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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wholesale Baby Clothes Size


I believe that when you buy clothes yourself, it is easy to choose a size. As long as there is no deviation in the size of the clothes, you can buy clothes of a fixed size. But children’s clothing is different, especially for babies and children. Babies grow a few centimeters taller within a few months, and each baby grows faster or slower. In many cases, children of the same age will be biased and cannot follow a size. This is a standard configuration, so the size of wholesale baby clothes is much more complicated than that of adult clothing. If you don’t know the size of children’s clothing, you will often be troubled by the size problem for a long time when choosing clothes for babies. Many baby parents and mothers are more convenient. Their size is exactly 1-2 larger than the baby’s height.

In any case, they can still wear them in the coming year. If the baby is overweight, the clothes must be changed if the clothes are too small; whether the baby is wearing the most suitable clothes; if the clothes are large, they usually look down on them until next year, or they will buy a pile of beautiful clothes leftover from last year. The clothes were shelved, causing the baby to wear large clothes all the time. I personally think that big clothes are not fashionable, nor do they keep warm in autumn and winter. Based on our many years of experience in wholesale baby clothes, we have summarized some experience and share with moms how to choose the size of wholesale baby clothes.

    1. Choose the baby’s body type according to the baby’s weight

      Buy a few more clothes and you will find that the sizes of ordinary baby clothes are 66, 73, 80, 86, 90, 100, 110, etc. These numbers mainly refer to the height of the baby. If your baby is not obese, you can buy it directly according to the height. If the baby is overweight, the size must be increased by 1 to 2 according to the choice of height.

      Take a jumpsuit as an example: When my friend’s child was 6 months old, his height was 69 cm, and the size 73 he was wearing was too large, mainly because he was tall and not fat. When I was one year old, I was wearing 80-size clothes and I was 77 cm tall, mainly because of my light weight. At the age of 1, his physical examination weighed less than 19 pounds. In contrast, my cousin’s baby wears a size 80 in just 100 days. why? Because breastfeeding is very good, the baby is very fat, weighing 15 pounds after more than two months. At that time, I bought a No. 73 cotton jacket as a 100-day gift for the baby from my cousin, but they told me that the size of the dress was too small.

      Therefore, if you want your baby to wear clothes suitable for the baby, it is best to choose the clothes according to the baby’s height and weight.

    2. Choose the size according to the purchase channel

      • You can do this when buying baby clothes online:

        If you buy baby clothes online, the merchant will usually mark the height and weight corresponding to the size. If you have already determined the size of your baby, you can consider buying it directly based on the data. Under normal circumstances, if you are really entangled and do not know what size to choose, it is best to inform the customer service staff of the baby’s height and weight so that they can choose more reliably for you. Because one of the troubles of buying baby clothes online is that the size of clothing produced in some stores is slightly different from the regular size. If you do not contact the customer service department, then you may choose the wrong size.

      • You can do this when buying baby clothes in a store:

        Many mothers still feel that it is safer to go to a store to buy clothes for their babies, and they always feel that the quality of clothes bought online is not good. Then, when you go to the store, you can describe the baby’s height and weight to the clerk, and then let the clerk choose it for you. Even if it is not suitable, you can go to the store to replace it in time. Of course, if you can take your children to the store to buy clothes, it may be more accurate.

According to the season and the thickness of the clothes, choose the clothes size that suits the baby:

  1. Spring and Autumn:

    • Top clothes:

      You can buy a larger size. The main ones are sweaters, sweaters, coats, jackets, etc. At that time, you may have to roll up your sleeves, but it is correct to wear it again every other quarter.

    • Pants:

      It must be the most suitable. Because the pants are very long, it is easy to trip over a baby who is learning to walk or is already able to walk. Basically, I have to change into a large pants in the last quarter.

  2. Summer:

    • T-shirt:

      buy the right size. Otherwise, the baby will feel very uncomfortable, and the neckline will easily slip onto the shoulders. This kind of clothing can be worn almost until autumn, and you can continue to wear it in your jacket for a while.

    • Shorts:

      Buy a fitting size. Babies are thinner. If you buy a pair of trousers that are one size larger, the trousers will easily slip off when the baby moves.

    • Skirt:

      buy the right size. The straps of the skirt are too big and easy to slip, and because the skirt is not suitable, the baby will certainly not look very beautiful.

  3. Winter

    • The clothes above:

      buy one size larger. In winter, it is mainly to buy down jackets and padded jackets for babies, because babies may wear a lot, and in winter, when babies are still growing tall, they are just right to wear.

    • Cotton pants:

      It is recommended to buy a fitting size, or you can buy a larger size. In fact, baby pants are relatively fat, because the pants are designed with diapers or other things in mind, so there is no need to worry about pants in normal-sized pants.

  4. All Seasons

    • Vest:

      Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter vests, you can buy large size vests. No matter how you wear it, it will not look too damaged, and the vest can usually be worn on other clothes, and the larger size is more suitable. Maybe you can wear it next year.

    • Jumpsuits:

      baby jumpsuits, more comfortable to wear. Especially when the baby is sleeping, fitting clothes will be more comfortable.

The above three points are my experience in choosing the size of baby clothes. You can refer to the above methods to choose the right clothes size for your baby. It is very important to buy the right size for your baby, so that your baby can wear it comfortably and stylishly. You are welcome to visit our website. The quality of our wholesale baby clothes is very good. What are you waiting for in order for the baby to wear the correct size clothes? Browse our baby clothing products now and find your favorite baby clothing style!

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