5 Amazing Benefits Of Zam Zam Water

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Best travelling app in Pakistan

Zam-zam is a natural water well, which was originated with the order of Almighty Allah within the area of Masjid-Al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Masjid-al-haram is the most essential holiest place for any Muslim in their religion.

According to the Islamic Sources, this well was originated from the order of Allah back in thousands of years ago.

The reason for creating this well came into the point when Ismail ibn Ibrahim was with his mother in the Desert of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and he started crying just because of the Thirst.

It was the time when Ibrahim (A.S) was going along with his family, including Wife Hajar and Son Ismail, and they were traveling through a desert.

At that time, Allah gave some instructions to Ibrahim for letting alone his family at the spot and walked away. He obeyed the rules of Allah and walked away from the place. When the Wife Hajar seen Ibrahim is walking away, she started asking for where are you going?

Upon that, Ibrahim (A.S) didn’t respond. However, she again asked the same question and didn’t get a response from Ibrahim (A.S).

On that, Hajar asked if it’s the instruction of Allah to you. Ibrahim replied, yes.

Hajar then took relief and said that, if it’s the instruction of Allah, then we will never get lost or Harm.

The Desert was very hot and had no source of water to drink. However, the only way Ismail (A.S) got food was from Mother Breastfeeding. At the same time, there was no person available at that point who can help or even interact with each other.

Ibrahim (A.S) left some water with them, which the mother drank to feed the Infant Son Ismail (A.S). However, the weather was so hot, and even the water got dried.

Hajar started looking for water as she was thirsty, and the Infant Son also started crying due to hot weather and Thirst. It’s mentioned that Hajar began searching for water for seven-time back and forth.

She climbed both Saafa and Marwa Hills but couldn’t found the water for themselves. However, it’s mentioned in some places that the Son Ismail scraped the land with his feet, where the water suddenly sprang out.

However, there were also mentioned in some places that Allah Sent his Angel “Jibrael,” who kicked the ground of the Desert with his Wings, and the water started from that place.

It’s the same Ibrahim who started the Construction of Bayt Allah near to the area of Zam Zam Well. According to the Islamic religion, Hazrat Adam (A.S) was the first male on earth who originally started constructed the prayer area, whose name is also well-known around the world as “Kaaba.”

The miracle of this water is so outstanding and unbelieving that even today, the water sprang out without the help of any machine, and it never goes down from the place. All the people who come for Haj or Umrah do Wudu with the Zam Zam water five times a day.

As you are much aware of the history Of Zam Zam Water, let’s talk about the Benefits of this Water.

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Zam Zam Water Benefits

  1. Increases the Energy level of our Cells: 

If you ever heard about the largest medical center in Munich, there was a German Scientist whose name is Dr.Knut Pfeiffer. He has done very long research by studying the benefits and effects of this water.

At one point, he ended his research with a fantastic fact that the water has the tendency to increase the energy levels of the human cell systems. He further claimed that it’s a great way to give strength to the cell systems of our bodies.

  1. Free From any Bacteria:

As the export of this water is prohibited in the law of Saudi Arabia’s government, so people couldn’t experience the benefits of this water by drinking it like they drink regular water.

While you make your booking from a travel app in Pakistan for hajj and Umrah to experience the religious aspects of this place, going for the first time will also give you one of the memorable times to drink and consume Zam Zam water in a reasonable amount.

Well, coming to the second fact, According to Dr. Yahya Koshak and other tests been done in reputable laboratories of Saudia Arabia and Europe, claimed that Zam-zam water is free from any Germs and Bacteria.

You don’t even need to boil or do something extra for keeping this water drinkable. The natural high level of fluoride in this water has made it possible for people to drink this water without having any danger of Bacteria or Germs.

  1. It Supports Healthy Bones:

The high amount of calcium resources in this water makes it essential to support the positive effects of the human body. The water tends to be very important for the bones, as bones absorb vitamins and grow in a better way.

The more you drink this water, the more you will make your bones much stronger in your life.

  1. Increase Metabolism:

Zam Zam water is excellent when it comes to metabolism effect of your Body. It’s said that the water tends to provide a lot of nutritional benefits if you only drink it throughout the day.

While having it with food will increase your metabolism process in a positive manner. A fast amount of metabolism effect will definitely keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

Pilgrims, who usually come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and umrah purposes, tend to drink this water a lot as it gives a boost to them in hot weather so they can actively perform all the rituals.

  1. Fulfills your Appetite: 

 If we talk about Hazrat Hajar and her infant son Hazrat Ismail, they survived in the Desert for many days by just drinking the Zam Zam water. This is a strong reason for Zam-zam for a better way to full your Appetite.

If you are going for Umrah or Hajj, you can efficiently perform all of the rituals without having food to eat. Moreover, pilgrims come in a massive amount, so getting away from the place for food will definitely take your long time to be on the same location to perform rituals.

However, drinking the Zam Zam water for the whole day can fulfill all the essential Appetite of your Body.

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