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custom rigid boxes

4 Tips for Designing Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes are an excellent alternative to corrugated cardboard, but they do cost a bit more to design. While they protect your products better, they also increase brand value. Here are 4 tips for designing rigid boxes:

Custom rigid boxes are a good alternative to corrugated cardboard

Custom rigid boxes are a great option if you need a container that is both sturdy and attractive. These containers can be made to fit any size or shape, and they can also be designed to look like real boxes. While they are not as durable as corrugated cardboard, you can still get boxes that look like the real thing with the help of flexible packaging materials. One such alternative is foam pads.

custom rigid boxes

While corrugated cardboard is a cheap and durable material, it is not suitable for rigid boxes due to its low strength, low water resistance, and high weight. Using corrugated cardboard to ship delicate items is a bad idea, especially for products that are more expensive. Corrugated boards are often used as wrapping for wine bottles and other small products. A rigid box needs a stiff outer shell to prevent water damage. Therefore, corrugated cardboard with double walls is the best option.

Another excellent option for rigid cardboard boxes is a custom box. Customized boxes offer a higher level of protection against impact. They are readily available and can be customized to suit your business needs. Rigid cardboard boxes have strong flaps and can easily house expensive items. They are also sturdy and inexpensive, and if properly handled, they won’t damage to products in transit. If you’re looking for a custom solution, Capitol City Container Corp. can help you with that.

They cost more to design

When designing rigid boxes, it is important to keep the following in mind: A rigid box cannot fold, like a folding carton. Instead, it is composed of several layers of compressed paperboard, making it more impact-resistant and costly per unit. Rigid boxes are often used for luxury items, as consumers expect a higher level of quality from them. The rigid feel of a rigid box also contributes to this feeling.

Custom-made rigid boxes are also more expensive than stock shipping containers, but they are ideal for certain products. Rigid boxes are attractive and will give consumers the peace of mind they need to purchase the product. Although they are more expensive than standard shipping containers, they are easier to handle and ship, which lowers the overall cost. While you can get a discount if you order a large number of boxes, you’ll still need to budget several hundred dollars for each box.

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Functional packaging communicates a product’s value to consumers while reducing damage and theft. It also helps businesses reach more consumers. Rigid boxes can be crafted to reflect a brand’s creative side, with complementary hues, enticing artwork, and other features that make them unique. Custom rigid boxes will increase the brand value of your product. Rigid boxes cost more to design, but they can be worth it if the value they offer is worth the extra expense.

While rigid boxes are more expensive to design, they are well-made and durable. They also provide the ultimate luxury experience. Most expensive gifts are always packaged in rigid boxes because they create excitement and anticipation. And, because they are made of heavy chipboard, rigid boxes are the most expensive to design. Therefore, they are not only useful for shipping but are also good for displaying displays and gift packaging. If you need a rigid box, be sure to check out Bespoke boxes. They also offer free custom unbending boxes, and bundle input, so you can choose the right package for your product.

They protect your product

The beauty of a well-made rigid box is that it entices customers to touch and inspect your product further. Rigid boxes help you deliver a more engaging experience to shoppers, while also protecting your product from damage and theft. Your customers will be impressed by how beautifully you present your product, so rigid boxes are a must-have. These boxes protect your product from scratches and dents and can double as a gift box for your customers.

In addition to being a great way to protect your product, rigid boxes are inexpensive and versatile. Custom rigid boxes can be made to fit any size, style, and shape, and you can even use flexible packaging materials to make your box look just like a real one. Styrofoam plastic panels do not last as long as other materials but are an affordable alternative. For best results, rigid boxes should be sealed tightly, with no gaps, seams, or tears.

Rigid boxes are also useful for protecting products during shipment. Rigid boxes are designed for heavy-duty shipping and are impossible for shipping companies to destroy during transit. This type of packaging is essential for products that are prone to damage since a broken or tampered product can leave a bad impression on the customer. Rigid boxes protect your product against damage, so you can focus on other aspects of your business, not just your product.

If you are in the retail business, rigid boxes are an excellent way to protect your products. Not only can they protect your products during transit, but they can also be custom-designed to fit your product. Rigid boxes can be customized for your product, which means that they’re unique to your business. If you’re considering rigid boxes for your retail business, talk to an expert today. You’ll be glad you did.

They increase brand value

Designing rigid boxes is a great way to boost your brand value and ROI. In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial for a business to make a first impression. Poorly packaged products aren’t looked at, and your competitors’ products don’t stand a chance. To improve brand value, design rigid boxes with beautiful artwork and complementary hues. The result is a stunning product that will get noticed.

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Personalized, attractive rigid boxes entice shoppers to pick up your products. They can even inspire them to take a closer look. Personalized rigid boxes are a great way to deliver an emotional connection to your customers. They can even highlight special features to add value. And because customers can’t resist touching products, you can create a memorable experience for them. When the packaging is attractive, customers will touch and inspect the product further, which is essential to building brand value.

A beautiful product creates a powerful emotional connection with the shopper. And when that product is presented in a beautiful custom rigid box, shoppers will want to touch it and inspect it further. This experience helps highlight any special features that make your product stand out from your competitors. It also gives your product a higher value, which will lead to increased sales. So it’s worth the investment in a custom-designed rigid box.

They are easy to print

There are several tips you can use to design your box in a way that makes it easy to print. For instance, you must align your artwork in such a way that the design will be easily readable when it is printed on the interior. If you’re unsure about how to do this, contact your printer for guidance. Your printer can prepare printing plates and cutting dies for you. You can also contact them with any questions you have about your artwork.

Rigid boxes come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose a single-colour box and print your logo on it. This will save you money and enable you to use the rest for other add-ons. You can also use a bold pattern or colour to jazz up your rigid box. You can also find inspiration in our rigid box showcase. Make your boxes as beautiful as you can and they’ll be easier to print!

Use luxury packaging. Luxury packaging is a powerful way to increase the perceived value of your product. Using a rigid box design to display your products will make your packaging look more appealing and stand out from the competition. When consumers see the luxury box design, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase. By highlighting your products, you’ll expand your brand’s reach and give your customers an unforgettable buying experience.

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