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Well-Managed Assisted Living Community

3 Traits of a Well-Managed Assisted Living Community

It is widely recognized that the world’s population is aging. Recent statistics show that approximately 10% of the global population is aged sixty-five or over. In addition, life expectancies when measured worldwide continue to increase and currently stand at seventy years of age. In developed countries, such as Canada and Japan, this figure rises to above eighty, thanks to the abundance of high-quality healthcare facilities and access to high-quality diets. With an aging population comes the need for an increasing abundance of certain facilities that serve the healthcare needs of the local community. One such facility is the range of assisted living communities that offer care and treatments for their elderly residents. This article explores what constitutes a professionally managed assisted living facility and describes three traits that all these establishments should have.

Highly Trained and Empathetic Staff

A key factor in a well-run assisted living facility is because of the staff who work there. Ideally, there will be a mix of care staff and medical experts, such as registered nurses, who specialize in dealing with elderly patients. These staff will be able to arrange tailored care plans for elderly residents who may have problems relating to chronic illness or mobility issues. Specialist nursing and medical staff, such as those present in assisted living in Creve Coeur can also offer tailored services to residents with memory problems, thanks to their specialist training.  In addition, care and nursing staff members may be able to suggest forms of physical exercise that allow elderly people to maximize their mobility and levels of general health. As a rule, nursing and caregiving staff in well-managed assisted living facilities should possess a high degree of empathy and demonstrate compassion towards their residents. Maintaining the dignity of the elderly is of paramount importance for their general well-being, and all staff should look for ways to preserve this in all their duties.

Pleasant Environment

Many of the best-assisted living establishments choose to locate their premises in pleasant surroundings and close to sites of natural beauty. This has a range of benefits for residents. Firstly, simply being located in a quiet and picturesque environment can help the residents to feel relaxed and at ease. In addition, such locations can mean that short walks can be taken out into the countryside areas that will allow residents to get fresh air and gentle exercise. If there are water features or parks nearby, the elderly residents will be able to spend time enjoying the local wildlife. In short, a well-run assisted living establishment will spend time planning where to locate its facilities, so that the residents can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

A Range of Activities

As a final point in what constitutes a well-managed assisted living facility, there should be consideration given to the activities available for residents. These activities should cater for a wide range of interests and levels of health and fitness. Ideally, there will be activities, such as art classes, or entertainment, such as games of bingo that allow residents to spend time together. The social aspect of such activities should always be considered, as many residents may live alone and will benefit from cultivating friendships with other senior citizens. Exercise classes may be suitable to help residents with minor to moderate mobility issues regain some of their fitness and can help them stay active.



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