30 Of The Most Evil Packaging Designs, We’ve Ever Seen

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The customization of the boxes is not a novel idea in the field of the packing industry. the field has got vast with a majority of inventions and innovations that can please as well as attract customers as well as the targeted community through the packing of the products. with the rise of the packing industry, the century has seen a rise in custom boxes manufacturing companies and to this date, you can find numerous companies offering up their quotes and products in markets through manual dealing as well as on the online forums through a single click. the customers can get an instant quote as well as samples for different product’s packing.

Though customer satisfaction is the primary concern as well as the purpose of all the custom boxes manufacturing companies handling their business manually as well as, through online forums, many packing tricks are used by the companies to grab the customer’s attention without investing much of their capital. these clever packing designs are called as the evil packing designs in the custom boxes manufacturing industry. custom made boxes are good but not always in consumer’s benefit. such evilly designed custom made boxes are illustrated in the following lines:


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  1. 150 pieces crayons:

This plastic bag claiming 150 crayons is a total lie. the appearance of the box is maintained in a manner through the packing hacks that it seems full of the crayons but upon the opening of the box, the customers get astonished to see that the middle portion is empty and only the sides of the plastic bags are filled with different colors of crayons. in addition to this evil packing design, the box only contains 75 crayons. total deceit to the viewers and customers.

  1. Pepperoni pizza with three pepperonis:

Pepperoni pizza means a pizza with pepperoni all over it. this evil packing design which has a small transparent area is all that can make the customer delightful but the opening of the pizza box leads to the sheer disappointments. the pepperoni is only presented on the transparent area while the rest of the box is just a pizza with a small portion of cheese only. this is one of the cleverly designed evil packing hacks.

  1. Half chips, half air:

Whenever you think of chips packs, definitely you can remind yourself of the past experiences where you were exposed to the chips bags fully blown with the air while the opening of the chips bags results in half the number of chips as compared to the presented pack. this packing also seems to have the evil packing hack replicated in nice and fancy packing.

  1. A climbing rope not suitable for climbing:

A rope selling company prints the photo of a climber climbing up the maintaining with the help of rope while stating with the stars at the bottom that this product is not good for rope climbing.

  1. A gummy bear cup:

This gummy bear cup seems as the whole cup is full of gummy bears. upon opening the gummy bears were only presented on the top section of the cup holding with a small tray and the whole cup was empty.

  1. Buy one get two free hotdogs:

This hotdog advertisement was seen in Russia where the company attached two extra hotdogs with the pack of six hotdogs. a customer over the pack shows that they have simply removed two hotdogs from the pack of six and sell them with attached packing. this is quite a well-described example of evil packing designs.

  1. Pack of 12 sausage rolls containing 3 sausage rolls:

This clever company serves only three sausages with a label of 12 packs. the pack has a small star at the bottom maintaining the statement that the three sausages cut into four will be 12.

  1. Soup cups labeled with extra are the same:

The soup cups in markets are available that can be prepared at home by adding only hot water. the customer shares the pictures of the soup cups with regular size. one of the soup cups was labeled with the word extra but its size and quantity were the same as that of a regular cup.

9. Jumbo shrimps:

This nicely deceiving packs just hides the torn shrimps as the jumbo ones. truly an evil packing hack.

  1. Medium and small juice at McDonald’s:

This customer of McDonald’s has described his experience on twitter that the small and medium juices are of the same quantity. the company just charge extra for the medium juices.

  1. The sandwich with a deceiving packing:

This easy to bake and easy to eat a sandwich which is a frozen product is one of the best examples of evil packaging designs. the appearance shows that a large sandwich is packed nicely while opening shows that two edges of the sandwich are just adjusted in a beautified pack.

  1. The short deliciousness prolonged:

These sandwich makers were planning to deceive their customers. the bigger the box is with the bold wording of prolonged deliciousness, the smaller amount of sandwich it has.

  1. Thread lockers with opposite colors:

The consumer shared this picture on twitter sharing his experience that he required a red-colored thread locker. the company used quite an evil packing hack using the blue colored packing for red thread locker and red-colored packing for blue thread locker.

  1. The chocolate box:

This chocolate box can be labeled as the sheer disappointment as the whole effort is maintained for cheating the consumers and not on the chocolate.

15.Bigger box with 5 pencils:

This school teacher bought a box of pencils assuming the bigger box would have more pencils while the opening of the box provide a quite shocking experience to the consumer that this much mighty box was presented with only five pencils that were visible through the window of the box.

  1. Colon cleanser and sleeping pills having the same bottles, printing, and size:

What if you grab a colon cleanser instead of sleeping pills. the evil packing design will definitely mislead you the next time you visit the medicine section.

  1. Bigger the bottle, less the vitamin:

This vitamin jar is filled with only 1/4 of the vitamin tablets. the customers assume that why vitamin selling companies waste this much amount of plastic for no reason at all.

  1. Radiator coolant in tin packs:

This company presented us with the evilest packing. this radiant coolant presents the image of a fresh juice in a tin.

  1. Antivirus software containing disk pack and no disk and a single code printed on the back:

This child tweets about the antivirus software that his father brought him for. for his shock and disappointment as well, the whole box was empty just offering a single link and a passcode to download the whole antivirus software through their online website. this is definitely the trick of the century while the evil-est packing design we have ever seen.

  1. More cardboard and less cream (Proactiv Bremish relief):

This British relief cream’s packing is quite an evil one. the more cardboard is used in the packing and a small portion inside the box is fixed for the cream leaving all the space empty just to present the impression that a bigger cream tube is presented inside the packing.

  1. The salmon packing is quite misleading:

The whole packing gives you a brief idea of evil packing as a big box of salmon is all empty except the window of the box which shows as if the box is full of salmon.

  1. Mega from outside and small inside (Hillshire frame):

Hillshire Frame uses to present all sausages in a single pack. the evil packing designs are also used in the packing of these sausages and the appearance seems to be misleading and deceiving as the content inside is not the 10 percent of the presented product.

  1. The oranges in the red mash for more orange looks:

This packing has no description for itself but the evil-est packing design ever. the oranges that are not at all orange in color are presented in the red mash to appear more orange in color.

  1. Kreden’s Cranberry chocolates:

This misleading evil packing design shows that the whole chocolate is loaded with the cranberries while the whole chocolate has only six cranberries that can be seen through the window packing.

  1. The 100 percent juice:

This juice company just added a really funny statement drawing our attention to the evil packing designs. they have labeled their juice with 100 percent extra “with some added flavors”. the best example for irony indeed.

  1. Lays bigger pack is even smaller:

The evil packing hack can be best described by the packing hacks of lays. Lays is a chips manufacturing company that usually offers its customers with some 20 or 30 percent extra with a bright label of “extra” on it. a custom got their evil trick and showed regular and extra chips packs on twitter. the one labeled with extra was shockingly smaller in size.

  1. Social distancing between chocolates:

This customer complained to Cadbury chocolate company about the number of chocolates. his wife ordered the chocolates for Christmas which seems to have some large volume of chocolates. the opening of the packing seems to have severe disappointments as the concept of social distancing was maintained in the chocolates while offering only six chocolates in such a large pack.

  1. Where is the presented pack of cheese?

The big names selling cheese usually opt the kind of tricks that can present their products the mightier as well as bigger and having more volume as compared to the rest of the products while the actual product packed inside is usually less than the competing products. this cheese company also got the customer feedback upon the low quantity of the cheese as compared to the packing.

  1. The printed bear:

This Lolipop shows life is a lie. this panda-shaped Lolipop shows the deceiving tricks of the packing companies. the panda you bought the lollipop for is not present of Lolipop. it is just a print on the packing. one of the biggest evil packing hacks.

  1. Colgate’s value pack is smaller than usual:

This pack of Colgate shows the hypocrisy as well as evil packing tricks of the mega-companies; at malls, big companies usually present their customers with the offers of “buy one get one free” and buy two with a value pack. this is the perfect description of the value pack. the front cover is bigger while the pack inside is of small size.

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