!

    Yes! Phubbing is actually a word – it is the practice of ignoring one’s companion and paying attention to one’s phone and other mobile devices!

    Why is it deadlier than phishing, you might wonder! It’s because dependence and addiction to a digital device affect a person’s private life greatly.

    There is no third party stealing your identity, yes, but you are stealing the fun out of everything yourself!
  • An OS is highly likely to replace Android in the coming future!

    Google Fuchsia is an open-source capability-based OS, expected to replace Android in the future! Google is currently developing it.
  • An epithet of a Scandinavian king gave ‘Bluetooth’ to the world!

    Harald ‘Bluetooth’ Gormsson was an ancient Viking king who ruled over Denmark and Norway! He ruled from 958 AD to 985 AD, is known for uniting the tribes of Denmark and introducing Christianity to this region.
  • We all are potential SMOMBIES!!

    Yes! Smombie is an amalgam of two words, smartphone and zombie! A smombie is a person who uses a smartphone, not paying attention while walking and this way, possibly risking an accident!

    So, don’t keep your head down while crossing roads next time!
  • We already have a 3-D printed textile upper!

    Nike Flyprint is the FIRST EVER 3D-printed textile upper in performance footwear. Nike started experimenting with 3D-printing technology in 2013 and the world’s fastest marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge, wore Nike Flyprint to run in the London Marathon in 2018.
  • HIPS used with ABS, usually? Have I been going to an unintelligent trainer?!!

    HIPS is an abbreviation for High Impact Polystyrene. It is a dissolvable support material used with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

    Both ABS and HIPS are plastic components and their resins along with other plastic resins are used in developing exterior components in the cell phone market!
  • Stereolithography technique has given us an IMPRESSIVE technology!

    Charles W. Hull, also known as Chuck Hall, in the mid-1980s, created the first 3D printer. He invented the stereolithography technique, the first commercial rapid prototyping technology, known as 3D printing!

    The early mobile applications were for labs and tools, but now the applications of this technology are endless! MIT owns the trademarked 3D printing procedure called 3DP (3D Printing).
  •  The invention of a device for observing pictures in three dimensions took place in 1838!!

    The English physicist, Sir Charles Wheatstone, invented the STEREOSCOPE. It is a device used for viewing a stereoscopic pair of separate images. It depicts views of the right-eye and left-eye, of the same scene – as one 3-D image!
  •  Instant photography isn’t as new as you thought

    With all of us able to click and store pictures instantly in contemporary times, many might consider a recent technology – but that’s not the case!

    It was back in 1947 when Edwin Herbert Land made a public demonstration of instant photography. He introduced the Polaroid Land Camera to the public for sale in the succeeding year!
  •  The text-to-speech feature we love using is more than five decades old!

    Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc. – all have made things faster and easier for us. Mind it, text-to-speech-based synthesis systems were developed in the late 1950s! So, it isn’t fresh as a fruit, but a tech that is decades old!

    The first such general English system was developed by Noriko Umeda et al. in 1968 in Japan!
  •  Do you know about packet switching?

    Packet switching is a method of transferring data by separating the information into smaller packets of data, between two computer systems.

    These packets are then transported across different channels before getting assembled at their destination. This technology is even now the basis of data transfer in present times!
  •  Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn gave the world the most revolutionary phenomenon!

    If you are reading or consuming anything ONLINE and you don’t know these two great minds, it is a bit sad. They invented the Internet communication protocols we use today.

    In short, the system we use today so extensively – INTERNET – was the brainchild of Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn!
  •  TCP/IP is literally FOR THE PUBLIC!

    TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol – a set of guidelines used for transferring data using packet switching.

    These guidelines were created by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn in order for the public to use the internet.
  •  YouTube was to be an online DATING PLATFORM!

    YES! YouTube wasn’t conceived as a video sharing platform! The website Hot or Not inspired the founders, Chad Harley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim.

    Thus, they created posts on Craigslist, asking attractive women to upload their videos on YouTube in exchange for a $100 reward!

    But there was difficulty in finding enough dating videos to upload. They changed their plan and decided on accepting any type of video for the platform. This way YouTube came to be what it is today!
  •  Paul Allen was the co-founder of one of the biggest tech-giants of the contemporary times

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen, as teenagers, started a company. They wrote software and built hardware to provide statistics for the traffic flow across a highway! They later went on to found Microsoft using their tech skills!
  •  Paper is electronic too and it is uber cool!

    Xerox PARC invented Gyricon, a type of electronic paper. It has many paper-like properties – it is flexible, viewable from a wide angle, contains an image and can also be erased and written over a thousand times!

    It is a thin layer of plastic that is transparent, in which millions of tiny beads like toner particles are randomly dispersed.
  •  Osborne 1 is the ancestor of portable and foldable computer product

    Laptops have Osborne 1 as their ancestor. It was the first of a series of portable computer systems! It was commercially successful and was released in the year 1981.

    The design of Osborne 1 was largely inspired from Xerox NoteTaker, a prototype developed in 1976 by Xerox PARC.
  •  A female U.S. Navy admiral contributed instrumentally in developing programming languages – talk about versatility!

    She is known as the mother of COBOL – one of the first high-level programming languages and she is none other than Grace Murray Hopper!

    She was called back from retirement to help in standardising computer languages for the Navy. 

    Hopper was the first person to devise the theory of machine-independent programming languages. She has an event named after her, GHC (Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing) and witnesses tech-enthusiasts every year!
  •  Please tell me you know about Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage was an English mathematician and is credited with the invention of the first automatic digital computer. He developed plans for the Analytical Engine in the mid-1930s. He is known as the father of computers.
  •  Valley of the Heart’s Delights, known for fruit orchards, is now a technology hub!

    Who would have thought that a place known for fruits grown in orchards would become popular for the stark opposite reasons related to technological upgrades, inventions and transformations!
    Is this place like Silicon Valley -NO! IT IS THE Silicon Valley!

    Yes! This area in California, before the 1980s and 1990s, was a bucolic region dominated by agricultural activities.
  •  Without this, the internet revolution would have been impossible!

    In the year 1959, Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby in Texas independently filed patent applications for the integrated circuit (IC) – without which the internet boom in the 1990s would not have come to fruition!

    In 1969, the courts gave Kilby credit for the idea of the IC and gave the patent to Noyce for his manufacturing process!
  •  The J-Phone was the FIRST camera phone!

    It wasn’t a mainstream smartphone brand that came up with it. A generation of iPhone lovers must know that the electronics manufacturer, Sharp produced the first ever camera phone – it was called J-Phone.

    It had a 0.1-megapixel camera – don’t judge it!! It was in December of 1986! 
  •  The richest man in the WORLD and Executive Chairman of an e-commerce giant started by selling books online!

    Jeff Bezos – the founder of Amazon, started this company as a website to sell books online. This was done to capitalise on the internet boom. 

The ones you read aren’t the only ones that leave people dumb-struck. There are hundreds of others that I have collected over several years. Would love to write about them, if you wish to learn more!

Before wrapping up, I would request you to take a deep breath and think – what great opportunities are knocking at your doors, right now!

To sum things up

We are witnessing an impressive transformation at lightning-fast speed; the future and the present have a lot to offer – PROVIDED we are ready to give our best shot and prepare for it!

Everyone is full of ideas and can become successful. Thus, one must consult field experts to know more about or avail of tech-related solutions in the Middle East, Europe or any other part of the world. 

You can also become a part of a trivia in the future – nothing’s impossible, right!!

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