5 Modern Design Tips for Law Firm Websites

The most important characteristics of effective Law Firm Marketing is having a well-designed, high quality website. People within few seconds make judgments about firm’s quality and prestige after landing on website’s homepage. A poorly designed or out dated-looking website can turn away your prospective clients. Digital Website Development has designed and developed several of websites for law firms. Along the way, we’ve identified few characteristics that not only make law firm websites look professional but can convert visitors into paying customers.

Responsive Web Design: Today more than 50% of business traffic comes from mobile phone users. A responsive design makes sure that you get a tailored experience on various devices having different screen size. Responsive web design can fit to various size devices from large desktop screens to mobile, and each size can reorganize the content in a best possible way. Responsive web design also helps in Law Firm SEO, which improves your website’s search engine ranking.

Attorney search based on multiple criteria: Primary goal of a Law Firm Website Design is to connect visitors with the information they are looking for. Having a website with directory of your attorneys can be helpful, but prospective clients appreciate results for attorneys that are easy to search in less than few seconds based on all the important criteria like location or expertise.

Quick, convenient methods to contact: It is important for Lawyer’s Website to have quick and convenient contact features. Designers should provide users various ways to easily get in touch with the law firm. Some firms provide less contact details on the website, to help be clear that an email or contact form submission does not start an attorney-client relationship. It is Important that users have options like general inquiries contact form, a phone number , address, live chat etc.

Blog for content creation: Content marketing is an ideal fit for lawyers and law firms. Lawyers are more likely to be successful at content marketing because they are excellent writers, they have information and understanding about what others need. Writing content states what they exactly know about recent legislation or updates to the law. Adding keywords to these contents can help law firms to get better Google ranking.

Client testimonials: When it comes to law firm’s success, it depends greatly on word of mouth. Client testimonials are formal way of supporting and appreciating your work. Client testimonials can be in the form of video or written, they add credibility and trusting to your law firm and also strengthen your firm’s reputation. You can also ask your clients to leave you a review on your Google+ business page to boost your Local SEO ranking potential.

After knowing these 5 must design tips for Law Firm Websites or Lawyers Websites, you might be recognizing some issues with your law firm website that you would like to fix. If that’s the case, you’re in at the right place!!! Digital Website Development offers Law Firm Website Design and Law Firm Marketing services and consultations to our visitors.


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