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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021. The year 2020 was a rollercoaster ride for marketers due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Nevertheless, despite various shortcomings, it was possible to highlight some marketing trends in 2021 with the big headwinds.

E-commerce took wing with house-to-house trends as e-commerce grew, and Tiktok became the new social media movement on 2020 scene. With 2021 around the corner, new trends will come on the market. And unlike this year, when the market was isolated due to the epidemic, the upcoming trends are much more flexible and widespread.

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Trends such as marketing automation, user-generated content and social e-commerce are definitely becoming the norm in 2021. And to prepare for a new era, we have prepared a practical analysis of 5 digital marketing trends, including 2021.


1) Marketing Automation In 2021

Marketing automation will boost in 2021. Tasks such as e-mail marketing, posts in social media and even advertising campaigns can now be increasingly automated – not only for efficiency, but also to give your customers and customers a more personal experience.

Marketing automation offers a variety of benefits, from saving time to reducing the sales cycle.

In 2021, we can certainly expect a step into marketing automation, and automation software is becoming increasingly affordable and everyday by being taken over by small companies from large corporations.

One such example is AI-powered tools such as headlines that help you automatically generate labels and copy them for your blog, landing page, and advertisements with the power of the GPT-3 autogenerated language model.


2) SMS Marketing In 2021

This may be surprising for many, but SMS Marketing is likely to remain a huge marketing trend in 2021.

An SMS is the oldest interactive communication line targeting your target group. You can go to agence web

SMS Marketing is an essential part of omnichannel marketing, where companies maintain contact with their customers on their mobile devices, from devices to their laptops. For example, Chipotle has paved the way for advertising its SMS marketing club with social media to remove customers from its marketing funnel.

As it becomes more difficult to address customers via the Web through cookies in the browser, companies can increasingly carry out SMS marketing via their integrated CRMs in order to stay in touch with their customers.

Statistics support this traditional medium. More than 81% of adults in the US are actively interacting with SMS messages sent to their smartphone in 2020 and a 10% increase in SMS marketing.


3) User-Made Content

User generated content (UGC) refers to any content created by users, organically, and helps to improve authenticity and range from your brand.

UGC is often in the form of spoken video testimonials, where influential or pseudo-customers speak directly to the camera and spread to product advantages or demonstrate the use of the product. It is often used in B2C societies, especially the B2C-Marketing.

The UGC has the power to make consumer purchasing decisions. And the best example of this is Tiktock, the most downloaded application in 2020. This social media app has gone viral because of the addictive UGC content loaded by millions of users around the world. Despite his young age, TikTok has managed to design his own niche, applying with other social media platforms.



This is simply human nature. We yearn for the things we see online. And thanks to this, UGC can achieve the desire of your brand to the general public without great effort. But you need to share niche-specific content so you can connect directly with your audience.


If you have an actual content library with people using or carrying your product, it helps create a long-lasting impression on your customer. And to promote good content, you can take advantage of hashtag challenges or collaborate with influential people.


With so many options easily accessible to consumers, it is important to stand out from the crowd. And we increase the transparency of our product through UGC. It can help us to connect with our target audience and so build trust in our brand.


The trend of UGC is not limited to B2C companies, Video UGC is also growing rapidly in the B2B area. According to a survey, 53% B2B tech buyers are more interested in video content when making their purchase decisions. The same study also revealed an interesting tidbit that tech business, and professional B2B companies actually publish the highest amount of videos on a monthly basis. We can expect this trend to move forward in the form of social-oriented marketing on B2B platforms such as LinkedIn.

4) Revised SEO due to new Google update in 2021

Many of the algorithm updates are very few so that they go completely unnoticed. However, on this occasion, the search engine is ready to produce some important algorithmic updates that significantly affect SERPs, such as:


These algorithms are very complex systems that are used to fetch the data of their search index and provide us with the best possible results for the query immediately. Search engines use a combination of algorithms and multiple ranking signals to deliver websites according to relevance on their search results pages (SERPs).

Initially, Google made only a few updates to its algorithm. Well, Google makes millions of changes every year. And to stay on your marketing game, you need to keep an eye on these updates.

According to digital marketing experts, these changes are considered  thoroughgoing. Renowned internet marketer Dixon Jones suggested that Google could include a Microsoft-like path with its new SEO changes that include free UX tools and improved clarity.


While, a well-known SEO consultant, Aleda Solis recently tweeted that Google would follow a unique trajectory toward becoming more dynamic and sophisticated. According to him, the integration of intent analysis into keyword research will be important.

Of all this, we can definitely guess that SEO will be an exciting place next year. And if you want to get a deep insight into the opinions of other experts, you can read them here.

5) Social e-commerce

Social e-commerce touches on the likelihood to buy directly from social media channels. E-commerce was one of the primary platforms that thrived under the influence of the new Coronavirus. And so the trend of social e-commerce was nothing more than inevitable.


Important social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have already made some important updates to fully exploit this trend. Instagram has launched the much anticipated Instagram Guide. This new feature allows users to share and consume relevant recommendations and tips in a fast scrollable format.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced the launch of this new feature on Twitter.

The spring

And initial feedback indicates that this new feature is already a hit! With content creators and influencers using Instagram guides to provide more personalized content to their audience. By contrast, Facebook already had a Facebook marketplace that served as the company’s own e-commerce store.

According to reports, Facebook has planned some important updates for the marketplace to make it more competitive. All these movements suggest a clear way that the trend of “social e-commerce” 2021 will be very big


To Sum it Up

So these were 5 digital marketing trends that could be seen in 2021. If we compare these trends with the previous year, you will see that the coming year will be one step ahead in terms of automation and will also move forward with some older ones. Market technology. We hope this article will help you get the most out of 2021. these are the 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


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