5 Mistakes to Avoid with In-Store Design


If you run a retail outlet and are thinking about a refit, you have come to the right place, as we offer a few common mistakes that retailers make when refitting their store.

  1. Poor flow of traffic – A poorly designed store can lead to shoppers congregating in certain places, which is far from ideal. It could be that heavy duty shelving is too bulky and a streamline version would give more walking space; think about how you can direct the shopper to a route that naturally takes them past most of your products.
  2. Hiring the wrong crew – The shop fitout industry is very competitive and much like any other sector, there are good and ‘not so good’ contractors. Don’t take the first quote you receive; do some online searching about the contractor, check their website and search a few Sydney Facebook groups and put their name out there. If there are unhappy customers, then perhaps a rethink is best. Some store owners keep asking for quotes until they find what they think is right.
  3. Confusing signage – This causes congestion and does nothing to put the shopper into ‘buy mode’, signage needs to be legible from any location and above head height. If you find a leading Australian fitout contractor, they have in-house designers who handle every aspect of the interior, ensuring shoppers have a pleasant experience.
  4. Low budget – High expectations – Some store owners expect a top job for a small amount of money; the best approach is to get 4-5 contractors to quote for your project and that should tell you what the market expects; sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a top-class outcome. Simply put, be realistic; a team of tradies will be working for a few days, while you need shelving, furniture and lots of other expenses. Many people are involved and materials are expensive these days. Click here for tips on choose office space.
  5. No calls to action – A call to action is a short slogan that encourages the shopper to make a commitment’ it might be to make a purchase, to fill in a form, or to download a freebie. Good CTAs include, ‘Buy now’, ‘While stocks last’, “Offer ends this week’ and ‘Buy 1, get 1 free’. A CTA should be close to the product you want the shopper to pick up and with trial and error, you should be able to find the best of locations for your calls to action.

We recommend that you calculate your intended budget before you make contact with any fitout contractors, as this will be something they need to know in order to quote for the project. Take your time with the design stage, as this is the most critical; get this wrong and it’s a costly mistake. If you choose the right fitout contractor, the process will be a smooth one and the end result will be an interior to wow your customers.

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