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5 Reasons The Paperclip Chain is Here to Stay

Paperclip chains virtually go with everything. They are a current rage and perfect for jewelry lovers’ collections. 

Summer welcomes jewelry trends, and in summer, lightweight clothing is the perfect backdrop for bright jewels and shimmering chains. Trends come and go and the current trend is something both men and women alike are loving – The Paperclip Chain. Yet, paperclip chain necklaces show no sign of slowing, with more chain styles gaining popularity, from chunkier chains to thinner, flatter chains. Let’s talk about the reasons why this paperclip chain is the most popular necklace style for 2022.

Gold Chain

  • Simple and Beautiful

Paperclip chains are pretty, rectangle-linked chains that make for a unique silhouette in timeless gold or sterling silver. Moreover, paperclip jewelry is a versatile accessory. The collection features sterling silver paper clips linked together like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, breathing a brand-new life into the all-too-common office paperclip. However, paperclip chains are fun and easy to style. You can wear the paperclip necklace daily as it’s simple enough, thereby making for a great jewelry collection.

  • Versatile and Affordable

Paperclip chain bracelets continue to simmer in 2022. Moreover, both paperclip bracelets and their chunkier counterparts offer endless versatility and wearability as they are ideal for layering with necklaces or wearing alone.

Commit to trying out the paperclip chain necklace. We love this look in a gold tone. Moreover, an online destination for quality affordable jewelry is the choice. Additionally, the sterling silver paperclip chain necklace is adjustable and perfect for layering with your other favorite necklaces.

Link Chain Bracelet

  • Wide Array of Designs and Easy Customization

Also, available in different colors, from sterling silver to yellow gold, you can wear paperclip necklaces with layered bulk chain bracelets or long earrings to pull together the entire statement as a whole. Besides, they will look amazing.

When you get a paperclip chain necklace or bracelet, you can engrave a date or name on the links to create unique and memorable jewelry. Moreover, the subtleness gives the paperclip necklace a true meaning, it adds interest, and makes your item highly special. Yet, the distinctive beauty of gold is what makes them desirable. Also, they are hard to cut and polish and have to be set very carefully to maintain their rich look. Yet, when combined with fine silver jewelry, they create truly opulent pieces that are impressive. 


  • Light Weight and Differently Sized

The chain’s length is easily adjustable. So just relax and breathe easy.

  • Paperclip Chain and Pendant Combination

There are options galore when it comes to wearing a gold paperclip chain necklace. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Delicate chains can be doubled or tripled.
  • Adding charms helps personalize your look.
  • Different pendant combinations are magical.
  • Try different length chains.
  • A single chain with a pendant gives a charming look.
  • Use a long chain with a thick choker along with a pendant.
  • Combine chains of different thicknesses. Stick to three.


Gold paperclip chain necklace, Give a try?

The gold color symbolizes neutrality in many cultures. Also, you can wear a gold chain for good luck. Moreover, it keeps negativity at bay, brings prosperity, harmony, and peace. Besides, wearing a gold paper clip chain necklace is guaranteed to make you look beautiful and fashionable. 

How should one wear a gold paperclip necklace?

This type of necklace can be worn with other jewelry. In either sterling silver or gold plated, these chains feature rectangle-shaped links. Also, paperclip jewelry is a versatile accessory fit for every occasion.

It complements clothing such as sweaters, t-shirts, and evening dresses. Moreover, explore your jewelry box for a little while and see what combinations you can create. It’s a way of adding personality to your outfits. Use it with all kinds of charms of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Combine them occasionally. Also, remove and use the precious stone pendants that you have hidden in your jewelry box. Add chains of varying thickness to highlight without being too overwhelming. Make the necklace the central focus of the occasion.

Paperclip Chain

Ways to layering necklaces

Styling a paperclip chain is easy as its simple design makes it so versatile. Wear it solo or layered. Choose from silver, gold, or rose gold. Moreover, the paperclip chain looks magnificent and can be worn on any occasion. A paperclip chain necklace is the best choice if you adore timeless jewelry. It gives off chic and sophisticated vibes. Additionally, contrary to most classic chain styles, the paperclip chain is almost exclusively worn by women. It’s an excellent chain style if you’re looking for something feminine.

Layering necklaces is getting popular. How does one do it to look effortlessly chic? Mix up different sizes, styles, and chain lengths. Moreover, create layers with a gold paperclip chain necklace. Also, pay attention to necklines and sleeves and make sure they highlight the items you’re wearing. However, the length of the chain you choose will depend on what you’re wearing and whether you want to wear the necklaces over clothing or bare skin. Furthermore, a mismatch of style works wonders. Yet, pairing with a minimal, more modern design will look amazing.

What do People ask?

  • Are paperclip chains popular?

Gold paperclip chain necklaces are majorly popular because they look beautiful and are elegant and easy to wear. Moreover, you can almost wear paperclip chain necklaces for all occasions. The style has become immensely popular on social media platforms.

  • Are paperclip necklaces trendy?

Many influencers wear them too. This trendy necklace is easy to layer with other necklaces, making it a staple for any girl’s jewelry collection and the perfect gift.

  • What do paperclip chains represent?

The paperclip is a symbol of resistance and represents unity. Additionally, the paperclip necklace is available in sterling silver and yellow gold. 

  • What is the most popular necklace chain?

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Paperclip Link Chains are very popular. This style features interlocking oval links and is popular for its simplicity. Also, sterling silver chains are the most eye-catching chains.

  • What is the most popular style of a necklace chain?

The 10k Yellow Paperclip Chain is the most common type of chain. However, forms of individual rounds or oval links are interlocked in a uniform pattern, with each link lying 90 degrees to the next. This chain is popular for its classic look.

  • Are paperclip necklaces in style?

All lengths of paperclip chain necklaces are trending currently! No matter your height, body style, or face shape, these necklaces are sure to be flattering on you!

  • Are paperclip chains good?

A thin paperclip chain necklace is a good investment. You can easily wear it at the gym, in the shower, etc. It is small enough that you can slide on your favorite charms. A thick gold chain is a great look whether you dress it up or dress it down!

  • Are Paperclip Chains Strong?

Well, due to the delicate build of the links, the paperclip chain is not the strongest of chains However, if you are choosing a piece made of strong materials, such as sterling silver, stainless steel, the chain will endure regular use with ease without bending or breaking. Besides, if the bail is large enough, you can even add your favorite pendant on a paperclip chain.

Wrap Up

Start building your chain stack as plenty of options are available online. From yellow gold to sterling silver, paperclip jewelry is as simple as you want. Pair with your little black dress, an evening gown, or a t-shirt. The possibilities are as endless, as far as your imagination goes. Paperclip chain necklaces are offered at an amazing price! 

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