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5 tips to design a small spaces


When it comes to design on the core small spaces it is all about tricking the eye to believe that space is much larger small spaces can also be comfortable and stylish.


In this article of representing 10 tips to design a small spaces and maximize average stay with me extend your space with mirrors put in your right place decorating small areas is all about visual manipulation in a small apartment use a large mirror to give the illusion of expansion your room will it immediately appear larger and brighter by reflecting natural or artificial light the best place for a mirror is opposite to a window so that it reflects as a much Y as possible without many elements that can separate solution.


smart and multifunctional furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes are everything multifunctional furniture is very important when it comes to designing small spaces because they have taken up the ability to adapt to many situations depending on the activity look for multiple uses in everything yoga, for example, a coffee table with hidden starch and Auto man that serve as a coffee table or acid when you have many guests at home hidden tables and Sol remember the Golden Rule in a small spaces everything needs to be functional like objects and transparent objects when selecting furniture to consider it visual with weightless or transparent furniture is always the best choice under the circumstances.


personally I love translucent objects because it can be chic and functional at the same time and in these cases, there are must-haves if you use transparent objects your eyes will be more of the space and trick your mind into thinking it’s bigger than what its Raleigh’s avoid big and solid objects to the core the furnishing with LED seem less heavy than pieces of sitting directly on the floor choose furniture I buy light materials to avoid CRO in this space with too much information same vertical space is two-dimensional

Ceiling and lamp

we have more than a footprint we have more on the floor don’t forget that you have vertical space use your walls up to the ceiling whenever possible furniture that extends to the ceiling can visually open up space but also give you all data storage you need at home light and fresh colour palette use light colours on the walls and floor a room with light colours feels bigger and brighter because the surfaces can reflect more light you see light colours will make walls appear to recede creating a bright field consider whites light blues greens and light Gray’s wall ceiling lamp for architectural lighting as a lighting designer.

Wall Lighting with LED

I think lighting is key for even more to small spaces avoid using a floor lamp or big long tables it’s a very idea to use element lights wall lamps or even better and if you have the possibility like up your space through architectural lighting mimicking LED strips to define volumes and to provide the necessary ambient lighting with this idea you will have more space for you and your furniture open and articulated spaces there are thousands of ways to devise new apartments without using walls remember they’re creating on designing a small space is all about visual manipulation play with Heights colours textures rocks or multifunctional furniture to define the different areas of your home levitate furniture one wanted objects is everything for small spaces make your walls work every time one great trick for making your small spacing vigour is carrying your furniture off the floor the space flowing under the woman that furniture makes the rooms in which room you’re on the road camellias space arrange this space so it meets your need for the way you truly use buy furniture that can be easily rearranged as needed.


you need to be able to reorganize your living area with is at any given time bring in a planet nature inside is always a good idea nature is fresh and helps to humanize spaces greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter if you didn’t have a space on the floor no problem try hanging plants or use sky planters to bring the paternity and thickness to your room.

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kalla karikalan is a professional art product designer. I have created a wide and winsome range of murals, sculptures, pooja room doors, main doors that can be used by architects and interior designers.