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5 Must Do’s and Don’ts While Shifting Home in Ahmedabad

Moving is no doubt stressful. Somehow you can get away with the burden by simply following things correctly and avoiding the incorrect path. Once you recognise the do’s and don’ts of shifting, it will not only save your time but also hasten the shifting procedure. Here are a couple of things that you need to pay attention while moving from one place to another-

5 Do’s of shifting –

  • Discard unnecessary items4

Nobody would like to carry clutter to the new place and that’s the reason why you need to discard and donate the things that you don’t need. your garbage can be someone else’s Treasure. Do not delay in giving away the old clothes and household items that can be of great use for someone. Additionally, you can make some money by selling away a few things online.

  • Take up insurance policy

Movers and Packers in Gandhinagar can help you to have the most honest insurance policy packages. the majority of the people simply avoid choosing insurance policy because that can add-on to the moving cost. Somehow, if it is a long distance travelling, choosing the insurance cover can indeed protect you against damages. Have a talk with your agent.

  • Take measurements

You have a big size sofa and there are tiny doors in the new flat you have just purchased ; What is the point of carrying it then? Take proper measurements of the door and furniture so that you know which items would easily get in and which ones have to be discarded. Wasting money in packaging and carrying things to the new place if they do not fit is not a good idea.

  • Keep a mix of heavy and light items

Keep a combination of books and blankets so that none of the boxes get extra heavy and unmanageable. Similarly pack all your items in a way that there is a combination of lightweight and heavy items to make things convenient. This will not only help the packers and movers jamnagar to carry things easily but also add to the safety of each good.

  • Discuss and clarify

Suppose you want Pet and plant relocation services from Packers and Movers in Gandhinagar. Even if they are ready to avail it all, ask about the terms and conditions very clearly. Also find out whether they take the guarantee for everything they do. There should be no hassles for pricing on the last moment either.

Don’ts for relocation

  • Do not hire blindly

Do not choose random packers and movers in gandhinagar to shift your important belongings. There are several companies who target innocent customers by providing exceptionally low prices. Make sure that you do not fall prey to them and make proper research.

  • Do not load valuables

Carry your jewelry, important documents and money yourself. Even when there are best Packers and Movers in Jamnagar there is an element of risk in transporting such things to another place.

  • Do not interrupt working

Packers and Movers in Gandhinagar are experts in the tasks they manage. Do not bother Yourself by interrupting the work and suspecting their capabilities. Once you choose them, lay down your trust. You are definitely going to get good results if you have selected A company that is based on five star ratings and good customer reviews.

  • Never transport gasoline empowered equipment

Never try to transport inflammable items from one destination to another because that can give birth to enormous accidents. Packers and Movers in Gandhinagar would never suggest you to carry any flammable items no matter what.

  • They may be heavier than they seem

Allow Packers and Movers in JamunaNagar to unload everything and do not try to uncover the materials. Sometimes, the load is heavier than what it seems. Lifting it up unprofessionally can result in damages. Packers and Movers will not be responsible in case damages status because of your negligence.


  • Ask your friend to monitor the task of relocation at another end.
  • Ask for a printout of all the instructions and terms and conditions a company has.
  • Do not forget to verify each and every item that has reached the new place.


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