5 Top Destinations For Dirt Bike Riding in the US

Don’t lie now, almost everyone goes through a phase in life when doing wild and adventurous things seems like the best way to live life. For some people it’s things as extreme as skydiving, for others it’s the thrill that riding a dirt bike through a trail can offer. Imagine you’re coming off a day where after you bet online for your favorite team you ended up winning a cool chunk of cash and want to spend it in a fun and exciting way, riding dirt bikes is definitely up there on the list.

It makes no difference whatsoever if you live in the middle of the country or in a big city, there’s always a place close enough to go ride a dirt bike and live off that “Mad Max” fantasy, the bike riding part at least. Just in case you’re wondering what some of the best spots to check out are, in case you do want to get your dirt bike riding on, here are our choices for 5 of the best destinations for riding in the US.

The Dumont Dunes OHV Area, California

The Dumont Dunes OHV Area, which borders steep volcanic hills and the Amargosa River, is located in the middle of the Death Valley National Park. Rising over 400 feet above the surrounding desert floor and comprising basically all types of common active sand dunes, this area in California is considered the absolute top destination for dirt bike riding aficionados. Take into account that since it’s a desert area the weather conditions are usually hot and arid with temperatures in the summer reaching upwards of 110 degrees F and in the winter dropping down below freezing point. The dunes are perfect for all level riders and the best part is the soft landing one experiences if a fall is to happen.

The Mojave Road, California and Nevada

Historically considered one of the harshest trails in all of the United States, the Mojave Road, which stretches through the western part of Nevada through to the eastern part of California through the Mojave Desert has become one of the favorite riding spots for dirt bike fans across the world. While this trail is known for its hot and mostly inhospitable terrain that almost wiped out all of the early settlers coming to California coming from the east, nowadays dirt bike riders travel through that same trail as a form of recreation. Now keep in mind, due to the conditions of the terrain this is not a ride that should be done alone or without any previous planning.

Arizona Cycle Park, Arizona

While some dirt bike riders love the thrill of open, wild trials, others like having things be a bit more organized and secure. For those kinds of riders, places like the Arizona Cycle Park is the best option. Open year-round, this motocross track that also offers supercross tracks and riding trials, this is the best place for people that are just getting started in the activity of dirt bike riding and still are not confident enough to go off into the wild. In this place you can try out and practice jumps, moguls, corners and other obstacles before actually going for the real deal rides.

The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Known popularly for being the settings of one of the most exciting and addictive shows, “Ozark”, the Ozark National Forest, which covers over 1.2 million acres of land and forest is nestled in the northern part of the state of Arkansas. With all the sites and natural attractions, there is no better place for doing some great dirt bike riding while also checking out places like Mount Magazine which is the tallest mountain in the state and the Blanchard Springs Caverns, an amazing living underground cave. With over 1,000 miles of designated routes for OHV use across the forest, this is one of the absolute best riding spots for the scenery and difficulty. 

Moab, Utah

The town of Moab, Utah is host to some of the most famous off-road trails in all of the world with the most challenging and popular ones travelling through sandstone hills, or “slick rock” as the locals call it. While the surface can be gritty and grippy, there are well-marked trails and alternative routes for riders who are not as skilled as others. This venue is recommended more for intermediate and advanced riders because of its unforgiving conditions, beginners are advised to sit it out until they are skilled enough to go for it.

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