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5 Ways To Increase The Speed Of Your Current Router

Ever been very frustrated by your internet speed? We have some ways to help you. Read below to get some tips to fix your router speed. 


We all need high-speed internet for our daily lives. This pandemic has greatly added to the value that the internet has in the lives of kids as well as adults. We cannot even imagine living without our beloved high-speed internet connections. A router plays the role of a bridge between us and the internet. But not getting fast internet is a problem faced by almost everyone, barring 1192.168 1.100 users. Not only is it irritating, but it can cause time delays and problems in our work. Here are some tips so that you can maximize your internet speed through your routers. 


1. Reboot your router –

Reboot means to switch off your device completely and then again to turn it on. It does not provide with permanent faster speed of your internet, but in some cases, it really helps. The router is a hardware device that uses a software installed inside it. In simpler words, the software carries on its task of providing you with the internet by connecting to the devices that use the internet. 


When our desktop runs slower than usual, we reboot it, and sometimes it really works great. Just like that, when the software and hardware of your router are not working together that nicely, a reboot will re-sync them to work smoothly together again. In some situations, the router is connected to many devices at once, and the usage is heavy. At times like these, a reboot will really be helpful. 

2. Locate your router wisely – 

Routers are made in a way that they send the signal out in all directions. So if you place your router on one side of your house only, a large amount of your wifi signal will be sent outside your house. So, to avoid that keep the router placed in a central location to maximize the signal. Routers tend to direct their signal downwards. So it is best to keep it at a high location close to the ceiling of your house. You can position it on any furniture high enough, or you can even attach it to a wall. Router signals also get affected by any obstructions. 


So any walls or objects will affect your signals. Keep your router away from any electronic devices, as they interfere and affect your router’s signals. Microwaves give out a strong signal in the 2.4GHz band. Routers also operate in this same band. So you should especially avoid bringing the microwave close to your router. The number of antennas on a router is different. Some have none, while some routers have upto eight antennas! If a router has two or more antennas, one should never put them in the same direction. Instead, make them perpendicular to one another. Try to position one antenna horizontally and the other antenna vertically. Or slightly change the position of all the antennas to cover a wide range of angles.

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3. Installing a clear cache plugin –  

Clearing our device’s cache is a thing that many people have heard of, but not many do it in their day-to-day usage. It is not as complicated as most think it is. Cached data is information that comes from a website or an app that is stored on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. This data is stored on your machine so that the next time you go to use it, it’ll already be available. Browsers collect information about us, mostly in the form of cookies. Using our data, we may get ads related to different browser histories. We all get ads about the things we want to buy, and it follows you everywhere. For getting away from these trackers and cookies, the cache which is stored needs to be cleared from our browser. It is upon the user to do it manually or by installing a plugin for chrome which is comparatively easier. Doing this every day won’t affect internet speed.   

4. Usage of ethernet –  

The use of wifi in our everyday lives has become so common. It is a necessity now. But what escapes everyone’s notice is that wireless connections for your wifi routers are not always fast. Whether we choose to ignore it or we just do not think about it much, ethernet is more reliable than wireless connections. It is faster than wireless connections too. It does not get obstructions and makes a direct connection between your router and device. 


Devices like television sets, computers, laptops, or even gaming consoles can be connected via ethernet. This will be a better option than a wireless network for heavy usage. Another benefit of ethernet is the privacy and safety of your information. You can always keep your information discrete with its use.  

5. Install virus and malware scanners –  

The fact that viruses and malware not only affect your devices in a bad way but also slow down your internet speed is very obvious. Everyone who uses electronic devices daily is aware of this fact. But it is so important so if you haven’t already installed an antivirus, do it soon. It is, anyway, a general rule to protect your devices from everything. Regularly scan your device and do software checks for malware or viruses. If detected, remove them right away and protect your device as well as your internet speeds! 

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