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5 Link Building Experts You Need to Follow in 2021

link building experts

Link building is still one of the main ranking factors that no serious webmaster would dare to ignore. There are plenty of ways to build links – natural ways and unethical ways.

Both ways can get your website rank in search engine. However, blackhat link building practice help website rank faster than white hat link building.

But also, black hat link building pushes your website towards link penalty. As a professional, you would understand that how hard is to recover from a penalty.

When you are planning to do safe link building, you should listen to experts who know what good links is and what is bad links.

Luckily, there are some gurus who have earned a respect in SEO industry. Today, I’ll show you 5 link building experts whom you should follow in 2021 to learn the best link building strategies.

Let’s see them:

Best Linkbuilding Experts to Follow in 2021

Ros Hudgens

Ron Hudgens is the founder of Siege Media, a well-known content marketing agency in the USA, he has some fantastic Link Building presentations and blog posts.

He is a big name in the SEO and link building circle. He has written many articles on MOZ, Search Engine Watch, and other popular sites.

Ros is crazy about link building and always tries to find new resources for getting backlinks. He has introduced a few new link building tactics which made me a fan of him. Because they were easy to use and I guess anyone can use his strategies to get links from sites. You should read his blog which has mentioned some actionable ideas and tricks to build links.

He always mentioned unique and untapped sources of link building. He regularly writes useful blog posts for his own blog. Once you will start reading his blog you will feel confident and will say “Great! I can do this. It is so easy”. Whenever I read his new post I feel a better link builder in myself.

He suggests not to build more links very fast because it will lead you to get penalized. He uses some tools for link building which you can use, these are Raven tools, Rapportive, Open Site Explorer, Chrome Broken Link Checker, SEMrush.

The best part you avail free SEMrush trial for 14 days with all premium features to understand its features.

James Norquay

James is Australia based SEO who has worked with leading companies. His posts always show in the top sites like Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land.

Catch him on, where you can read his incredible tips for link earning. He is an expert in eCommerce link building. If you have an eCommerce website or you are working for a client who has a site like it, then you must follow him.

Since he has 9 years of experience working on eCommerce websites and his tips and suggestions will help you to rock your business. He has posted his actionable eCommerce link building tips which you can use today.

He was rated top 15 global SEO by Moz. He has been working in Google for around 5 years as part of Matt Cutt’s search quality team.

He always believes and suggests getting natural links to even try to earn links. Because if you will earn a link naturally then don’t worry if any Google update rolls out, your site won’t be penalized.

“Not only this but take PR for example, getting a link from a high PR page used to always be valuable, today it’s more the relevance of the site’s theme in regards to yours, relevance is the new PR.”  James Norquay                                                             

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the name who doesn’t need any introduction in the web world. He is the founder of Moz previously known as SEOMoz, where he usually posts blogs for getting traffic in a scalable way.

“The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.”

Yes, you read it right, that is the thinking of Rand Fishkin who has made several companies’ zero to hero in their business. He is not only a master in online business but also very kind in nature.

Whenever you will read his blog or watch his whiteboard Friday you will find yourself very close to him. He suggests using a professional email address when you outreach for link building because it shows your credibility.

As I said above, link earning is the new name of link building. Rand gave an interview once to Brad Miller where he stated “Link earning is going to replace link building.” 

If you are serious about online business, then you must follow him and read his blog to get success.

“Don’t build links. Build relationships” Rand Fishkin

Wil Reynolds 

Wil Reynolds is the founder and CEO of SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia based SEO firm. He has learned two major things from his past experience.

First is driving traffic from search engines and second finding out how that traffic impacts the business. In an interview with Elise Redin Cook, he said that link building did not matter to him when first he started working as an SEO.

But after two years he realized that if you need to stand out from your competitors. You will need some high-quality links from authoritative sites. His favourite tool for link building is Buzzstream which he uses for link tracking.

He says that link building is so complicated that without some kind of tools to help you reverse engineer the link graph, you are going to be a sitting duck, in anything remotely competitive.

“The research will show you where you are getting beat”  Wil Reynolds

Aron Wall 

Aron Wall is the founder of SEO Book, an SEO training program offering members access to private forums, training modules, and SEO tools. He is one of the best link building experts.

He is the name everyone speaks out with respect in the SEO world. The reason behind it, every post which he has written on provides valuable information to its readers. He does not stop here but always tries to put a value on his blog, so whoever reads his posts gets more benefits than he thought.

He loves link building because he thinks nothing is more creative and unique than it. Because so many people are still following the same tactics to get backlinks. For him, “Creative” means finding a new way to do things before it gets so popular.

He was doing broken link building from 2003 to 2004 when very few were familiar with it but now it is a very popular tactic to get safe links from relevant websites.

He recommends some useful posts to read if you are new to link building and want to learn it. You should read 101 link building tips and Mike Grehan’s Filthy Linking Rich is also great.

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” Aron Wall

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to get your website penalized by Google’s algorithm then you should listen to these link building experts. These guys have given enough time to the industry and know what is good for a website in the long term.

Let me know whom you were already following to learn link building tactics.


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