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3 Battle of Hosting Plans: Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux | Tech Fizzi

The debate over which operating system is the best Tech Fizzi is a constant story. The battle has lasted for years with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Each one has improved over time and we are going to make a comparison to see the advantages that each one has.

The most considered criterion for a client would definitely be the price. Among the 3, Linux is the most affordable because it is open-source software, while Mac and Windows come from reputable companies that require a license fee. Price can only be the factor and that is why many users opt for the Linux system because it is more affordable.

The second battle will be the stability and performance of the operating system. Once again Linux has proven to be at an advantage because it is well known for its stability even though it is in a different hosting situation. Alongside Linux is the Mac system, which is also very stable in various hosting situations. It is based on the BSD system. On the other hand, Windows has a reputation for being a lousy platform because there are many complaints about Windows with system crashes. Even though it has gone through many improvements, it still lacks the stability that other systems can provide.

From the customer’s point of view, a user-friendly environment is also very important when making a decision. The most difficult system to operate among the three systems would be the Linux system. It runs on the old DOS system. In this way, it will be easier to share but the drawback Tech Fizzi is that it is only easy for those who know the knowledge. The other 2 system provides a graphical user interface with icons, layouts that are easy for users as they can click through the pages. Of the 3, Windows would be the easiest, since its platform is similar to the desktop environment, which is so widely used in homes.

In conclusion, users can choose the system they want because all 3 can be used safely. Based on experience, Linux would have the most experience because it was the oldest platform compared to Mac and Windows. Mac, which is newer, is gaining more and more popularity, while the same is the case with Windows. The choice really depends on the configuration of your hosting needs. As for creating a website on the Internet, all 3 types of operating systems will be able to get the job done quite easily.

One last tip

Web hosting is a topic that all business owners and web developers need to address. I’m sure most of us have been quite frustrated with shady web servers and biased hosting reviews. However, there are sites that are dedicated to reviewing and providing information on different web servers.

Features that make SkyDrive better than Windows Mesh

SkyDrive is without a doubt the most popular cloud storage. In the last six months, Microsoft has seen a significant increase in SkyDrive users with many of them doubling their cloud storage. SkyDrive is having a hard time with its competitors due to the exceptional and easy-to-use features that go into it. In addition, its support and availability on multiple platforms make its use worldwide.

SkyDrive formerly known as Windows Live SkyDrive is another great service from Microsoft that provides file hosting services. Not like ordinary storage, it is cloud base storage where users can sync and upload files to Microsoft online servers and access them online from anywhere via an internet-based device. Users can make their files public or private and share them online with their friends. It is one of the safest means of keeping your data safe. SkyDrive is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Apple, iPad, and mobile web.

Microsoft has introduced some advanced features in SkyDrive that make it better than Windows Mesh and other popular cloud storage.

Selective synchronization

Unlike other file hosting services, a really useful and more demanding feature is introduced that gives the user exceptional flexibility to sync only selected folders. Now users with small storage devices like tablets and smartphones can keep their important documents stored online. It gives users full control if they want to keep files and documents on SkyDrive and only want to sync some important folders or if they want to sync specific subfolders, removing the restriction on the main sync folder.

Easy to share

Now you can share online with anyone, anywhere in the world. Users can view their documents and photos online and share them online using their smartphones. One of the best features introduced in SkyDrive is the support for uploading and downloading large files. Now users can upload 300MB files via browser and up to 2GB while using desktop mode. Besides all this, if the user wants to download multiple files at the same time, he can download it as a zip container.

Connectivity on the go

SkyDrive gives you connectivity on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or at home or in the office, SkyDrive ensures that you stay connected to Microsoft’s server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have eliminated the hassle of carrying your external drives or your laptop every time you move to a new place. Your files will be available to you everywhere on the Internet, all you have to do is start downloading them whenever you want.

Work together online

Multiple users can work together online. Now it no longer matters if one of your group members is unavailable or out of the country. Now they can stay connected to cloud storage and can work seamlessly while sharing ideas with each other. It gives you online editing flexibility and users can track different versions of Microsoft documents.

Show your photos

With support for multiple platforms, SkyDrive users can now enjoy the benefits of online slideshows as well as email slideshows. They can post to the most popular social media websites including Facebook and Twitter using their laptops, tablets, and smartphones and can enjoy more with captions and can display geotags.

Ability to share a memory

With the growing popularity of SkyDrive, more and more users are purchasing additional storage. Microsoft claims that over 50% of SkyDrive users have upgraded to more storage in the past six months. Microsoft provides up to 7GB of free storage at no charge, but if someone wants to upgrade to more storage, they have to pay annual charges according to different pricing plans.

Windows Ultimate Starter Kit

The Windows Ultimate Starter Kit is a set of powerful but free applications that will allow you to exploit the potential of your computer.


Avast Antivirus 5

Avast offers really strong threat protection. It has protection against anti-spyware and anti-root-kit. Using its set of shields, the computer will be protected against browser hijackings, infected email messages, instant messages, and P2P threats. It also has a silent mode for games that will allow you to play without receiving any notification window.

Avira AntiVir

AntiVir is able to handle its own with its AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) technology; protect your computer from infected email, spyware, and email threats. AntiVir is also compatible with Netbook computers.

Other free alternatives like AVG and Comodo Internet Security


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Anti-Malware may be one of those tools that are too good to be true. Apart from having a simple and easy-to-use interface; It has an extensive database that allows it to detect and eliminate almost all threats on the web.


Ad-Aware is one of the best anti-malware tools out there. Some of its features are real-time protection, behavior-based protection, a rootkit removal system, a download saver for Internet Explorer, an email scanner, and more.


Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security offers Firewall, Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-RootKit, and Bot protection in one package. The antivirus is good but the firewall is even better. During the installation process, you can select to install only the firewall. What’s good about it? Comodo can stop threats long before they reach your computer. Constantly monitor memory, network, and all computing activity.

Another good free firewall is Outpost Firewall

Web browsers


Chrome is one of Google’s creations. It’s fast, it’s packed with extensions, and it’s quite compatible with most websites. It has multi-tabbed browsing and powerful history features. It will also create automatic bookmarks for your most favorite sites. The main drawback is the lack of an ad / pop-up blocker.


Firefox offers quite similar features to Chrome. It is fast and compatible with most of the websites and it also has a very extensive library. It also has multi-tab navigation and has similar options for dealing with history and temporary files. By default, you won’t be able to deal with all ads and pop-ups; but this problem can be fixed using extensions.

So why use Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer? Both browsers are faster than Internet Explorer and offer tighter security. If you want better performance and a better experience, Chrome and Firefox are the way to go.

Another notable browser is Flock, which runs on the Chromium engine. Flock is a browser oriented to social networks.

Email client


If you were looking for an alternative to MS Outlook, Thunderbird is up to the task. Thunderbird is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and full-featured email client. As a standalone email client, Thunderbird will cover your daily needs. Calendar features can be added through an extension called Lighting.

Media players


If you want to enjoy music and videos, Kantaris will cover your needs. With its set of built-in codecs, this media player will be able to play almost any file you throw at it. Playback of MP3, WMV, Real Audio, AVI, DivX, MKV, and many other formats makes this player a true solid competitor.

Gom Player

Gom Player is another media player that has a lot of compatibility with audio and video files. What makes it unique is the ability to search and find the codecs required to play a specific file. Anytime you want a file that the player can’t handle; You will receive a message that you cannot play the file but that you can search for the required codec.

Recording software


CDBurnerXP is a free burning application that will allow you to burn CDs, DVDs,s and Blu-Ray Discs. You can also create and burn ISO and bootable discs.

File filing cabinet

7 zippers

7-zip is an open-source file archiver that offers a high compression ratio. It is capable of opening all popular compression formats (zip, rar, ace, gzip, are) and many others.

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