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3D Lottery software

3D Lottery software

The chart function of the professional version of 3D lottery software and you can ตรวจหวย has a total of dozens of analysis charts for various gameplays and counts hundreds of charts. It has the statistical function of chart data and various index parameters, and has the warning prompt function for the index parameters that may be out. Including basic trend chart, comprehensive trend chart, adjacent position trend chart, missing value trend chart, remainder trend chart, number distribution trend chart, number statistics chart, basic trend chart of mantissa, comprehensive trend chart, missing value trend chart, remainder Trend chart, number distribution trend chart, number statistics chart, etc.

Name introduction

Support the national lucky 3D lottery game, provide (including the date number, winning number, trial number, machine number, ball number and other national lucky lottery 3D lottery data update function). It can automatically update to obtain the latest lottery results, lottery number and other related data, and download the 3D test number online at around 18:25 every evening ; support stand-alone mode, offline data can be updated by itself and the lottery data entry function is added.


The lottery software supports the national lucky lottery 3D lottery gameplay, supports the lucky lottery 3D selection two and three types of gameplay and analysis methods.

Using the third-generation data processing engine designed by ourselves and using the concept of digital lottery to analyze lotto-type lottery , it is a rare domestic and foreign lottery lottery with powerful functions, extremely fast calculation speed, reasonable design and easy to use. Software, software data includes all trial numbers, lottery numbers and other data of the 3D lottery. It has the characteristics of friendly chart interface, smooth display, rich parameter indicators, detailed data statistics, and rapid number reduction. It is composed of three parts: “Main Control Panel”, “”Smile” Chart Software”, “”Coffee” Number Selection Software” and so on.


Software data maintenance function

Data import and data export functions, import configuration and export configuration functions, you can easily save award number data and commonly used software settings.

System message broadcasting function

You can see all kinds of system messages and lottery lottery information officially released by Fighting Online Software in time .
Software automatic upgrade function: you can find the current latest version intelligently online, and automatically prompt you to upgrade the software to the latest version.

One-key recovery function

It is easy to restore the software to the initial default configuration state when the software is installed.

Help file

You can view the software’s instructions to help you become familiar with the software’s various functions and how to use the software as soon as possible.

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