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5 Awesome Creative Designs Tips For Social Media Posts


Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and tell them what you’re up to. But if you want your posts to look great on social media and be engaging, you must use creative designs principles. This blog post will give you five tips for using great design on social media posts.

Use social media design templates.

There are many social media design templates available on the internet. When creating a social media post, it is essential to use a template that fits the tone and content of the specific social media platform. 

For example, if you are posting on Twitter, using a short, simple, and direct style is important. It is important to utilize creative filters and attractive layouts on Instagram to draw attention to your posts. 

Below are some popular social media design templates that can be used for any social media post:

-Instagram Story Template: This template includes essential elements such as an image and text box. You can add text boxes for captions, hashtags, and icons to personalize your story. 

-Twitter Video Template: This template allows you to create a quick video summary of your post using easy drag-and-drop tools. You can include music and filters in your video and custom messages at the bottom for more engagement. 

-Facebook Page Post Template: This template features a giant headline with space for additional text beneath it. You can also add images and videos to this post, which will appear underneath the main headline on Facebook page users’ news feeds. 

-Pinterest Board Post Template: This template makes adding images, quotes, and links to your pins easy. You can also use this format when creating blog posts or other types of content for Pinterest boards.

Use Canva to create designs.

Canva is an excellent platform for creating designs for your social media posts. Here are some tips on how to use Canva to create eye-catching social media posts:

1. Use templates.

There are a variety of templates available on Canva that can make creating your social media posts easy. You can find templates that focus on specific types of content, like blog posts or wedding photos, or you can create your template using the tools available on the platform.

2. Add photos.

Adding photos to your social media posts makes them look good and engages readers. Use images that represent your brand and ensure they’re appropriate for the content you’re posting.

3. Use fonts and colors effectively.

Selecting the right fonts and colors can significantly affect how well your social media posts look. Choose fonts that are appropriate for the tone of your post, and use colors that match the branding of your business or organization.

4. Utilize graphics and videos.

Graphics and videos can significantly add personality to your social media posts and increase their impact. Select pictures that are relevant to the topic of your post and use videos that are well-produced and capture attention quickly。

Schedule your social media posts for free.

Here are some tips if you’re looking to schedule your social media posts without spending a fortune. 

1. Use a scheduling tool. There are some tools available that will help you plan out your posts in advance. Some of the more popular options include Hootsuite and Buffer.

2. Use hashtags. When you post a social media update, include relevant hashtags to increase the chances that potential followers will see your message. For example, if you’re writing about a new blog post, consider including #bloggingtips #writingtips #marketingtips.

3. Try visual content first. If your main goal is to get people to engage with your content, focus on creating visually appealing updates and worry about SEO later. This way, you can ensure that people see your updates regardless of whether or not they have an account on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

4. Make use of social media galleries and videos. If you have exciting photography or video footage that you’d like to share on social media, consider using galleries or videos as an updated format instead of simply writing a long paragraph describing the update itself. This way, you’ll keep users engaged and likely lead to more clicks to your website or blog post pages!

Provide Useful Content on your post.

Creative designs are essential for social media posts. They can create a more engaging and exciting experience for users on the site. Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these tips will help to improve your overall design.

When creating a social media post, use bold colors and contrast them with light colors. This will help to make a visually appealing post. Additionally, use images that are relevant to the content of your post. When designing your posts, remember that users will be viewing them on a screen rather than in person. Therefore, make sure that all text is legible and that there is minimal clutter. Additionally, consider using headers and footers to divide different sections of your post and provide additional information, such as the date and time of the post.

To create a compelling visual design for your social media posts, it is essential to have a proper understanding of typography. When selecting fonts for your posts, choose ones that are legible in small and large sizes. Additionally, ensure all fonts used in your posts are appropriately licensed. Lastly, when designing graphics for your posts, ensure they are scaled down appropriately before uploading them to social media sites.

Promote Social Media on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to promote your business or brand. Here are some fantastic creative designs tips for social media posts:

-Choose a photo that represents your brand or business.

-Make sure the photo has high quality and is edited well.

-Use good lighting and composition to make your photo look good.

-Use hashtags to get more exposure for your post.

-Make sure your caption is catchy and exciting.

Instagram is a great way to promote your business on social media. You can use it to share photos of your products, services, and company culture. You can also use Instagram to connect with customers and followers. To get started, create a custom Instagram account for your business. Then, set up a few profile images and start posting. Share photos of your products and services, as well as snapshots of your company culture. Make sure to include fun content that will attract followers. Once you have a following on Instagram, you can use it to connect with potential customers and followers. Use hashtags to help people find related content.

Additionally, you can use Instagram Stories to share longer-form stories that are more interactive. This way, you can keep followers engaged and interested in what you have to say. Creating an engaging Instagram account means sharing consistently good content, so be sure to keep things fresh! And last but not least, don’t forget to follow other Instagram users who might be able to help promote your posts in an interesting or engaging way.


Thank you for reading our 5 Awesome Creative Designs Tips For Social Media Posts article. These tips will help you create stylish and engaging social media posts that will increase followers and boost your online presence. Whether you are looking to update your look or want to inject a little bit of personality into your posts, we hope these tips will help.

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