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 5 Amazing Muscles Building Supplements Work like Steroids

Women aren’t the only ones obsessed with body image. Muscles building is a common goal amongst most males under 40 years. What is it about muscle building that is obsessing men? It is not just about the perfect look for the beach outdoors or being the man that is the most sort after by the ladies. 

Studies show that muscle-building can improve balance, reduce the likelihood of falls, improve blood sugar control, and improve sleep and mental health. It also increases your bone density, keeps your blood flowing, strengthens your joints, and boosts your metabolism.

There are several ways of building muscles. These include:

But, if you are looking for a quick method of muscle building, then not all these ways are effective. The use of supplements speeds up your muscle gain. Some supplements are powerful for muscle building and energy-boosting. They work like steroids. 

Steroids for Muscle Building

Steroids are man-made chemicals that mimic the hormones found in the human body. Although there are some harmful steroids, some such as Corticosteroids are safe and are similar to hormones produced by adrenal glands to fight inflammation caused by stress and injury. 

Many sports people use anabolic steroids like dianabol for muscle building. They mimic the testosterone hormone produced in men and can also affect the hair follicles, bones, kidneys, liver, central nervous, immune, and reproductive systems. They can treat medical conditions like hypogonadism, delayed puberty, and muscle loss in cancer.

What Are the Best Muscle Building Supplements? 


Supplements reap the benefits of steroids for muscle building without causing any harm to the body. Here are the top 5 supplements that are reliable for muscle building and work like steroids:

  1.   Trenorol

Trenorol can act as an alternative to an anabolic steroid Trenbolone. It contains natural ingredients that increase muscle bulk while stripping off fat. Hence the body remains lean but muscular. The supplement has beta-sitosterol that boosts testosterone levels and prevents conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its second ingredient is the nettle leaf extract, which enhances anabolic reactions.

This supplement helps you to grow muscles fast, and its results become visible within 30 days of use. 

  1.   D-Bal

D-Bal has bodybuilding effects similar to methandienone steroids. D-Bal enhances nitrogen retention in the tissues. This results in protein synthesis, which in turn builds muscles. It also increases testosterone levels and boosts muscle building at a much faster pace. Another vital role of this supplement is that it reduces soreness and speeds up recovery from an injury. What’s more, is that all ingredients in this supplement are natural.

It contains Tribulus Terrestris, whey protein, and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). The Vitamin D3 in D-Bal aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to make the bones strong as the muscles build. It also has magnesium that builds skeletal mass, making the muscles stronger.

You should take the supplement for a minimum of 2 months in combination with exercise for the best results.


  1.   Testo-Max

This supplement is available in capsule form. It contains organic ingredients like D-aspartic acid that triggers the production of testosterone and increases its release speed. Tribulus Terrestris is another ingredient that boosts testosterone and luteinizing hormones naturally while lowering cholesterol levels hence decreasing the risk of heart disease.

It also contains Fenugreek, which inhibits estrogen and increases amounts of testosterone in men. 

More ingredients in Testo Max, like vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc, builds muscle strength.


  1.   Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange Extract has similar properties to Clenbuterol steroids but is much safer. Bitter tasting varieties of oranges (citrus Aurantium) contain natural alkaloids that decrease weight.

The alkaloids in the bitter orange extract cut down fat in your body while preserving muscle size. They accomplish this by naturally increasing your metabolic rate during rest time to burn calories.


  1.   Winsol

It has similar effects to Stanozolol steroids. Winsol promotes testosterone development and blood supply to various parts of the body hence help in muscle building.It also builds strength.

The components of Winsol include:


Other ingredients in Winsol include vegetable stearate, silica, gelatin, lactose, among others. For best results, you should take Winsol for a minimum of two months daily. One should also do enough exercise to reap the benefits. 



Bodybuilding is not easy. It requires dedication, discipline, hard work, and time. While you can meet the other factors, managing or dedicating the time you need to training might be out of your hand. This explains why most people resort to alternatives, like the use of steroids. But the downside of steroids is that they come with side effects. 

Today, most bodybuilders use supplements because it is safer than steroids. Besides, it can achieve the same results of stimulating muscles and shortening muscle recovery. Blending training with supplements can help you achieve better results. The supplements mentioned above are some of the best in the market right now, and you should try for incredible results.

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