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5 Day Trip Ideas to Take With Friends in Manchester (If You’re Not Allowed to Go Overnight)


The school week is over but that doesn’t mean good times and hangouts with friends should also stop. The only problem is the fact that you’re grounded which means your parents, for sure, expect you to stay the night in your room. But it’s not like they don’t allow you to take even a day trip with your circle, is it?

You’re lucky enough to live in Greater Manchester in situations like this. Manchester is a great place for group travel and day trips if you want to explore the beautiful countryside, cities, and pubs in northern England. Bringing everyone in your circle won’t be a problem even if none of you has the right car to take you all out.

Transits are widely available in the city – not to mention the privileges offered by rental cars and minibus hires that can accommodate even a large group of travelers. So, if you are planning to see your friends this weekend, you might want to negotiate these quick trip ideas with mom and dad because these places won’t require everyone to stay overnight.

Let’s see where day trips can take you!

Etihad Stadium

Manchester has always provided a sustainable home for sports and other large-scale events and the best of the bunch is Etihad Stadium. Known as a world-class football stadium, Etihad can accommodate more than  50 thousand guests in its famous bowl design vicinity. Not only does the stadium boast for its size but it has also become one of the best stadiums in the country for its impressive facilities. You can expect several events at Etihad Stadium from daytime concert tours to AFL sports events. Do not forget to book tickets ahead of time.     


With a reputedly wide selection of restaurants, bakeries, commercials, and supermarkets situated within a handful of the city-center blocks, Chinatown in Manchester is no doubt the largest marketplace in Europe. You can spend a whole day trip strolling around the town, learning what it has to offer.  Your circle will be welcomed by a beautiful three-tiered pagoda, showcasing China’s cultural architecture. Aside from its collection of excellent places to eat and shop, the Chinese New Year Celebration is another highlight that can’t be missed.   

Food Markets

From a quick trip to an eastern Asian food sanctuary, you can drive towards Manchester’s very own local food markets if you are longing for a local taste. Manchester is brimming with food markets all year round, which means you can satisfy your cravings anytime you want. Keep an eye on food stalls like Grub, Mackie Mayor, Band on the Wall, and Honest Crust. 

National Football Museum

What would Manchester be without football? I mean it’s the first thing that appears in mind of anyone in the world whenever they hear about Manchester. Which is why, figuratively speaking, Mancunians and even foreign visitors are living and breathing football every time they step a foot into the city. If your circle shares a general interest in the sport, now is the best time to visit the National Football Museum, which can be easily found in the city center. The museum provides a great chance to geek out on your team’s league history, learn the history of the game itself, or even test out your football skills.      

Coffee Crawl

The cafe culture is firmly embedded in the psyche of every corner in Manchester. While London is the center attraction for an artisanal coffee scene in the UK, Manchester seems to play an indomitable role in serving the best local brews in the city. If you want to spend some chill weekend sessions with your friends, you must take a seat on cafes such as Takk, Fig & Sparrow, Pot Kettle Black, and many more.

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