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5 Tips for Getting New Tyres

Buying a new set of tyres might not be your favourite thing to do or even the most exciting part of having a vehicle, however, there are a few things everyone must know before choosing the best tyres. For example, some tyres may be able to save you some money on petrol; some are designed to be driven at low speeds whereas others can easily be used for higher speeds.

In other words, some tyres are merely manufactured to get people safely from one point to the other, while different types of tyres can manage so much more between those points. In this article, we will go over some fundamental tyre characteristics and what you should pay attention to when buying new Car Tyres Walsall.


Before buying tyres, you need to know precisely how long they will last. Even though tyre makers offer some predictions on just how many kilometres the tyres is excellent for, in the end, tyre longevity could be affected by several factors including how bent the streets are, whether they have to be driven in hot or cold climates and the altitude of the location where they are used.

For summer tyre, the longevity is usually around 160,934 kilometres, while winter tyres only last 112,654 kilometres. Once you decide the type of tyre you are interested in, think about how long they are meant to last.


Tyres, in the same way as the vehicles that rest on them, come entirely loaded with different characteristics. Some companies tend to claim that their tyres can decrease stopping distance, increase the fuel economy of your vehicle, or even the fact that they can be driven safely after a puncture. So, if at the moment you do not wish to buy new tyres, it is always good to understand all the features available.

Most motorists opt for all-season tyres thanks to the fact that they can be used all year and perform reasonably in most weather conditions, particularly in dry and warm weather, nevertheless, they might not improve their vehicle’s fuel economy.

If you want tyres that can cope with any climate conditions, you should buy tyres that are specially designed for excellent traction and grip on wet and snowy streets. It does not matter the type of tyres you end up getting, as long as you do a little research on the characteristics you need and pick the ones that will work better for your driving requirements.


Altering the size and shape of your original tyres can seriously influence how your car handles and performs. If you want to purchase larger tyres, first check your vehicle’s manual to verify the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. If you wish to make a radical change in sizes, we recommend consulting with an expert on the field before deciding on anything. And keep in mind: What may look great in the store may not be suitable for your vehicle.


Like most purchases, the price might be a contributing factor in determining what kind of tyres to acquire. There are lots of options; make sure to learn about how much they cost before buying them. Remember that your local shop can also charge you a convenience fee for balancing and mounting the tyres. Another option is to buy them online; however, you will need to ask your local mechanic if they agree to install them and exactly how much you will have to pay. If you prefer to buy your new Car Tyres Cannock from local stores, please take into account that some tyre stores only offer a few brands of tyres, compare to the endless options you can find online.

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