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Dental implants Pakistan is an effective and popular tooth replacement. dental implant in Lahore Only at Dental Aesthetics, our dentists place implants every other day for patients who want to restore their teeth naturally and smile broadly. For many, the benefits of implants go beyond the purely aesthetic effect of a smile. If you have a broken tooth, gaps between your teeth or are missing a tooth or two, here’s why you should consider dental implants dental implant in Lahore.

A versatile treatment

Compared to dental treatments like dentures and bridges, the dental implants in Lahore that we place at Dental Aesthetics have no limit to how many teeth can be replaced. Therefore, your treatment options are not limited by the number of teeth you have lost or by the teeth that have cracked. We usually place a crown to replace one tooth or a bridge to replace multiple teeth. This allows our dentists to give patients the million-dollar smile they’ve always wanted to show off.

Comfort level

When Pakistani dental implants are placed on a patient’s teeth, we insert them directly into the jawbone and stimulate the tooth root. This gives the denture added support and strength – so it doesn’t risk being lost later. During the healing process after treatment, the jawbone grows around the titanium rod on the implants placed in the jawbone, keeping it firmer dental implant in Lahore.

And speaking of comfort levels, the implants look and feel exactly like natural teeth, so much so that you may actually forget they’re there. On the other hand, you may not feel safe and comfortable with other tooth replacement options. So why should you put up with the mess and discomfort of loose dentures and sticky adhesives? Take the easier route to a perfect smile and get dental implants.

Easy to talk

Teeth play a very important role in how we make certain sounds and pronounce words, which means missing teeth can have a big impact on your speech. In addition, if you also have dentures, they can slip when you speak, which can lead to mispronunciation of words. And we all know how distracting and embarrassing that can be in your work life and at social gatherings dental implant in Lahore.

Because you’re constantly worried about your dentures slipping, right?

In Lahore, Pakistan, you can get dental implants done at Dental Aesthetics to solve this problem and avoid embarrassment. If there is a gap between your teeth, we can place implants to give your tongue a surface to press against when forming words, making it easier for you to speak. Plus, implant-supported dentures stay in place and don’t slip in your mouth. The result is easy and safe speaking.

Eat your favorite foods

If you’re missing a pair of teeth, you probably know what a difference it makes when you chew your food. By getting dental implants in Pakistan, you can fill this gap and eat all your favourite dishes again without being disappointed dental implant in Lahore.

Plus, since our dentists root the dental implants deep into the jawbone, there are no restrictions on what you can eat like there are with traditional dentures. Are you ready to continue eating your favorite crunchy and chewy foods – even popcorn and corn on the cob? These can all remain on your diet, and yet you won’t risk your dentures slipping off with dental implants.

Natural appearance

Using modern dental technology and materials, we ensure that the dental implants we fit look and feel realistic. And that’s why we design custom dentures for each patient. If you’re missing just one tooth and the rest of your natural teeth are intact, a dental implant prosthesis will be designed to fit them perfectly. So whether you get crowns, bridges, or dentures for your implants, no one can guess which teeth are natural and which are not.

Increased self-confidence

Do you have a broken or missing tooth? Then you need to know how this can change your self-confidence. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to get caught up in what others think about the appearance of your teeth. With dental implants, you can give yourself a picture-perfect smile that looks and feels natural, allowing you to speak freely and smile broadly and confidently. So, without wasting a single second, visit our dental clinic at DHA, Lahore to undergo the procedure.

Prevent bone loss

The roots of the teeth perform an important function by sending signals to the jaws to grow. However, when you lose a tooth, your body begins to break down the bone where the tooth roots once were – causing your face to change shape over time. When you are fitted with dental implants to restore a missing tooth, a titanium rod in the jawbone that holds the implant in place performs this function. In addition, it not only prevents bone loss and protects the shape of the face, but also reverses bone loss that has already occurred.

Would you like to get dental implants?

Worried about your lost or broken tooth and looking for tooth restoration options? Then you are the perfect candidate for dental implants. They are durable, look natural and restore teeth while protecting the health of your oral cavity. Best of all, the cost of dental implants in Pakistan is affordable for everyone. So, if you want a permanently perfect and healthy smile, book an appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics for a dental procedure!
The goal of any restorative dentistry is to help people avoid losing damaged or infected teeth.

However, in some cases it is not possible to restore a tooth,

Such as when a tooth has broken below the gum line or when a wisdom tooth has been chipped. In these cases, we at Dental Aesthetics consider tooth extraction treatment to be the safest option, as leaving damaged teeth in place can lead to even more problems with your teeth. Would you like to know when treatment is necessary before coming to our clinic to have a damaged tooth extracted? Keep reading the blog, we’ve got your concerns covered!

5 reasons why you should use tooth extraction treatment

Humans have two sets of teeth. Baby teeth – those that fall out at a certain age, and permanent teeth – those that last a lifetime. However, wisdom tooth extraction or other tooth extraction may be necessary in the following cases:

1. Severe tooth damage

We recommend tooth extraction treatment for patients when the caries reaches the centre of the tooth, which is the pulp. Are you wondering why it is necessary to extract a tooth?

If a decayed tooth is left as

It is, the bacteria it produces can invade the pulp of the tooth and cause serious gum infections. However, before extraction, our dentists at Dental Aesthetics will first examine the damaged tooth and recommend the best possible solution – this could be root canal treatment or extraction. In each case, we ensure that the treatment is safe, painless and comfortable for the patient.

2. Periodontists

Periodontists is an infection of the gums, oral cavity bones and other structures around the teeth, caused by tartar and bacteria accumulating around the teeth. An early stage of this disease is gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. The more severe form of this disease damages the alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments of the mouth – leading to tooth decay. When this happens, the best dental treatment option is tooth extraction. If your oral health is affected by any of these diseases and you are at risk of losing a tooth, visit our dental clinic at DHA, Lahore. Depending on your oral health, we perform tooth extraction or periodontal treatment and ensure good oral health.


3.Prevent Teeth From Impact

Teeth are impacted when they can’t come out of the gums, or when the gums don’t fully protrude – which is usually the case with wisdom teeth. When a patient comes to us with a similar tooth problem, we opt for tooth extraction as it prevents damage to other teeth. This reduces the risk of cracking and infection.
At Dental Aesthetics, our dentists are committed to providing exceptional tooth extraction. They will make sure that the affected area is thoroughly examined before they recommend tooth extraction and the procedure.

4. Remove crowded teeth

Sometimes it is necessary to remove one or more teeth to remove overcrowding in the mouth. We also recommend this type of extraction if the patient is undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment and there is no room for aligning or moving the teeth. The orthodontist at our dental clinic will first check how narrow the teeth are and if there is enough space to move and adjust them. For example, if a patient needs dentures, we recommend pulling the tooth first if there is not enough room to straighten them Dental Implants Service in Lahore.

5. After an accident

If a patient has had an accident and it has broken or fractured their teeth, the first thing we do is preserve them. If the damage is minor, we may recommend porcelain veneers, dental implants or bridges to prevent tooth loss.

However, if the damage to the teeth is horrific, tooth extraction is the only way to maintain a good oral cavity. But don’t be alarmed at the thought of having a damaged tooth extracted and think it will cost you a fortune, as the cost of tooth extraction in Pakistan is reasonably affordable for everyone.

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