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5 Doubts to Clarify about Call Center Outsourcing During the Outbreak

At a time when major cities of the world are closing down, we can well imagine the future of this world is at stake. Coronavirus was unknown to man; it came out of the blue – perceived to be from animals – and penetrated the human race like a plague – a plague is exactly what it is!

The COVID-19 patients are growing by the hour. In countries like Italy, it has already killed people in huge numbers. Something like Italy doesn’t happen again, that is what the governments are trying to achieve.

This could happen if the scientists, researchers, social workers, and healthcare professionals are on the same page fighting for the single cause, i.e. to eradicate coronavirus from the face of the earth. Further to prevent it from spreading, it could easily take the shape of lockdown.

With grocery outlets, pharmacies, and emergency services open in countries on lockdown; businesses have found a way to run themselves through homes. Employees are encouraged to participate in discussions and serve their clients daily by regularly working from the confines of their homes.

Let’s take a look at five of the doubts you may have related to call center outsourcing during the outbreak.

1. The Shutdown of Call Center Outsourcing Services


Due to the virus, some of the cities are on lockdown. However, that doesn’t indicate the shutdown of call center outsourcing services. Businesses have found a way to stay operational through homes. Call center agents are on a clock with supervisors to keep a check on them and ensure their participation every day just like a regular day at the office. Not only that, but the QA teams pitch in to streamline the calling activity.

Hence, the speed may have slowed down, but both the outbound and inbound call center activities are still on.

2. Curfew Stops All Activities


While the governments are trying to find a cure; they have to make sure the number of COVID-19 affectees doesn’t go higher. To stop the spread of this deadly virus, the restrictions are in place, but that doesn’t suggest, businesses can’t function via communication lines.

Work from home activities are in progress, and people have easy access to food supplies, emergency services, and the Internet. Call center outsourcing company continues to stay intact even under restrictions with the best agents on call either taking in customer queries or instructing them to go for the better option.

3. Call Center Services Are Profiting through the Virus


Some of the misconceptions out there are downright ridiculous. Now that the business industry has certain restrictions applied to them, how can they be profiting in such conditions? As a company with a couple of branches in the world, we pray for other companies out there to at least breakeven, and never go on the losing side. Because, in times like these, it is a test of both our nerves and candor.

As a call center services company, our agents in the countries with a strict lockdown protocol choose to stay at home and work. While in the United States, the offices remain open with precautionary measures in place.

In the end, it is not about profits; it is about achieving objectives for which a business is truly designed for. Money is the reward that smoothens out the sharp edges of an operation. Profits are the last thing that could be on someone’s mind at such times.

4. Business Process Outsourcing Isn’t Feasible during the Outbreak


Business process outsourcing is beneficial at a time when healthcare professionals suggest social distancing as well as physical distancing. When we are outsourcing, we are physically unreachable, hence, completely safe from the virus. As a BPO company, IPS USA strives to be dependable, trustworthy, and wise every day. The fact of the matter is that we should use this time to think things through.

Once the thinking is all done, we can face each other and ask for help. After all, help is what connects us emotionally, morally, and intellectually as human beings.

5. Outbound Call Center Activity Costs A Fortune


In difficult times like these, one may assume the costs to go up. It could be the case with some; however, with most, they are here to share some of the load, not increase it. During the outbreak, the outbound call center function costs don’t go up unless the company is utterly greedy. The prices don’t change, which also goes to show the character of the company at the time of crisis.


So, these were five of the doubts we wanted to clarify in the wake of this outbreak. To give us a call for an outsourcing project, dial 1-909-245-6251 or shoot us an email – What are some of the things your business is facing due to this virus? Kindly comment.

Our BPO services are open for business; don’t hesitate to call.



Information Process Solutions is an amalgamation of technology, skills and thought leadership. We carry the expertise as a BPO services provider and deliver in various fields for clients all over the world. The departments we proudly run include sales services, customer relationship management and execution of proactive call center operations.

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